1. What causes this dark outline produced at the edge of objects in these images?

  2. How do you shoot UV images with a full-spectrum camera?
  3. How does the spectral sensitivity of different sensors affect the resulting photo?

  4. What are the characteristics of light?

  5. How can I photograph bright lights properly?
  6. Why am I getting a lighting gradient or flickering during daytime with fast shutter speed?
  7. How to shoot a light trail photo where an object is still in focus?
  8. How does lens-hoods for pancake lenses work? (Canon EF 40mm with ES-52)

  9. What non-studio lights are best for photography?

  10. Cross Polarization: Are linear and circular polarizers compatible?
  11. Why do light sources appear as stars sometimes?
  12. How to best view test shots on camera LCD in bright, outdoor photo shoot
  13. How to achieve a glowy/dreamy light look
  14. Why is distance absent from the exposure triangle?

  15. My light measurement sensor is returning random (bad) values in my Pentax K-50

  16. Does quality of light vary in different studio strobes and speedlites?
  17. There is an app or a trick to emulate Portrait Effect on non plus iPhones?
  18. Can I dim lights by making amount of power smaller?

  19. General purpose opitcal filter for blocking any light

  20. Measuring light sensitivity with dB instead of ISO

  21. How to deal with single channel overexposure?

  22. Why use ISO instead of Aperture and Shutter speed?

  23. Strange light when shooting long exposure
  24. Why in a photo light lines of street lamps? How to remove them?
  25. How can I improve my photographs taken on overcast or cloudy days?

  26. Light at the end of tunnel effect
  27. Do full frame sensors gather more light than crop sensors?
  28. Cheap lighting setup for shooting portraits in pitch darkness?
  29. Choosing overhead lights for a garage studio
  30. Why are specular highlights sharp when focusing on close object?

  31. What's the difference between shooting in daylight and at sunset?
  32. What's different about photographing at sunrise vs. sunset?
  33. How much exposure is too much considering late dusk pictures?

  34. Does adding additional strobes cumulatively add to the flash power?

  35. Bendy distortion of straight lines in infinite mirror
  36. Variation or inconsistency in Flash light on same setting

  37. Is there a connection between color temperature concept and Hershel's color temperature experiment through which he discovered infrared?

  38. How to avoid light flares in long exposure night shots
  39. What is the problem if sun is behind me? What does that signify? Where should the sun be when I take photos?

  40. What is the pre-computer version of Photoshop's blending modes?

  41. How to understand flash distance scale when used with a wireless transmitter?
  42. Lock focus and lightning with Nikon D3100

  43. Where can I find a cold-shoe adapter for Sony's multi-interface shoe?

  44. What kind of flash triggers do I need to fire both a Canon and Yongnou (for Canon) flash?

  45. How does the car disappear in these pictures?

  46. How to recreate Liam Wong's images of city streets at night with neon lights?
  47. How can I depict vehicle traffic during daytime in a long exposure without washing out the vehicles?

  48. Dark photos at apertures of f6 or f8

  49. How can I avoid green flare on my sunrise photos?
  50. What light to use for my white background?

  51. Is it possible this is sunlight?
  52. Is there a Safelight rgb or hex frequency?
  53. Does Earth's latitude affect the color of light?

  54. Is a north-facing window recommended outside of the northern hemisphere?

  55. Whats the "most amount of moon" acceptable for astrophotography?

  56. Is black a color or a lack of color?
  57. Can I use a beam splitter to record two images using the same lens?

  58. Does over- or underexposed give the most life-like post-edit results?

  59. How did photographers get the exposure right back in the day with only full-stop increments?
  60. Why is my Canon 7D light sensor under-sensitive?
  61. How to film translucence and light?
  62. Is there a fundamental difference between emitted light and reflected light?

  63. How can I light an Indian wedding without spoiling the decor or blocking the view with stands and gear?

  64. How can I automatically get a (approximate) Lux value from overexposed and underexposed pictures?

  65. How do I know how much light will be needed for a given film speed, shutter speed, and aperture?

  66. How do you avoid a dim portrait with a bright background and no external flash?

  67. Getting this radiant but soft glow, without losing color intensity or looking overexposed?
  68. Can videoing burning magnesium damage a camera sensor?

  69. When do I have to readjust the white balance in studio?

  70. Can golden/blue hour light be simulated?

  71. What's the use of light source directly above model's head?

  72. Is there a trick to use the correct NDx filter?
  73. How to capture the sun rays falling inside a forest?

  74. How do I set the exposure manually on a Nikon D5100?
  75. How do I measure the correlated color temperature of a light source with a DSLR without a gray card?

  76. How can I correctly measure light using a built-in camera meter?
  77. Do circular polarizer gels for creating left and right handed polarized light exist?

  78. How can I take a photo of a dark bar with a bright sign?

  79. How was this photo edited to feel vibrant and lush, but also soft?

  80. Why does the flash freeze a picture?

  81. Can I use my camera to measure lens light transmission?

  82. Is there any practical way to measure the T-stop of a lens?

  83. How can a Gossen Sixtomat light meter work without electricity?
  84. Can studio light be as good as sunlight?
  85. If I want to shoot darker shots, is it better to increase the lighting and then darken in post to retain clarity?
  86. Optimal light source and camera for 360 degree product photos

  87. Is it still better to overexpose raw images (for use in Lightroom)?

  88. Why is infrared light's focus point different from that of visible light?
  89. Where can I find light bars?
  90. Why are details lost when dynamic range is high?

  91. How can I match adjustable-color artificial light temperature to ambient light?
  92. How to configure the camera to capture true colors of ambient light?
  93. How to avoid shadows on the background when photographing with flash in darker areas?

  94. What kind of results can I expect with a Prophoto Zoom Reflector?

  95. How to create still life silhouettes with candle lights?

  96. How to create an image with star trails in the background and clear, bright foreground objects?
  97. How can using an incident light meter improve my outdoor portraits?

  98. Lights for Illuminating Large areas?
  99. Is there a way to replicate the look of Allen-Khondji Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love?

  100. Which is better to use : Mirror or totally reflecting prism?