1. Physics lens/optics and collision problems AP
  2. Characteristics of a tight string

  3. Stationary v/s Static
  4. Special Relativity paradox of bridge and bus
  5. Is the conjugate of a solution to the time-independent Schroedinger equation also a solution?

  6. What will happen if the nuclear reactions in the Sun stop suddenly?

  7. Confusion in the derivation of the potential of a magnetic shell
  8. Constructive interference from a reflector

  9. Vertical Sinusoidal motion

  10. Electric and magnetic fields within and outside a current carrying conductor
  11. Find the angular speed of the smaller gear?

  12. Deriving the Poisson bracket relation of the Ashtekar variables

  13. Exercise with Lagrangian and Hamiltonian

  14. How to get the 2d Einstein tensor in a spherically symmetric spacetime by varying the reduced Einstein-Hilbert action?

  15. Calculate angular velocity from rotation matrix

  16. How can I find the speed of the ball at the bottom of the sloping plane?
  17. Proof of "non-existence" of marginals of the Husimi $Q$-function

  18. Biot–Savart law for a finite wire or the center of a square coil
  19. Relative velocity of light in a moving glass medium

  20. Relativity in Light Communication

  21. Solving the Klein-Gordon Equation with a Fourier Transform

  22. Need some help on Physics Problem

  23. How to compute the charge as a function of time in a simple $CL$ circuit?

  24. How to calculate effective spring constant $k$?
  25. How can we find Lagrangian of non-conservative systems?
  26. How big would my telescope have to be if I wanted to see the Mars rover from my backyard?
  27. Coulomb's Law and conversion of nano-columbs/coulombs

  28. Phonon calculation of Hexagona Close Packed structure

  29. Simple Plane pendulum

  30. Basic Thermodynamics: Quasistatic Adiabatic Process
  31. A doubt about collisions and conservation of momentum
  32. How should the hydrostatic equation be set up for the sun?

  33. Maximum Height for U-Tube (fluids)

  34. Question about superconductivity
  35. What's the maximum possible speed with which a satellite can orbit the earth?
  36. How did Feynman derive this formula for the current of particles in a gas?

  37. Bottle stability optimization
  38. Pulley with inner and outer grooves
  39. Question on the Rydberg - Ritz Fromula

  40. How Do I solve this problem related to gear trains?
  41. Review the answer
  42. Centre of Mass and collisions
  43. Decouple differential equations

  44. A heavy chain with upper end falling with constant velocity

  45. Equal resistance in parallel circuit
  46. Explain the shell theory for point mass outside the hollow shell?

  47. Circular motion, kinetic friction and tension
  48. Time evolution of a state

  49. Position from a Velocity-Time graph

  50. Acceleration components of a falling object

  51. Calorimetry Problem
  52. At what speed was the positron moving in the Anderson experiment?

  53. Force problem related to adhesive and bonding

  54. How to obtain a vector relation for the Rabi frequency?

  55. ............ Diode

  56. The velocity of a point charge moving in a uniform magnetic field

  57. Finding a path of beam in a gradient-index media

  58. Temperature distribution in a cylinder with no heat generation

  59. Normalization of the square of Green's function

  60. Finding a path of beam in a gradient-index media
  61. How to calculate a planet's tangential velocity moving in an elliptic orbit?

  62. Dispersion relation from Hamiltonian

  63. Simple Harmonic Motion: Tension in a pendulum's string
  64. Potential energy of a ball in multiple cases

  65. I am trying to understand forces

  66. How to calculate the angular momentum states of isotropic quantum harmonic oscillator?
  67. Finding normal and tangential velocity and acceleration for motion along a 3D curve
  68. What $\oint\vec{B}\cdot d\vec{l}=51.5\mu T\cdot m$ mean?
  69. Kinetic Energy of a rod with two ends moving
  70. Lagrange's equation derivation Kinetic energy

  71. Physics exam about work had me confused
  72. Probability of finding a particle in a region in a state given for a wave function plus a constant
  73. Capacitor with one plate earthed

  74. Relativistic relative velocity

  75. Pressure at depth
  76. Finding the acceleration of a mass/pulley system without knowing the direction of the displacement
  77. Lagrangian exercise from Goldstein
  78. How to calculate the time period of a cylinder connected to a spring

  79. The role of tau*natural_frequency in the driven damped oscillator

  80. Non-Zero Electric Field Inside A Conducting Shell
  81. Need help in solving forces on inclined surface
  82. Why would the oil rise in this situation?

  83. The mass needed for immersion

  84. Maximizing the time near a black hole

  85. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism for damped pendulum
  86. How should I solve this question?
  87. Potential inside a hollow sphere (spherical shell) given potential at surface

  88. The amplitude of a damped spring with a weight during the 4 first oscillations

  89. General motion of a cone on an inclined surface

  90. Calculating Magnification factor required & focal length of the lens
  91. Masses with a pulley

  92. Air resistance and computing the maximum height

  93. Line Integral of Vector Field without parametrization?

  94. Magnetic force Need To Warp Steel / Metal

  95. How can electric field representation be obtained from Enge representation using Maxwell's equations?

  96. Why do Global phase transformations lead to the conservation of charge?

  97. Vertex factor for $\frac{g}{4} (A_{\nu}A^{\nu})^2$ in QED

  98. Why do only electro-magnetic waves have momentum and mechanical waves do not?

  99. How to get the (coefficient of) wavefunction of the electron in the jellium model?

  100. Help me find the equivalent capacitance between A and B?