1. Commutation relation under time ordering

  2. What can you infer from knowing a spin $\dfrac{1}{2}$ particle's $S_z$ is in the $+\dfrac{\hbar}{2}$state?

  3. Probability measure implies quantum mechanics?

  4. Is the conjugate of a solution to the time-independent Schroedinger equation also a solution?
  5. Why does "continuity" enforce this proposition?

  6. Are there more bosons or fermions in the universe?
  7. Do spin states have a shape? If so, what are they?

  8. Can quantum particle wave functions be located on multiple points in space at once?

  9. Dependence of energy with principal quantum number

  10. How can quantum entanglement be explained in layman terms?

  11. Aharonov-Bohm phase picked up when a magnetic dipole goes around a charge
  12. Trace distance localized in subsystems

  13. Is there record of a bosonic Stern-Gerlach measurement?
  14. Modeling lossy optical media

  15. Estimate of correlation length for Cooper pair
  16. Understanding rotational motion problems for large atoms

  17. Finding eigenfunctions using ladder operators

  18. Sequential Stern-Gerlach devices - realizable experiment or teaching aid?

  19. The double slit experiment with light

  20. If eigenstate for a Hermitian operator are orthonormal why are the energy eigenstates not so?

  21. Components of Cartesian rotation matrix

  22. Spin magnetic moment direction of a particle
  23. Interacting vs non- interacting electron systems

  24. Questions about Berry Phase

  25. What is the difference between photons that are absorbed and those that are not?
  26. Hamiltonian in position basis

  27. How is energy quantized?

  28. How does QFT help with entanglement?

  29. What's the relation between zero temperature and ground state of interacting many body system?

  30. Symmetry for the exchange of particles

  31. Can we make the spectrum decomposition of the Hamiltonian and the density matrix with the same basis?
  32. what does trion emission mean in PL spectrum?
  33. One weird question about double-slit experiment

  34. Hermitian operator followed by another hermitian operator is it also hermitian?

  35. Proof of Orthogonality of Hydrogen Atom Wave Functions
  36. Von Neumann Entropy of pure and mixed states
  37. What's a comprehensive review of the implications of Bell-nonlocality on our notion of reality / Weltanschauung?

  38. Time evolution of a state
  39. Bethe ansatz for Heisenberg spin chain in 1D
  40. Griffith's Proof that a wave function will stay normalized is incorrect?
  41. Physical states of a non-relativistic Majorana fermion

  42. How to obtain a vector relation for the Rabi frequency?
  43. Can a normalizable function *always* be decompose into the discrete Hydrogen spectrum?
  44. Stochastic solution of the master equation

  45. Parallel universes and quantum nonlinearity

  46. Teleportation and boosted observer, special relativity
  47. Connection between Hubbard-Stratonovich and (generalized) coherent states

  48. Wavefunction absence in a quantum system

  49. Landau critical velocity and sound velocity
  50. Group theory and quantum optics

  51. How true is Planck's-Einesteins relation(E=hv) give some examples
  52. Form Factor in Rutherford Scattering

  53. Simulation hypothesis and Wolfram's deterministic model

  54. Dispersion relation from Hamiltonian

  55. How to calculate the angular momentum states of isotropic quantum harmonic oscillator?
  56. Gluons and dark energy
  57. Deriving momentum operator in quantum mechanics

  58. Predicted correlations of entangled particles
  59. Probability of finding a particle in a region in a state given for a wave function plus a constant

  60. Reduced k vector in the first Brillouin zone

  61. Degeneracy split in $n=2$ hydrogen due to uniform electric field. Why is main diagonal zero?
  62. Meaning of matrix rank for a two-qubit density matrix

  63. Energy level of the potential $\frac{1}{2}x^2+\frac{1}{24} \lambda x^4$

  64. What happens when a photon hits a beamsplitter?

  65. How to interpret overlap integral of orbital wavefunctions
  66. How is instantaneous action at a distance governed by a specific frame of reference?
  67. Amplitude for Spacelike Separation of Particle in QM
  68. Why is splitting light using a beam splitter an example of entanglement?

  69. What are the strongest objections to be made against decoherence as an explanation of "collapse?"
  70. Wave function in tensor product of Hilbert spaces
  71. How to distinguish between the particle and antiparticle solutions in the Dirac infinite square well?
  72. Can a quasiclassical electron wave packet in elliptic orbit be formed from bound hydrogen-like eigenstates?

  73. How complete and orthonormal basis helps in addition of angular momentum?
  74. How do we choose the standard probability current?
  75. Why do Global phase transformations lead to the conservation of charge?

  76. Why do only electro-magnetic waves have momentum and mechanical waves do not?
  77. How to get the (coefficient of) wavefunction of the electron in the jellium model?

  78. Can we get a real ball of matter out of an empty box?
  79. A(r',r) of matrix in the quantum position representation

  80. Dipole of a Particle in Quantum Harmonic Potential Subject to Electric field

  81. Is there a classical potential that couldn't be quantized?
  82. Mathematical expression for vacuum state

  83. What are non-local hidden variables?
  84. Can anything with mass be entangled and if so does this show gravity is of a quantum nature?

  85. normalized to the power emitted in an infinite medium... What does it mean?

  86. Sakurai"s Comment Anti-particle in Klein-Gordon equation: Reversing momentum and Moving backward in time

  87. Bell's inequalities
  88. Connection between quantum field and the wavefunction

  89. Identity regarding Pauli matrices

  90. What are particles if quantum fields are not physical objects?

  91. Is the trajectory of a quantum particle a well defined concept and how does this depend on the interpretation of quantum mechanics?
  92. Commutator calculation - tips?

  93. Freshman-level presentation of quantum mechanics using decoherence?
  94. Estimation of ground state energy by quantum mechanical treatment

  95. Does Gleason's Theorem Imply Born's Rule?

  96. What subset of the Hilbert space is a physical state?
  97. Atomic natural line width
  98. Complexity of Ab Initio quantum computation of bulk properties

  99. Energy of Silicon in Quantum Espresso wrt points?
  100. Does the dimensions of the wavefunction vector in Hilbert space depend on the number of eigenfunctions it is a superposition of?