1. What's causing the "seeing double" lens ghosting in my photos?
  2. Why is the bloom effect colored?

  3. How did I get I this flare in my photo with the sun in the frame shot with my phone camera?
  4. Coolpix P900 artifacts

  5. What causes these streaked rays from light sources?

  6. Orange and other artifacts in photos from film camera

  7. Why is there blue 1" edges on developed 35mm film?

  8. What could be the reason for these block-like artefacts in the blue sky?

  9. What could cause this visible artifact which seems to a be a glowing inverse of something outside of the frame overlayed on this photograph?

  10. Unusual horizontalish line on photograph

  11. What are these slightly-translucent, branching squiggles on the top of my photo?
  12. Strange fringe pattern on long exposure photo
  13. What does lens flare from a catadioptric (mirror) lens look like?

  14. What is this pattern artifact in a Hasselblad H4D picture?

  15. Why do my photos look like they're painted?
  16. Why does using flash sometimes create these white spots in the photo?
  17. Why are there white dots on my night time photo with flash?

  18. is it normal to get significant lens flare with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens?

  19. What is the name of this artifact where lines appear in what should be a smooth gradient?

  20. Why do I get dark horizontal lines (stripes or bands) in bad lighting with my Fuji X-T1?
  21. What fuzzy/glitchy around edges effect/artifact is this? & How can it be achieved?

  22. Getting artifacts when merging exposures into HDR
  23. Arc-Shaped Stripes (Noise?) In Blue Water, Is This Normal?
  24. Why does the left windmill have too many blades?
  25. Dust-like speck visible every few pictures — is it dust, or worse?

  26. Why does my photo look great in Lightroom but show sharpening halos on my web site?
  27. What causes these white, squiggly lines in my photos?

  28. What could cause this white speck in a blue sky?

  29. What causes the spots in my IR photos?
  30. Why a partial eclipse is apparent only as an artifact on a smartphone camera?
  31. Why do my pictures with a 100000 ND eclipse/solar filter have purple haze?
  32. What is the origin of the hexagonal artifact of direct sunlight/spotlight photos?

  33. What is moiré? How can we avoid it?

  34. What is this polygonal artifact with my SEL50f18 and Sony a6000 after extreme shadow boosting in Lightroom?

  35. What is causing the wispy white artifacts in this photo?

  36. What causes the "glow" around objects when turning down highlights and brightening shadows?

  37. What is this artifact and how can I remove it?
  38. Is an artifact in form of a purple dot squat in the middle of the picture an effect of lens optics?
  39. What could have caused this splotch to appear?

  40. Where do these weird spots on my photos come from?

  41. What causes blue artifacts when viewing an image in Camera Raw or Lightroom?

  42. What's causing this white smudge in the middle of the photo?

  43. What Happened to my DSLR?

  44. How can I fix false rainbow-looking color shades in pictures of fabric?
  45. What might cause horizontal artifacts in Lightroom after import?
  46. Are the artifacts I am seeing with my Samyang 24mm f/1.4 typical?

  47. Unexpected light area in photo
  48. Is there a problem with my collimation? Telescope shows coma

  49. How can I avoid green flare on my sunrise photos?

  50. Time-varying artifacts in long exposure: is it the sensor?
  51. What is the cause of this red-green artifact and how can I prevent it?

  52. What is the blue circle in this moon image?

  53. What caused some of the bright, diffuse areas of sky in some of the Apollo images from the moon?
  54. Strange pattern in picture

  55. What are the lines on a screen looked through the camera with varying ISO's?
  56. How to correct HDR post-processing artifacts in a series of exposures

  57. What are these strange artifacts in nighttime photos of lamps?

  58. Pink/Purple lines on my photos while shooting long exposure?

  59. How can I avoid lens flare when shooting into the sun with a compact camera?

  60. Where does the strange purple/blue glow around the headlight wearing subject's front come from?
  61. What is this yellow mark I get on dark photos?

  62. What could cause these tonal artifacts on each frame of this panorama?

  63. Why do modern aspherical lenses have so much coma?

  64. Why am I am seeing rings (banding) instead of smooth graduation in my sunrise pictures?

  65. What causes these "striped" streaks from light sources?
  66. What are the grey to black lines at the edges of objects in this photo?
  67. What are these streaks in negative scans I got back from a lab?
  68. Broken photos on dslr
  69. Why do I get white images with black vertical stripes?

  70. Why do white flowers always have a weird surrounding "glow"?

  71. How can I avoid circular banding artifacts in clear skies when de-noising?

  72. Why do some of my RAW files get "broken", with narrow solid black horizontal lines?
  73. Nikon S700 displays preview correctly but shoots bad: dead or repairable?
  74. What caused these red blotches on the black suit?

  75. What is this shadow in my photo?
  76. Why is there a red overlay in my night photographs?
  77. What causes weird, stripey corruption in overexposed areas on a mobile phone camera?

  78. What is this bright squarish pattern that I'm getting in long exposure images?

  79. Why do exported image contain colored grains/noise when viewed in GNOME Image Viewer?

  80. What are the strange curved lines appearing on fabric in my apparel photos, and how can I remove them?

  81. Taken a picture of my monitor while spinning in circles - why is it distorted?

  82. How much flare should I expect with a Hoya HMC Filter?

  83. Horizontal banding pattern near sun: sensor flare?

  84. Why is there a strange white spot on all of photos from my Zenit-B SLR?

  85. Why is there a vertical bar of brighter exposure when photographing lightning?
  86. Is high Chromatic Abberation typical with the Pentax f/1.8 50mm lens?

  87. Why are there two thin vertical lines through all of my photos?

  88. What is the cause of this unusual concentric blob defect (taken in below zero conditions)?
  89. How can I eliminate white glow/halos surrounding bright objects?
  90. What are these spots in my pictures?
  91. How can I avoid soft dull "spots" in my pictures?
  92. What caused this pattern of lines (moire?) in this picture I scanned from a book?
  93. Why does this satellite image of an airplane in motion show red, green, and blue bands with strange artifacts?
  94. What could be causing these lines and distortion?
  95. What is causing the bright flare on all of my images?

  96. What causes these reddish spotty artifacts?

  97. Why are there small dots on bokeh circles when I zoom in all the way?

  98. What is the strange wide, bright line across this photograph?
  99. What is this black spot in images from my digital camera?

  100. What are these artifacts I see in print?