1. How can I exacerbate static discharge?
  2. How to shoot a light trail photo where an object is still in focus?

  3. What filter is this person using?

  4. How to achieve the effect of blurred moving clock hands in photoshop?

  5. What is this effect/filter called?

  6. What filters or changes are made to this photo to make it look like this?

  7. What is this "lines in the sky" (arcs in the sky) effect called?

  8. Can you create Instagram's “Structure” effect purely in Lightroom?

  9. There is an app or a trick to emulate Portrait Effect on non plus iPhones?

  10. Can I revert 'Color Sketch' mode on a Nikon camera?
  11. Are the highlights in this photo a byproduct of the vintage lens or were water particles introduced during shooting?

  12. Adjust aperture during exposure

  13. What is exactly the '3D pop' in photography?

  14. How can I get a light pink or purple pale tint to my photos (similar to Instagram user's)?
  15. How is this filter done?
  16. Light at the end of tunnel effect
  17. How to get a picture like this one?
  18. How can I replicate Instagram's "Structure" in Capture One or Photoshop?

  19. How can I edit my photographs to look like old colorized black and whites?
  20. can someone please help me figure out what filter is used in this photo(s)?

  21. Why the trend of faded vintage photography?
  22. What is the stippling effect used in newsprint and comics called, and how can I create it?
  23. How do I take a photo like this?
  24. Photo : inverse of miniature effect

  25. What lenses can produce a clean starburst effect?

  26. How to load 3DLUT on DSLR?
  27. Why does editing software not care about colorspace?

  28. How to get a halo of light effect?
  29. How do I create a split-tone effect using GIMP?

  30. How can I make a photo with blurred people but a sharp background?
  31. A photo effect that favours yellow & blue; What is its name & how is it done with GIMP?

  32. Produce a Photo with An "Instagram Filter" But Maintain the Sharpness

  33. How can I create an image with a round globe like center?

  34. What's the effect called when only certain subjects are in colour while the rest is black & white?

  35. Which effect/filter is used in this photo?

  36. How to achieve matte effect?

  37. How was the twilight blue color effect in this photo produced?
  38. What is the shot called where it goes from telephoto to wide-angle without a zoom?

  39. Finding out what filter was used in this photo, or simple things like contrast, saturation, etc
  40. Is there any Photoshop effect that can create vertically distorted bokeh as one sometimes sees in film and video?

  41. Can I add a filter that gives a photo a vintage pinup style?

  42. What kind of photo effect is this, where colors are a bit washed out, yet retains the crisp detail and the colors are almost pastel?

  43. Is there a name for the style of putting a strong color gradient over a photograph?

  44. How does one create this vintage look?

  45. What was done to this photo to get a surreal tone of pastel-like purples and blues?

  46. Recreate existing software filter from example

  47. How is this high-key, bright cityscape effect achieved?

  48. How can I recreate the Instagram Filter "Slumber"?
  49. Anyone Know What Filter These Photos Use

  50. Oil Paint Effect app or Software

  51. How can I mimic this solarization effect?

  52. What filter was used on this photo?

  53. How to recreate the 1980's film/colour effect?

  54. How can I tell which Instagram filter was used?

  55. What filter was used?

  56. How to achieve this Desaturated/Flat yet Vibrant with Tanned skin tones in LR/PS?

  57. How can I create long exposure images with my Ipad or my Android Smartphone?
  58. How would I add a warm, golden glow to a photo?

  59. How to achieve a vignette effect without post processing?

  60. Looking for the name of an effect/edit. Usually popular with portrait photography

  61. Composition for Ken Burns Effect

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  66. Photoshop technique (Strong fog/mist effect around an object)
  67. Are these images from infrared film?
  68. How to select everything Lens Flare filter has added to the image?
  69. How can I get a lot of detail in the face, skin as seen in this poster for The Martian?
  70. Bubble Effect on image (Photoshop or online)

  71. Is there a plug-in to create a satin-like texture/light effect?
  72. How does a camera artificially decrease DoF of a shot from a single position?

  73. How can I achieve this effect where photos have a "bluish" theme with highly dramatic colors?
  74. How can I achieve this 'pure white' skin effect?

  75. How to achieve this colored-haze effect in Lightroom?

  76. How do I get this look in my photos
  77. how to capture snowflakes like this

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  81. What Photoshop plugins are must haves?

  82. Identify a photo filter or a post-processing technique
  83. What is a "pictorial effect" in photography, and how do I get it with a digital camera?

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  85. How do you achieve this brownish skin color moody look on your photos?

  86. Why does it look better when skilled photographers apply filters and tricks to their photos?

  87. Photography editing style and secret
  88. How to create lighting with rays on the background?
  89. What is this style of photo called?
  90. How can I get photographs which look like 3D renderings?
  91. How can I achieve a soft but detailed film look digitally?
  92. How do I create this soft bright look?
  93. How is this "soft" effect achieved?

  94. What are the parameters for evaluating photos

  95. Which photo montage/collage software can do this transition effect?

  96. How can this brightly colored yet gentle pastel-color effect be achieved?

  97. How to create different color effects with gimp?
  98. How to create sophsticated aquarelle-style image from a photograph, like the Waterlogue app?
  99. Why would someone practice free lensing?

  100. How do I blend a digital texture into a photo to give a canvas or rough paper effect?