1. Dependence of decay width on the CKM parameters
  2. Question on the Rydberg - Ritz Fromula

  3. Wedge with differnet angles on either side with mass m on either one. Show that the wedge will not move

  4. Probability to measure certain energies

  5. Induction in conducting spherical shells
  6. Non-relativistic limit of a particle in the uniform electric field
  7. Inonu-Wigner Group Contraction
  8. Composition of Lorentz transformations using generators

  9. One-dimensional Wave Function Problem

  10. Could anyone help me in this WORK ENERGY PROBLEM?
  11. Superposition of Two distributions

  12. Cylinder inside a cylinder - moment of inertia

  13. Radial component of 2D Schrodinger equation for a linear potential
  14. How do I write an operator in Dirac notation?

  15. Speed and direction of a traveling wave on a taut string
  16. How to simplify this circuit and derive its truth table? Please explain in detail
  17. Gauge Invariance of Schrodinger Equation

  18. Find compression strain in a plank which has just one force acting on it
  19. What is the equation of a projectile motion as given by the general theory of relativity?
  20. Variation of (velocity vs height) from earth frame of reference

  21. Question about Double Pulley (Challenge Problem in Book)

  22. Air drag heating at very high speeds

  23. Calculating Momentum in Particle Physics (Introductory)

  24. 3-dimensional Fourier transform of an isotropic wavefunction (depending only on $r$)
  25. How to obtain a vector relation for the Rabi frequency?

  26. Covariant Riemann tensor indices
  27. How thickness of wire affects carrier drift speed

  28. Better approaches to solving mechanical energy problem
  29. can someone explain solution guide?

  30. showing the Minkowski force in the covariant form

  31. Spherical phase space dynamics

  32. Biot-Savart law and magnetic field of a ring

  33. Energy quantization of double symmetric square-well potential
  34. Sign of Gaussian surface that encloses negative charge
  35. The definition of an Levi-Civita epsilon tensor

  36. Accelerating car, up and down a hill

  37. Strain energy stored in the rod

  38. Can air resistence force be orthogonal to the velocity?

  39. Mean-field approximation Graphene

  40. Find the height of tall objects by free fall rock

  41. How to derive a pendulum's motion without torque and angular momentum?
  42. Symmetry properties of many-body operator
  43. determine the velocity and acceleration of block b when theta is 30 degrees
  44. How to convert average horse power?

  45. Rotational Kinematics question about wheel

  46. two-body operator in coordinate representation

  47. Graph explanation for force and friction

  48. Angular acceleration of two rods joined in the center - did I do this right?

  49. Ball rolling up a loop

  50. Measuring two components of angular momentum after measuring total angular momentum and one of its components
  51. A question about a commutation relation

  52. Physics question there are two questions here
  53. Position when potential energy and kinetic energy of a spring are equal

  54. Two-body problem with a spring, asking the period of vibration

  55. Moment of inertia of the drone around the x-axis
  56. The idea of analytical continuation method to solve the Klein-Gordon equation, how and why?
  57. A mass in circular motion on a spring given an impulse
  58. Coefficient of Friction on Inclined Plane
  59. Spin direction for a bundle of electrons

  60. Flow rate in split bottleneck

  61. Potential inside a hollow sphere (spherical shell) given potential at surface

  62. Scale factor matrix
  63. Calculating electric field using voltage

  64. Probability transition without approximation
  65. Normal velocity direction
  66. How to compute the charge as a function of time in a simple $CL$ circuit?
  67. Conservation of Energy - seriously lost on this problem and would appreciate a full breakdown of strategies and concepts

  68. What are the units of a scalar field if I only impose $c=1$?

  69. A typical rotation problem

  70. Work in moving reference frames

  71. Mean energy of a system with multiple subsystems
  72. Difference in definition of event changes length contraction
  73. How to solve problem with homogenous ball at equilibrium?

  74. Velocity of the sun?

  75. In the circuit shown the capacitor is an steady state find the current

  76. Time dependence of the density of matter and radiation

  77. How do these conditions affect liquid (or flud) pressure?
  78. solving quantum master equation matrix form

  79. "Shadows are Lorentz Invariant"

  80. What is the percentage increase in momentum if kinetic energy is increased by 4 percent?

  81. Maximum Power Density

  82. How to Solve this Galvanometer problem by using KVL?

  83. Why would the oil rise in this situation?

  84. How would I find the normal force in this problem?
  85. Could you explain how the coordinates are obtained in the dumbbell setup show below?

  86. A question based on elasticity
  87. Force on current carrying square loop
  88. State of Spin 1/2 particle in a magnetic field

  89. Air resistance and computing the maximum height
  90. Reflection and Transmission Waves

  91. Fluid mechanics floating

  92. Can we write $P = hdg$ for solid pressure?
  93. What will be Kinetic energy at minimum position?

  94. Action of Operator in lattice model
  95. Lagrangian of rotating springs
  96. I din`t know if this is the right form for this question or not, I use khan academy, cosmolearn, youtube to brush up
  97. Capacity of flat capacitor
  98. Thermodynamics - Heat transfer to a pipe containing a static fluid within an air plenum
  99. Average acceleration and centripertal acceleration

  100. Doubt in Lorentz Transformation