1. Natural deduction introduction and elimination rules for modal quantifiers
  2. Does Pascal's Wager contain any logical flaws or fallacies?

  3. Can someone help me find this article on the philosophy of religion?

  4. Some similarity of Leibniz and Anaxagoras
  5. Criticisim of Hilbertian Formalism

  6. Philosophical Perspectives on the Response to Landscapes
  7. In what ways was Maimonides an influence on Spinoza?
  8. What are some resources on the roots of critical/cultural theory?
  9. Augustine of Hippo's sexual temptations

  10. Philosophy book indications for beginners

  11. What are the theoretical limits of self-awareness?
  12. How to formally establish the argument whether programming could be a new form of literacy or not?

  13. Logic and Computation : a philosophical viewpoint

  14. Contemporary objections to "human nature"

  15. Philosophy of AI - Consciousness and Free Will

  16. Physical reality cannot be defined
  17. Does extreme nihilism endorse suicidal behavior?

  18. Who (name of the science) researches meaning communicated through arts?

  19. From which work of Jean-Paul Sartre did he write “Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.”?
  20. Is the business of science to construct models of objects and processes?
  21. Philosophical Writing at a Graduate level

  22. Can Resurrection and Reincarnation be reconciled?

  23. Did Kant believe that all the planets in the solar system are inhabited?
  24. Further reading on a unique aspect of scientific paradigms
  25. How did George Berkeley justify his disbelief in matter?
  26. Literature for Analytic philosophy
  27. How does one distingusih Consiouness form its so-called objects

  28. What are some arguments for that humans are more important than animals?

  29. Which discredited philosophy is referred to in The Machine Stops, which says that the imponderable bloom is essence of intercourse?

  30. Is it proper to speak of non-existent objects?

  31. References on the analysis of tensed statements
  32. Ownership of the commons
  33. Appropriateness/Justification of fear
  34. Where does Aristotle say that it's better to know a little bit of higher things than much of lower things?
  35. Is there a technical term for the belief/view that one should try to improve the world
  36. How can I answer to the question: who am I?

  37. Chomsky-- On Language and the Essential Chomsky
  38. What is a good layman's introduction to Popper?

  39. Does Aristotle ever explicitly refer to man as a "rational animal"?

  40. Who was the Greek philosopher that created a punctuation mark meaning "or so it seems to me at the moment"?

  41. Reference Request for an introduction to constructive mathematics and intuitionistic logic
  42. Are there any online resources where it is possible to read the works of great philosophers?

  43. What are book recommendations on Philosophy of Consciousness by contemporary authors?

  44. Who was first to say that justice is "to give each his due"?

  45. Can spontaneous body movements confirm or infirm free will?

  46. What sources discuss Russell's response to Gödel's incompleteness theorems?
  47. Marsilio Ficino' commentary on the Symposium on Love guidance
  48. The source of "It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave"?

  49. Is Psychological Egoism true? Did C Daniel Batson refute it?
  50. First books about philosophy of law, for a novice with no exposure?
  51. Are there sources in daoistic philosophy regarding the concept of the specifically human?
  52. Has anyone suggested a modern substitute for mythology?

  53. What is the most powerful argument against moral nihilism?
  54. Descartes's cogito falls short

  55. How to get started with philosophy without getting overwhelmed quickly?
  56. Where and how can I get started in contemporary philosophy?

  57. Source for an Al-Kindi quotation

  58. What are the major branches of philosophy?

  59. Dialectics on Victimhood and Responsibility
  60. Searching for book on Ibn Arabi

  61. What are good arguments against the moral case for vegetarianism?
  62. Does this definition of a soul make sense?

  63. Difference between 'neutral' and 'objective'?

  64. Are there accredited theories that state that my definition of scientific method is the best way to gain knowledge?
  65. Philosophy of Humor

  66. Which books to read?
  67. Averroes's commentaries on Aristotle

  68. Reference request: applied ethics and the finance industry

  69. Is it possible to know of the properties of concrete particulars without having a reference to compare with?

  70. Alternatives to Axiomatic Method

  71. Is there a difference between lying and not saying anything?

  72. Materialism/consumerism in philosophy

  73. history of philosophy side-by-side with science and art

  74. “Cannot legislate morality” – principled arguments

  75. Is there a contemporary survey of exportation?

  76. Reading Aristotle or Secondary Sources
  77. Did Confucius say "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws"?
  78. Does semantic externalism imply modal realism?

  79. Has anyone discussed the computerisation of democracy?
  80. Understanding Rawls' Justice as Fairness?
  81. Where can I read about protection?
  82. How, if at all, has the concept of rhetoric mutated during post-modernity?
  83. Empiricism out the door
  84. Are there any philosophical writings/works about Fourier transforms?
  85. Existence of a standardized test for determining one's philosophical views?

  86. When/How does an issue become "Philosophical" in nature?
  87. How would be ethics or moral science different if (human) life were eternal?

  88. How should I approach Wittgenstein's works?

  89. Can you recommend me 1 or 2 good formal logic books?
  90. Is there a philosophical conception of not necessarily biological life?

  91. Is it a good idea to write a Philosophical essay when you know the conclusion will not be satisfying?
  92. Logical fallacies made by philosophers
  93. What sources discuss the polemic over the Feder-Garve review of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason?

  94. Intro books without historical focus
  95. Looking for a reference on a kind of mathematical platonism
  96. Historiography of the Ship of Theseus
  97. How do these three books on philosophy compare and contrast to each other?
  98. A reference for the modern western values
  99. What are some criticisms of Epicurus' "death is nothing to us"?

  100. Evolution of Enlightenment starting from Benedict de Spinoza