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  1. Any fix for poor lens clip on Canon on the 600 mm f4 lens hood

  2. Why can't my compact digital camera focus when applying 8x zoom?
  3. Why is my Nikon D3300 taking almost totally black pictures through the viewfinder but is fine on liveview?

  4. How to get rid of black these black oil spots which a professional cleaning service said can't be fixed?

  5. How can I adjust the colour temperature of an image programmatically?

  6. Does crop factor affect light meter readings?

  7. How do you shoot UV images with a full-spectrum camera?
  8. How does the spectral sensitivity of different sensors affect the resulting photo?

  9. LightRoom presets

  10. Why won't the Capture One Color Editor expand?
  11. How to check actuation count on an EOS 80D?

  12. How to Destroy Slides
  13. Does IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilisation) in a Fujifilm camera affect image quality?

  14. What is the difference between a "slave flash" and "master flash"?
  15. Is there a mapping tool that will let me visualize a lens's angle of view?
  16. Is there any Fuji X to Nikon F adapter that works with AI-s lenses and doesn't require stop-down metering?

  17. Wrong in-camera auto white balance issue

  18. What are the best practices for DOF stacking?

  19. Do different lenses affect noise level?
  20. Is there an "Exposure" setting In GIMP comparable to that in Photoshop's Image Adjustments?
  21. What causes this dark outline produced at the edge of objects in these images?

  22. Nikon D3200 focus problem
  23. Information to include with a fine art print?

  24. Buying a lens with light haze?
  25. What is the difference between a telephoto lens and a zoom lens?
  26. How to avoid reflections on glass pane in museum?

  27. How to export photos from Insta360 Studio?
  28. Collective Term for HDR, Panorama, AEB, Focus Stacking?

  29. Why does a higher-end camera body like the Nikon D700 cost so much?

  30. What are the effects of umbrella size?

  31. What's the cause of this Leica M6 light leak?

  32. How Long Does a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Digital Camera Live?
  33. Why won't my Nikon D5500 autofocus?

  34. What process should I use for developing old (Ferrania?) CR50?
  35. Is it not ideal to save image as PNG for printing?
  36. Technically, why is the out of focus area blurred more when using a bigger aperture?

  37. Canon M50 new release

  38. Is there an easy way to tell the size of an image circle a lens has?
  39. Can I attach metadata to images as they are dropped into folders? I'd like the folder name to be attached to the "Description" field

  40. Depth of field and aperture size

  41. What would happen if you put an extension tube on a macro lens?

  42. what are some inexpensive photosensetive materials "developed" by lasers

  43. Do cameras exist that can focus on multiple macro depths?

  44. How do I use the "Standard Deviation" and "Scale" parameters in Gimp 2.9's GEGL-based unsharp mask?

  45. Why image does not fill all area in Polaroid film backs

  46. Is there a way use Live View tethered and superimpose a transparent view of the previous image on the monitor?
  47. How can I remove a stuck adapter from a lens?

  48. What might make focus points blurred/gone from viewfinder on Canon T2i after cleaning?
  49. Menu/Picture Preview NA, Automatic Focus not working

  50. Which lenses are used in SLR and TLR?
  51. How can a smartphone take pictures of a landscape with everything in focus?

  52. How does Kelvin for color temperature relate to Kelvin for actual temperature?

  53. How to transfer photos to a phone without a computer?
  54. Photograph of side entry french door used in commercial, compensation?
  55. How does shutter work? In a DSLR or smartphone

  56. How do I calculate what aperture and shutter speed to use in M mode with my DSLR's pop-up flash?
  57. How to take a picture of a group with flash so that everyone's face is lit evenly?
  58. Can I make an in-camera multi-row panorama (Brenizer) with my Fuji camera?
  59. Does an animal breeder need to provide a model release for his own animals?

  60. Where can I find online courses in set design for family and milestone photography?

  61. How do I use a remote shutter trigger and radio flash triggers simultaneously?

  62. How compatible are my old Nikon lenses?

  63. Difference between 14-42mm ii r and 14-42mm Objective lens?
  64. Why is my Nikon D750 not autofocusing?

  65. Which phone should I choose for good photography?

  66. Can these lens be used on a Nikon D300?
  67. Finding focal length from image size and FOV

  68. Recommendation on Canon 18-55mm IS STM / III

  69. How many Pixel for this print?

  70. Should sensor size trump all other aspects when deciding between cameras?

  71. Tamron or Sigma 70-300mm for Nikon ?
  72. Export Adobe Illustrator draw project
  73. Canon mid-range zoom?

  74. Why are these film photos brighter than digital photos taken at the same time with the same settings?

  75. Will metering from a DSLR apply to a film SLR?

  76. Identifying fingerprints on negatives & ultraviolet torches

  77. How do I minimise cleaning requirements for an outdoor all-sky camera dome?

  78. Switching between film and digital during the same shoot

  79. Can I change gaussian blur radius during FS on already applied areas?

  80. How to enlarge an object by x-times with an optical zoom
  81. What is the term for an area in a studio, with a backdrop, floor cover, and props?

  82. What gear do I need for a newborn photography session?

  83. What is the purpose of a dual LED flash?

  84. Transfer Panasonic raw files (and videos) to android

  85. How to reset the password on a Nikon WU-1a WiFi adapter?

  86. how could I duplicate my Nikon D5300 live view on both my PC and camera itself?

  87. Does the release have precedence over the license?
  88. Is it possible to grant the license of photos before the commissioned shoot?
  89. How many lumens are needed to video light

  90. How to take 2 photos of the same scene and keep them registered
  91. Will a left cornered viewfinder be difficult to use for a left eye dominant person?

  92. Brightly lit enviroment

  93. Use phone location data for photos

  94. How to remove hot pixels with a dark frame?
  95. How is ISO and output communicated on CMOS sensors?
  96. How to remove embedded sand from low pass/anti aliasing filter?

  97. How to delete unknown exif tags using exiv2

  98. time-lapse photograh
  99. How to copy Images Back To DSLR from computer?

  100. Most reliable adhesives to mount photos onto metal composite/ dibond sheets?