1. How can I statistically time the stock market, S&P 500, ^GSPC, based on a back tested VIX?

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  3. Valuation of a company
  4. Differences between Snowball, KIKO and TRF derivatives?
  5. How do I reproduce the cross-sectional regression in "Intraday Patterns in the Cross-section of Stock Returns"?

  6. Why does the Weak Form of Market Efficiency and Markov Property hold?

  7. Testing Valuation, Size and Momentum (proprietary factors) from 1988-2013: No evidence of driving cross-sectional returns

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  16. Data source for Ubuntu server running Rstudio
  17. What is the best data range for calculating Risk Premiums for Market, Size and Value?
  18. Is the Fama-French website data free of the serious selection bias pre-1962 where it's tilted toward big historically successful firms?

  19. Why do Fama French's "Common risk factors in the returns on stocks and bonds" use data starting in 1963? Availability or convenience for results?

  20. Is variation in price-dividend ratios that is attributable to excess returns due to variation in returns or variation in risk free rates?

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  43. Where to Find Historical Earning Event (Quarterly Figures Dissemination) Dates?
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  49. negative tobin Q

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  96. What study has shown that "about two thirds of acquisitions end up destroying shareholder value"?
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  100. How do stock watch firms know who is buying and selling stocks before it is announced publicly?