1. Could the the squared part of mc² indicate the radius of a bundle of energy confined to a closed loop compared to a particle of mass?
  2. Real eigenvalues of continuum spectrum of a self-adjoint operator

  3. Hamiltonian of the surface states of a 3D topological insulator
  4. Clarifying PT symmetry

  5. Time dependent Pauli matrices
  6. Time-Energy Uncertainty Relation when $A$ depends explicitly on $t$
  7. How can qubits be made indistinguishable?
  8. Spectral theorem for unbounded self-adjoint (hermitian) operators

  9. Meaning of a Bra-ket inner product

  10. How are probabilities "physically real"?
  11. Superfluids: what is the physics that predicts how thick is a Rollin film?

  12. Correlation amplitude and continuous spectra
  13. Doubt regarding Thomas banks equation about perturbation

  14. Radial component of 2D Schrodinger equation for a linear potential

  15. How is information related to energy in physics?

  16. Maslov correction N-dimensional harmonic oscillator with different frequencies

  17. What is the relation between eigenstate thermalisation and infinite heating in Floquet systems?

  18. Quantum superposition follows from energy conservation? (possibly not a crackpot question. It's just an area of research in the fundamentals)

  19. Time dependent perturbation theory

  20. Proof an infinite dimensional/continous completeness relation $\int|x\rangle \langle x| dx=1$

  21. Speed and quantum number of a particle in gravity free space
  22. Why was quantum mechanics regarded as a non-deterministic theory?

  23. Probability to measure certain energies

  24. Why goes $i\rightarrow-i$ under $\mathcal{PT}$-transformation?
  25. Question about Dirac notation

  26. Source of entropy production
  27. Transitionless quantum driving for specific eigenstates

  28. Momentum and Higgs Fields

  29. One-dimensional Wave Function Problem
  30. what does antisymmetrizing mean when it comes to electrons?
  31. Reduced k vector in the first Brillouin zone

  32. Change of basis between bases with different rank
  33. How do I write an operator in Dirac notation?

  34. Polytopes in Quantum Mechanics
  35. Why does the azimuthal quantum number have a 0 value for s orbitals, 1 for p orbitals and 2 for d orbitals?

  36. Does time emerge from entanglement?

  37. 3-dimensional Fourier transform of an isotropic wavefunction (depending only on $r$)
  38. How to obtain a vector relation for the Rabi frequency?
  39. What's the meaning of Quantum Mechanics?

  40. Finite square well boundary condition
  41. How do I calculate Holevo information when information is knowable in principle, but unknown?
  42. State of minimum uncertainty of a particle in an infinite square well

  43. Energy quantization of double symmetric square-well potential

  44. Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser without retrocausality?

  45. Two-body bound state in 3D

  46. Scattering cross section due to potential Barrier
  47. When people say the human body vibrates at 62-72 Hz, what is vibrating?

  48. Time Reversal Operator in Sakurai's Book
  49. Confusion about rotations of quantum states: $SO(3)$ versus $SU(2)$
  50. Measuring two components of angular momentum after measuring total angular momentum and one of its components
  51. Numerical optimisation over quantum states/measurements
  52. Uncertainty and The Width of a Wave Packet in Bohm's Quantum Theory book
  53. Would we be able to be consistent in our theory if we were to only assume the particle nature of matter with the uncertainty principle

  54. Can an Equation of Motion Do More?
  55. What does the Holevo bound mean?

  56. Why Energy is greater than min value of Potential in Bound state?

  57. probability vs radial probability density

  58. Spin direction for a bundle of electrons

  59. Heisenberg's Matrix Mechanics in two dimensions?
  60. Inflationary Question

  61. Probability transition without approximation

  62. Particle in a box momentum and position, expectation and uncertainty
  63. Confusion about uncertainty principle
  64. Spin of a particle in uniform magnetic field along arbitrary direction
  65. Spin magnetic moment direction of a particle

  66. In the Principle of Least Action, how does a particle know where it will be in the future?

  67. Uncertainty Principle for Compound Objects Interpretation
  68. Wavefunction of a four electron system

  69. solving quantum master equation matrix form
  70. How to derive the Schrödinger Equation from Heisenberg's matrix mechanics and vice-versa?
  71. How does the many-worlds theory explain why we perceive randomness?
  72. „Linear Algebraic Explanation“ of Decay, Decoherence, Dephasing & Dissipation
  73. Confusion with bases

  74. Why is spinor along x-axis biased in terms of probability?

  75. Spin of an electron (What is the meaning of spinor in terms of Hilbert space and Euclidian space?)

  76. State of Spin 1/2 particle in a magnetic field

  77. Wavefunction Collapse and Energy Conservation (and Stationary Tunneling)
  78. Hamiltonian reduction having constant of the motion

  79. Energy level splitting in a semiconductor

  80. How many 'independent ways' can you measure a quantum 2-state system
  81. Spin-1 Particle System Measuring Angular Momentum

  82. Quantum optics : homodyne detection
  83. Is there a list of hydrogenic transition matrix elements online?

  84. Spin Operator in terms of Gamma-5

  85. I wanna learn Quantum Physics

  86. Why is force constant inversely proportional to the length of spring?
  87. Lorentz Invariance of Fermionic Bilinear Covariants

  88. What is the standard definition of "projector", "projection" and "projection operator"?

  89. What are rabi oscillations?

  90. Confusion on quantum numbers

  91. Hubbard Model Hamiltonian

  92. Why electron positron pair move oppositely inspite of attraction?

  93. Time-dependent perturbation theory derivation with 2-level system (Griffiths)
  94. Relativistic Doppler effect and Quantum Mechanics

  95. Has anyone the knowledge of derivation of Hydrogen atom's eigenvalues using real only wave equation?

  96. Why is it intuitively unreasonable for this transition probability to grow quadratically in $t$?

  97. Mach-Zehnder probabilities

  98. Fermionic statictics in SU(2) slave-boson representation
  99. Why can't you show that momentum is hermitian in Dirac notation?

  100. Is gravity ALREADY quantum?