1. Finding focal length from image size and FOV
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  6. What is the color structure histogram and how does it work?

  7. Why does my Canon 700D take so long processing when I take a long exposure?
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  10. Can deconvolution help improve the apparent sharpness of mirror lenses?

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  12. Stereo camera vs camera arrays

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  18. Processing Imacon 3F Files
  19. Motion-Still photographs

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  23. What is this filter called and which programme has it?

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  26. What photo characteristics work best with facial recognition software?

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  28. How can I detect upscaled photos?

  29. Image Stacking for noise reduction using MATLAB
  30. How was photo data processed and transferred back to Earth from satellites before digital photography became commonplace?

  31. Get pixel to mm ratio from image

  32. Is it possible to simulate any color-only filter with curves?
  33. How to calculate distance of an object from camera or size of an object in an image? Have to utilise already generated camera parameters to find these

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  36. Trying to create a serial number for every imported image
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  44. Archive Storage Redundancy - Best Practices
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  47. What does the term "channel" mean in photography?
  48. Why are my RAW images already in colour if debayering is not done yet?
  49. Using rawtherapee to create an image like a DSLR camera in bracketing mode
  50. What would happen if a camera used entirely different primary colors?
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  52. Is it possible to print a photo so it can be mounted on a globe?
  53. correct lens distortion and angle of view for scanning large planar objects
  54. Are basic editing tools on Instagram fundamentally the same as those in Photoshop or Lightroom?
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  61. Sum of pixel values more than incident photons

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  67. NDVI without filter

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  74. Image from Leopard Imaging M021 camera looks green in Matlab,need to convert to RAW

  75. Other than the iMac, what's a brilliant display for my images?

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  79. How to minimise the noise in colour values when moving between colour spaces?

  80. What software should I use for converting fisheye photos to normal rectilinear photos?

  81. What tools are available for RAW image processing in Linux?
  82. What are the anomalies in this picture of earth?

  83. What education or certifications are needed to get work as an image processor or photo retoucher?
  84. How to open a raw file in Camera Raw full size rather than cropped to in-camera aspect ratio?
  85. Is it possible to make a single still photo from a video?

  86. What software tool can I use to convert a photo to line drawing?

  87. What causes chroma noise in an image sensor

  88. Is there a technique for combining multiple images to create a sharper result?
  89. How can I adjust the colour temperature of an image programmatically?

  90. How does a camera artificially decrease DoF of a shot from a single position?

  91. Access "Pre-Bayer" RAW image to analyse channel values

  92. What are the exact pixel values (or ranges) for shadows/midtones/highlights in Lightroom?

  93. How can I convert a photo to a fixed palette with pre-defined weighted color proportions?

  94. How is data in a camera's colorspace transformed into XYZ or a standard RGB space?

  95. How can one correct intensity flicker due to AC line frequency?
  96. An online service to create "photo stacks"?

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  98. can you remove a hair on the image sensor in light room?

  99. What workflow will speed up sorting photos stored on a NAS in OS X finder before import into Lightroom?

  100. What is Lightroom *really* doing when I change a Camera Calibration?