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  1. What's the difference between low energy photons and high energy photons?
  2. How can quantum entanglement be explained in layman terms

  3. what does trion emission mean in PL spectrum?
  4. How are frames of reference releated to each other in general realitivity?
  5. Check that a sinousoidal wave satisfyes Maxwell eqns.?
  6. Can we make the spectrum decomposition of the Hamiltonian and the density matrix with the same basis?
  7. DAE else see rainbows around recessed lights?

  8. What's the maximum possible speed with which a satellite can orbit the earth?

  9. How does QFT help with entanglement?
  10. Bottle stability optimization
  11. Polarizability in harmonic oscillator

  12. Matter and antimatter ratio
  13. $E=mc^2$ tells us that everything has energy. So why can't we use anything as a battery/power source?
  14. Mean anomaly hyperbolic orbit

  15. Can photons interact with pions to mediate the strong force between nucleons?

  16. Can we get real image of virtual objects?

  17. Lower critical Reynolds number

  18. Relativity in Light Communication

  19. What can I do to be invisible for the IR-camera on board of a police helicopter?

  20. Why there is no dipole gravitational wave?

  21. Understanding internal torques
  22. Quark Probabilities
  23. Magnetic fields in transformers and back emf?

  24. Trace distance localized in subsystems
  25. Photoelectric effect current's dependence on frequency based on PhET simulation
  26. A doubt about collisions and conservation of momentum
  27. Why must the conformal anomaly on string worldsheet be cancelled?
  28. HVAC enegery balance confusion

  29. Creating Visual Displays of Calculations and Solutions

  30. Quantum electrodynamics extended with a special topological term

  31. From Liénard-Wiechert to Feynman potential expression
  32. Work done in rotating electric dipole in uniform field

  33. Lagrangian of a Relativistic Harmonic Oscillator

  34. Why is it possible to derive the infinitesimal rotation matrix by small angle approximations?
  35. Do Maxwell's equations imply that still charges produce electrostatic fields and no magnetic fields?

  36. $\Delta \ell = 0, \ell = 0 \rightarrow \ell = 0$ transition in atomic ground state

  37. Help me to understand work as transferred energy

  38. Does the scalar magnetic potential equal the electric potential?
  39. Pulley with inner and outer grooves

  40. One weird question about double-slit experiment

  41. Energy momentum tensor of a perfect fluid with vanishing density?
  42. Electromagnetic shielding with metal box and wire inside
  43. Rocket Question

  44. Earth's gravitational Field vs. Mars's and Venus
  45. What is the pull force of Earth's magnetic field per square metre on one of the magnetic poles?

  46. True or false: the Moon was touching the Earth 1.2 billion years ago

  47. What are the wavelength boundaries of Rayleigh scattering (say <1%)?
  48. How do quarks interact with the Higgs field?

  49. Light behaves as a fluid under certain conditions. In the absence of certain conditions, will baryon matter behave as light?

  50. Hermitian operator followed by another hermitian operator is it also hermitian?

  51. Why is an exciton only observed when we excite to the conduction band and not to other electronic level inside the bandgap?
  52. How come that in an AC curcuit with one resistor $i_R \geq \Delta v_R$?

  53. What's the difference between work done and work obtained?

  54. Fastest way to melt ice cubes in glass of water

  55. Distance Separating Two Lenses Given Given Magnification
  56. Why does Fermi Level change due to change in donor atom concentration?
  57. Hot water molecules from a cup

  58. Atomic radius - ask an atomic physicist or chemist?
  59. Does atomic physicist deal with atomic radius of an atom?

  60. Interpretation of Reynolds Transport Theorem?

  61. Gauged Linear Sigma Model (GLSM) with target space $E^8$ gauge group
  62. Rigid body rotation and translation about an arbitrary axis

  63. Can a particle be identified when one knows $\left<dE/dx\right>$ and the Cherenkov angle $\theta_c$?

  64. Gauge invariance is just a redundancy. Why is massive abelian gauge field renormalizable but massive non-abelian gauge field nonrenormalizable?

  65. List of topics covered in classical mechanics?
  66. Can there be a potential difference perpendicular to induced electric field?
  67. Relation between displacement current, dielectric and time varying Electric field

  68. Thermodynamics Rate of Heat Transfer Question!

  69. Is there any meaningful evidence for the existence of the multiverse?
  70. Random phase approximation for interacting electron gas

  71. What does the solution to a wave equation represent?
  72. Wick rotations, convergence and Feynman propagators?

  73. Original derivation of the Josephson effect
  74. Question on the Rydberg - Ritz Fromula
  75. Obstruction in calculating $\mathcal{Z}_{\mathcal{N}=1}$ SYM partition function

  76. How Do I solve this problem related to gear trains?

  77. During maximum extension of a spring kinetic energy is equal to potential energy how?
  78. Review the answer
  79. Velocity of a body in free fall
  80. What is a diabolical point?

  81. Quantization of the Kalb-Ramond field

  82. Spherical shape falling velocity/acceleration calculations

  83. String Theory as Career

  84. What is the difference between Young's double hole experiment and Young's double slit experiment?

  85. Does pure yellow exist in variations we can't discern?
  86. Electromagnetic Induction. The electric field due to a conducting loop in a changing magnetic field

  87. Owen Biesel's paper on 'The Precession of Mercury’s Perihelion'

  88. Ball swung in a horizontal circle, can the string ever by exactly horizontal to the ground?
  89. Could an object move infinitely if any other forces does not affect it?

  90. The interrelation of the different forms of coupling constants
  91. Proof of Orthogonality of Hydrogen Atom Wave Functions

  92. Electron configuration of atom under LS coupling
  93. what is the effect of using different pipe sizes in the inlet and outlet from the storage tank?

  94. What's the path of least action for fermions off-shell?
  95. How come the pole strength be having dimensions Ampere meter

  96. Numerical simulation of mechanics problem

  97. Centre of Mass and collisions

  98. Decouple differential equations
  99. Von Neumann Entropy of pure and mixed states

  100. A heavy chain with upper end falling with constant velocity