1. Did Newton know or assume that planetary (extraterrestrial) space was frictionless vacuum-space?

  2. Rolling Motion, Pure Roll

  3. Relativity of velocity while riding a bike

  4. Types of work done on a cart rolling down an incline
  5. Vertical Sinusoidal motion
  6. Karate and Newton's 3rd law

  7. Thought experiment relating acceleration to rate of change of momentum in Newton's Second Law

  8. Mass inside cavity in block free to move
  9. Pulleys, Torque

  10. The center of mass frame and lab frame

  11. Need some help on Physics Problem
  12. Relation shape (law) to determine the center of pressure for bullets

  13. How to calculate effective spring constant $k$?
  14. With the advent of General Relativity, do Newtonian Mechanics really describe the universe correctly?

  15. Velocity of a body in free fall

  16. Understanding internal torques
  17. Rolling resistance?

  18. A doubt about collisions and conservation of momentum

  19. What's the maximum possible speed with which a satellite can orbit the earth?

  20. DC motor acceleration

  21. Help me to understand work as transferred energy
  22. Pulley with inner and outer grooves
  23. What's the difference between work done and work obtained?

  24. During maximum extension of a spring kinetic energy is equal to potential energy how?
  25. Review the answer

  26. Centre of Mass and collisions

  27. Decouple differential equations
  28. A heavy chain with upper end falling with constant velocity
  29. Circular motion, kinetic friction and tension

  30. Acceleration components of a falling object

  31. Infinite gravity train

  32. About the work of the friction force

  33. Why is there sound when things collide?

  34. Is gravity actually pulling or pushing us?

  35. How to calculate a planet's tangential velocity moving in an elliptic orbit?
  36. Potential energy of a ball in multiple cases

  37. Kinetic Energy of a rod with two ends moving
  38. Lagrange's equation derivation Kinetic energy

  39. How does recoil affect movement

  40. Friction acting on a spring system

  41. Physics exam about work had me confused

  42. Crate pulled on an incline with constant speed. What is the total work done?
  43. Can time period for pendulum be negative?
  44. Physics of slapshots in Ice Hockey

  45. For what reason is the difference of potential energy $\Delta U=-W$ equal to the *opposite* of the work done?

  46. Finding the acceleration of a mass/pulley system without knowing the direction of the displacement

  47. The role of tau*natural_frequency in the driven damped oscillator
  48. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism for damped pendulum

  49. How should I solve this question?

  50. The amplitude of a damped spring with a weight during the 4 first oscillations

  51. General motion of a cone on an inclined surface
  52. Masses with a pulley
  53. Analyzing the motion of a ball rolling without slipping inside a hemispherical bowl
  54. How to derive the equation of motion for $x$ in 1D from energy conservation $E=\frac{1}{2}\left(\frac{\text d x}{\text d t}\right)^2 + V(x)$?
  55. Why do only electro-magnetic waves have momentum and mechanical waves do not?
  56. A Spring and two masses

  57. Why force $F$ is $ma$ but not $md$ or $mv$? How can I observe and understand "force" in real life?

  58. Force of impact of a projectile

  59. Motion of a box in a conveyor belt

  60. Purely mechanical question about torques in human body

  61. Friction-less Atwood Machine with Two Equal Masses

  62. Dropping of 2 balls (though the center of Earth)

  63. Vector direction of parachuter

  64. Why is it easier to lever a mass about a point than it is to lift it vertically upwards?

  65. "Simple" air resistance question

  66. How is the angular momentum related to linear momentum?

  67. Concept of conservation of momentum

  68. Motion of a particle constrained on a rotating rod

  69. Why doesn't Earth orbit around planets larger than itself, such as, e.g., Jupiter?

  70. Taylor approximation vs setting to zero

  71. Proving the centre of mass formula with integral

  72. Compression of spring without acceleration

  73. Torque about axis

  74. Acceleration when pulling yourself with the help of a pulley

  75. How does this system accelerate?

  76. Weight dropped on a spring. Find oscillation frequency

  77. Normal Forces and Ferris Wheels

  78. Elliptical Trajectory, or Parabolic?

  79. How is gravity time symmetric since it is only an attractive force?
  80. Is it possible to approximate the motion under a V-shaped potential as harmonic motion?
  81. Inertial Force Vs. Weight
  82. Simple conservation of momentum and frame of reference problem

  83. Dynamics of circular motion of the bob in a conical pendulum

  84. Changing momentum of moving trolley
  85. Gravitation: To find acceleration of a particle as a function of distance from centre of a tunnel dug along two points on Earth's surface

  86. What could the acceleration $2g$ mean?

  87. How can one conclude upward force is related to tension in this question?
  88. What velocity has a mass when launched tangently on one side of moon, to let it arrive at a position diametrically opposite on the moon?
  89. More on the closed-form for a simple pendulum

  90. Newtonian Mechanics Textbook
  91. Board On Two Uniform Cylinders
  92. Forces applied on both sides of a string to stretch it?

  93. Constraint Relations-IIT JEE LEVEL

  94. Physical Pendulums

  95. Trajectory of a rolling ball with uneven weight distribution

  96. Determine the height of a ball shot up by a spring gun

  97. Here's a Question on magnetic fields and Forces...?

  98. Statics question: can't understand the answer

  99. How to derive a pendulum's motion without torque and angular momentum?
  100. Does a pivot exert an additional force, normal to the centripetal force, on an object rotating about it?