1. Principle of Maximum Work for Different Paths
  2. Converting units, ternary phase diagram
  3. Is motion a form of energy?

  4. Calculating the rate of pressure increase in a water-filled boiler

  5. "Super dense" black body radiation

  6. The definition of Heat

  7. What truly happens when you add particles to a system
  8. What is the relation of particle velocity, temperature, and reaction activation energy

  9. Thermodynamic Problem: Heating of House with Open Windows

  10. Assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium in fluid dynamics
  11. Why does each mode of the electromagnetic field have two degrees of freedom?

  12. How to calculate the efficiency from a p-v diagram (thermodynamics)

  13. evaluate the work done and thermal energy transfer in the Thermodynamic

  14. Model of an Einstein solid coupled to a paramagnet

  15. Why doesn't a black hole obey the thermodynamics laws?
  16. When calculating the specific heat capacity of a solution, would the specific heat capacity of the copper calorimeter used affect the final results?

  17. Steady state and thermodynamic equilibrium

  18. What is the real difference between Reversible and Irreversible reactions?

  19. Can a hybrid vehicle ever be more efficient than a hydrocarbon-only vehicle built with the same parts?

  20. Perturbation Theory and Thermodynamic Limit

  21. isothermal compression of water and definition of temperature

  22. Has the zeroth law of thermodynamics ever been proven?
  23. Why does blowing on someone who is wet feel colder than on someone who is dry?
  24. Why is it severely cold high up in the atmosphere?

  25. Quantifying physical intuition about heat and motion

  26. Earth, re-radiation

  27. Carnot Engine - Maximum Efficiency Proof?
  28. Can thermodynamics be relied at the critical point?

  29. Helmholtz free energy and third derivative

  30. What fraction of energy goes in sound / heat?
  31. What happens when you put water under intense pressure?
  32. Is Boltzmann's constant $k_{B}$ the same throughout the universe?
  33. Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, average speed in one direction
  34. Convective heat transfer coefficients - how do you calculate them?

  35. Is the entropy $S$ a fundamental equation of a system?

  36. Thermal state vs equibilibrium state
  37. Extent of reaction vs driving force
  38. Specific Internal Energy Decreases with Increasing Pressure?

  39. Source of entropy production
  40. Basic concepts on pressure changes
  41. Can anyone help me determine T2 on the below problem:
  42. Material thickness, thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity

  43. Collecting condensed air

  44. Light at absolute zero?

  45. How is the kinetic energy of each molecule of a diatomic gas equal to each other as well as the translation kinetic energy of the molecule?

  46. Heat "momentum" in water boiler?

  47. How to Calculate entropy of specific state?

  48. What motivates the term "State function"?
  49. Pressure and Temperature of mechanically and diathermic connected vessels

  50. Why doesn't reversible adiabatic expansion generate heat?

  51. Why do turkey bacon slices form bubbles in the same places?
  52. Thermodynamics - Possibility of Cold radiation
  53. What is the energetic efficiency of generating and storing $H_2$ and $O_2$, from water, for a later use?

  54. Thermodynamics, chaperones : How to model polymer fragmentation
  55. How to find entropy production of opening the windows in the winter?

  56. Thermodynamics Books Recommendations
  57. Is this a perpetual motion machine?

  58. Mathematical models for thermal drying of hydrates
  59. Thermodynamics and Newton's second law

  60. Spontaneity / Free Energy of Non-Isothermal Process

  61. Demonstrating the average dot-product of relative incident velocity with CM velocity of colliding pairs of ideal gas atoms is zero
  62. Fluctuations in Fluctuation Dissipation theorem

  63. Mean energy of a system with multiple subsystems

  64. Is there a way to store heat?

  65. generating heat by vibrations

  66. Difference between Phonons and heat?
  67. Death by entropy

  68. 1D Ising Model in B-Field Partition Function (2 Spins)

  69. Does coffee with cream cool slower than black coffee?
  70. How to theoretically determine thermal emissivity of thin polymeric films?

  71. Conservation of energy when focusing black body radiation on another black body

  72. Temperature of a Black-hole when time stops

  73. Understanding Feynman's development of the ideal gas law: Vol I 39-2 of The Feynman Lectures on Physics
  74. Thermodynamics - Heat transfer to a pipe containing a static fluid within an air plenum

  75. Heat analysis in a closed container
  76. Melting marshmallows in a pizza box solar oven

  77. Entropy and the curvature of the Universe

  78. How Much Heat Is Absorbed/Rejected By The Heat Engine?

  79. determine T2 on conduction problem
  80. Why are temperature and specific volume independent properties?
  81. heat transmission through glass
  82. Entropy of the cosmological constant and the laws of thermodynamics?
  83. Compact objects and BH equations of state

  84. General approach to heating an object to a higher temperature than the heating element?

  85. Final temperature of ice and water

  86. Is there a visual cue with which one can tell that water, at atmospheric pressure, has just reached the boiling point ?

  87. Intuitive understanding of work done in quasistatic and non-quasistatic process

  88. Degrees of freedom in the early Universe
  89. Boiling of milk

  90. Is Feynman talking about the zeroth law of thermodynamics?

  91. Thermodynamic reversible process

  92. Acceleration of a container in thermodynamics

  93. Why can one use this equation for entropy if this process is irreversible?
  94. Which of the two processes is faster?

  95. Does the microcanonical ensemble have no thermal fluctuations?
  96. Calculating surface temperature from solar radiation?

  97. where does the energy go when reducing the pressure of a simple piston system?

  98. Is a quasi-static process always reversible?

  99. Paramagnetic/ferromagnetic transition under a magnetic field

  100. State equation in grand canonical ensemble