1. What visual effect can be seen in the following picture?

  2. How can I create this 'medieval look' using an entry-level camera like the Nikon D3300?
  3. How do they shoot wide television-show cast photos?

  4. Can you create Instagram's “Structure” effect purely in Lightroom?

  5. What setup/techniques is using on their photos?

  6. How can these photos by Martin Schoeller have such a high quality?

  7. Image data processing app
  8. How to mimic Olympus' dramatic tone filter?
  9. How to create the type of lighting that is used in many of Elena Shumilova's pictures?
  10. How can I detect upscaled photos?

  11. What is the effect where some objects are a single bright color but the rest is black and white?

  12. How can I take portraits in the style of Charles Hildreth?

  13. How to match colors between pictures?

  14. How to find curve that correspond to a given transformation?

  15. How did Suren Manvelyan create the macro pictures of eyes?

  16. What kind of camera and developing/printing process may Charles Jones have used?

  17. How to take this group portrait with faces in profile only lit from the side they're facing?

  18. How do I achieve a vintage photo effect in Photoshop?

  19. How to recreate the Instagram Lark filter?
  20. Which one is the real car and which one is the reflection?
  21. Reverse engineer used presets and styles?
  22. Recreate existing software filter from example

  23. How can I recreate the Instagram Filter "Slumber"?

  24. Oil Paint Effect app or Software

  25. How to determine camera location from an existing photograph?

  26. Getting this radiant but soft glow, without losing color intensity or looking overexposed?

  27. Reverse Engineer this processing in lightroom
  28. How does Peter Lik manage to capture the stars in such detail in the following photograph?

  29. How do I get this oversatured-but-not, blown-out-but-not, subtly surreal look?

  30. How do I give my images this vintage travel photo effect?

  31. How do I make my photos look like these soft, yet sharp and colorful examples (using Lightroom)?

  32. Getting the Instax-camera look in post?
  33. Does anyone have any information on Canon's VL mount regarding pinout and protocol?

  34. What caused the sky to turn green in this photo?

  35. How do I create a "day-night" scene in a photo?
  36. What's the secret to this pastel, beautifully blurred photo?

  37. How was this photo taken (flare, blurred background)
  38. How did the designer achieve this Blue tint effect?

  39. What kind of color treatment is applied to these Sean Flanigan photos?

  40. Reproduce picture on black background with soft light on face only
  41. How can I take portraits in the style of Shannon Lee Miller?

  42. How can I achieve this effect where photos have a "bluish" theme with highly dramatic colors?

  43. How do I get the high contrast sharpness seen in this B&W portrait?

  44. How to achieve this colored-haze effect in Lightroom?
  45. How can I replicate the style of images produced by an old Finepix digital camera?

  46. How do I achieve this look #84934837
  47. How can I get photographs which look like 3D renderings?

  48. How does Jefry Chandra edit his photos?

  49. What techniques has Jennifer Tibbetts used to make her photos "pop"?

  50. How can I tell what equipment and lighting setup was used for a studio portrait?
  51. How to take unreal looking flower shots?

  52. What kind of filters might have been applied to these photos?

  53. How can one capture gun bore shots?

  54. About Raw file format of Hasselblad H5D
  55. How to achieve Greg Gorman style in his book Framed?

  56. Learning from other photos. Histograms: how do I know if the original photo was over/under exposed?
  57. How was this picture of a model on a boat with a sunset in the background created?
  58. How to recreate the perspective and field of view of an existing photo?

  59. How can this brightly colored yet gentle pastel-color effect be achieved?

  60. Is this photo showing lenses apparently hanging in the air a Photoshopped composite, or was some other trick used?

  61. Is it possible to make an image which is only photographable in black or white?
  62. How do I get washed out look like Tien Nguyen?

  63. How is the warm soft quality of photos like this created without impeding the sharpness?

  64. What kind of technique used here to blend background with foreground?

  65. Was the background blur in this image done with a Petzval lens?
  66. How does wedding photographer post-process to achieve this rich detailed + high contrast portrait look?
  67. How do I achieve this very bright and clear portrait look?

  68. Were the snowflake photos said to be taken with a compact camera + reversed SLR lens really taken that way?
  69. Does there occur any filtering in making merge-to-HDR picture?

  70. Is there an inverse function which will return an HDR picture to its original?
  71. How were these Astronomy Photographer of the Year images produced?

  72. How to reverse engineer digital color composite picture from glass negatives?
  73. Hard defined shadows with continuous bare bulb and flash?
  74. How to get this "Resident Evil" photo effect
  75. How do I achieve fireworks pictures such as the hirobamboo method?

  76. How were these portrait photos edited to get this look?

  77. How does one do light painting with in focus subject? Maybe a composite?

  78. How was this blurry background, sharp motorbike effect achieved?
  79. How to I get the Instagram "Lux" effect without using Instagram?
  80. How can I achieve this warm, sunny, saturated effect in Photoshop?

  81. How to take saturated portraits like these (with natural lighting)?
  82. What software or technique was used to acheive this (soft-curves-brush-stroke) effect?

  83. How to get this abstract blurry effect on my picture?

  84. Which Lightroom 4.3 import presets will best replicate Nikon's Vivid Picture control setting?

  85. How can I accomplish this aged photo effect in Photoshop?
  86. How to achieve a "moody" effect in urban landscapes?

  87. How do I create a vignette in Photoshop Elements 11?
  88. What are the techniques for taking portraits using a tilt shift lens?
  89. How to make the post-processing effect used by Hannes Cmarits in his "attracting curves III2"?

  90. What is the blurred light effect in this portrait?
  91. What is this warped effect and how to achieve it?

  92. How to get blue light effect?

  93. How can I reverse-engineer the RAW conversion settings used in a JPEG image?

  94. How do I get such clear and detailed pictures like Aurelie Curie?

  95. How to get "rays" in night photos?

  96. How can one light something in the foreground well while metering for lightning in the background?

  97. How would I setup a portrait of a boxer like these?
  98. How to post process photos like Ildiko Neer did?
  99. How do you create a washed out effect with deep blacks?
  100. How to make a landscape photo like Stanislav Perov?