1. Electromagnetic shielding with metal box and wire inside
  2. Would ferromagnetic space debris have been magnetized by their orbit in the Earth's magnetosphere?
  3. Maxwell Stress Tensor at material boundaries
  4. Is Feynman correct about this inverse square relationship in Vol I-28?
  5. What are electromagnetic fields and how do they work?

  6. Confusion in the derivation of the potential of a magnetic shell

  7. If traveling 99 the speed of light, how quickly do protons switch the direction of their poles when faced with an apposing magnetic field?

  8. Electric and magnetic fields within and outside a current carrying conductor
  9. Electromagnetism and equivalence principle?
  10. Aharonov-Bohm phase picked up when a magnetic dipole goes around a charge
  11. Electric Current in Spinning Disk

  12. From Liénard-Wiechert to Feynman potential expression
  13. Physics behind resonance inductive coupling?
  14. Biot–Savart law for a finite wire or the center of a square coil

  15. When breaking a circuit transmitting a given power, how do I minimize sparks/arcing?

  16. If I spin an electron gun fast enough, would it generate a significant magnetic field?
  17. Is the Lorentz force expression valid for magnetic field created by a magnetic monopole?

  18. Is light magnetically attracted and repelled from other light?
  19. Faraday rotation effect when magnetic field is perpendicular to propagation of wave?

  20. Why is this integral zero when evaluated across all space?

  21. RF disturbances produced by transmission power lines
  22. The Magnetic field in a superconductor at near absolute zero

  23. Difference between luminous flux measurements and radiant flux measurements

  24. In 2017, what is your opinion on the Keppe Motor?

  25. magnetic moment and surface area
  26. Why astatic needles are immune to only terrestrial magnetic fields and not other magnetic fields?

  27. Open circuit test in transformers

  28. How does light travel according to the perspective from electric and magnetic field?
  29. Use of step function to show that total charge is Lorentz invariant if the four-gradient of current density is zero
  30. How much current would it take to generate earths magnetic field?

  31. Impedance at any point of a surface

  32. Question about superconductivity

  33. Magnetic fields in transformers and back emf?

  34. Do Maxwell's equations imply that still charges produce electrostatic fields and no magnetic fields?

  35. What are the wavelength boundaries of Rayleigh scattering (say <1%)?

  36. Can there be a potential difference perpendicular to induced electric field?
  37. How come the pole strength be having dimensions Ampere meter

  38. Manganese has more unpaired electrons than Iron so why is Iron ferromagnetic Manganese paramagnetic?
  39. Does the Ampère-Maxwell law fail for the field of a uniformly moving point charge?

  40. Components of 4-Potential and 4-Current in terms of E and B
  41. Can I find the total current in the loop with this much information?
  42. Transmission line model derivation
  43. Reaction force from magnetic force
  44. What type of superconductors does Maglev train use and why?

  45. Can't understand electromagnetic wave drawings if B = E/c

  46. Force on a magnetic dipole due to a magnetic field

  47. Applications of Magneto-optic effects

  48. Can I solve this without Gauss's law (parallel plate capacitor)?
  49. How have "natural" permanent magnets been magnetised?
  50. Is it possible to use the physics of a pendulum to generate Electricity
  51. How to estimate the attraction between two equally strong magnets?

  52. What $\oint\vec{B}\cdot d\vec{l}=51.5\mu T\cdot m$ mean?
  53. Maximum speed of RC car on a track
  54. There is no electric field in a metal if the current through the conductor remains constant.
  55. What is difference in inertia of a charged or uncharged object
  56. Can a light be bent by a magnetic field?

  57. Magnetic flux through a loop the same as flux through the plane outside the loop?
  58. magnetic field of a long wire

  59. Boundary conditions on current carrying wire

  60. Boltzmann Distribution of Electrons in Confining Potential

  61. Magnetic force Need To Warp Steel / Metal

  62. Understanding pushbroom sensors
  63. Energy dissipated by Joule effect

  64. Forces on a wire moving in a magnetic field?
  65. What is the shape of the magnetic field of a bar magnet?
  66. Can $dA/dt$ be written as a curl of something?
  67. Doubt in Maxwell's treatise
  68. Relativistic explanation of Radiation

  69. Have we directly observed the electric component to EM waves?

  70. How does insulating a dipole in conductive media change the fields?

  71. What is Ampere force for a thick/wide conductor?

  72. Force on current carrying square loop
  73. Why isn't my electromagnetic harvester working?

  74. Electric field associated with moving charge
  75. Work done by magnetic forces

  76. Electromagnetism in curved spacetime

  77. Dependence of the multipole moments on the origin

  78. Flux cutting in a uniform magnetic field

  79. How to go from a wave to a particle description of photon dynamics in curved spacetime?

  80. Derivation of Clausius-Mossotti Relation
  81. Is the term energy of a light wave incorrect?
  82. Could there be equivalence between anisotropic space and the presence of a field?

  83. The distinctions between $\mathrm{U}(1)$ and $\mathrm{SU}(3)$ massless bosons
  84. Expression for the work done on a magnetic dipole

  85. All about electromagnetism

  86. Any metal or chemical or any thing which repels Iron
  87. How does a magnet cause magnetic force and its magnitude/direction?
  88. Vector potential of a uniformly magnetised sphere

  89. In what field is the particle $L=\frac{m}{2}\eta_{\mu\nu}u^{\nu}u^{\mu}+\frac{k\,x^3\,u^0}{((x^1)^2+(x^2)^2+(x^3)^2)^2}$
  90. How does one induce magnetic field through electrostatic?

  91. Physical meaning of the energy density of an electrostatic field

  92. Why does the conductor experience a force in a time dependent magnetic field?

  93. Equation to describe the magnetic field sensed by a magnetometer
  94. If we put diamagnetic material under strong electromagnet.Would the opposing magnetic fields strong enough to attract ferromagnetic materials?
  95. Deriving Heaviside-Feynman formula for the electric field of an arbitrarily moving charge from Lienard-Wiechert potential

  96. Energy of a permanent magnet railgun
  97. Physical meaning of gauge choice in electromagnetism

  98. How to choose the right parameters to determine four types of materials
  99. Coupling $A_\mu$ to Klein Gordon equation and action?
  100. Is charging by contact and "losing charge" the same thing?