1. Need some help on Physics Problem
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  3. With the advent of General Relativity, do Newtonian Mechanics really describe the universe correctly?

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  18. How should I solve this question?

  19. Why force $F$ is $ma$ but not $md$ or $mv$? How can I observe and understand "force" in real life?
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  26. Why is it easier to lever a mass about a point than it is to lift it vertically upwards?

  27. If a sniper is shooting at a target over a mile or more away, does he have to account for Earth's rotation?

  28. Does boiling water have any effect on ripples on surface?

  29. Motion of a particle constrained on a rotating rod

  30. why can't we bend a ruler along its breadth?

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  32. In an acoustic wave, what are the first order and second order perturbations?
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  46. Why, in a horizontal plane, is normal force equal and opposite to gravity even though they are not a reaction pair?

  47. How can a Lagrangian containing no potential energy be used to describe motion of a pendulum?

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  66. Why are six real numbers, $\vec E$ and $\vec B$, needed to paramaterize the electromagnetic force, even though force needs only three?
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