1. Does the Rose Greenhouse pass the Smell Test?

  2. What will the result most likely be?
  3. The Chinese room ain't no computer – but does it matter?

  4. What would falsify compatibilism?

  5. From a functionalist point of view: when is an algorithm an A.I., and when is it just software?
  6. Does Bitcoin disprove solipsism?
  7. Debunking the "quantum mind" hypothesis

  8. Does it make sense to define a computer as a symbol-manipulating device?

  9. Losing faith in God during personal loss---Is it bad philosophy?

  10. Philosophy of “bias” – Moral Behaviour or Rational Behaviour

  11. Expectation and Comparison-Not in scientific pursuit but in pursuit of good life

  12. Is computationalism really a theory, or is it more like a doctrine or creed?
  13. feeling sad is not good i think, so why we feel sad

  14. Truth and Silence---Which and when is one more justified than the other

  15. What model of self-deception was Ayn Rand using in Atlas Shrugged?
  16. What are exactly intuitions in Kant's philosophy?

  17. Believing in Humans but Not in Reality

  18. If suicide involves taking one's own life, and killing someone is robbing someone of their life, what is the difference between homicide and suicide?

  19. Philosophical Perspectives on the Response to Landscapes
  20. Determinacy of thoughts as an argument for the incorruptibility of the soul

  21. When does a brain transplant make something human?

  22. Philosophers who wrote about limits of knowledge?

  23. If existence cannot be proven

  24. What are the theoretical limits of self-awareness?

  25. What are the correct terms for a concept and the real thing it represents?
  26. The need to delude yourself explained by philosophers
  27. Why do philosophical discussions of the teleportation paradox seem to ignore the physics involved?
  28. Does idealism allow for thought without any sensory input?

  29. How do modern dualists explain the mind-body interaction?

  30. Is there a causal influence of the mental on the physical?
  31. How does Putnam's twin earth thought experiment disprove functionalism?

  32. Does materialism presuppose that a self is a bundle of mental states and perceptions?

  33. Argument against conscious Turing machines?
  34. Arguments in scientific discussion and questioning administration on decision making

  35. does exclusion + supervenience + pairing necessitate reductionism?

  36. What is the importance of happiness to well being according to Sumner?
  37. Identifying three kinds of "unity" in Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"
  38. Is there a difference between the properties that a concept has and the properties a real object has?
  39. What is the meaning of an explanation
  40. The hanging judge

  41. What is the role of sensations in Wittgenstein's private language argument?

  42. Is music just another language?

  43. What are facts as considered independently of any thinking being?

  44. Are the amount of thoughts that a brain could potentially produce finite?
  45. Philosophical Writing at a Graduate level

  46. How did Kant "undermine the soul"?
  47. Are programmers evidence Artificial Intelligence is impossible?

  48. What is the best philosophical expression for the "mutual containment" of mind and body?
  49. Was the Brain-in-a-Vat thought experiment explored philosophically before Putnam?

  50. Is there evidence for existence of destiny as opposed to free will?
  51. Is there any contemporary philosophy about the nonduality I read about on web sites?

  52. What is a phenomenon?

  53. How does Penrose defeat the computational theory of mind?

  54. What has modern Neuroscience contributed to philosophy of mind (as opposed to science in general)?
  55. What are the premises for "On Induction" (Russell)?

  56. How can a stream of thoughts and perceptions have freewill?

  57. What do panpsychists think about artificial intelligence?

  58. When the Oracle called Socrates the wisest of the Greeks he at first rejected the label then accepted it. What caused Socrates to change his mind?

  59. Appropriateness/Justification of fear

  60. In what fundamental ways, if any, does Husserl break with Kant?

  61. Can Mind-Body Functionalism be true yet General Artificial Intelligence still be impossible?

  62. Will forgiving make us weak over time? our loved ones get hurt mentally/physically? lose dignity and pride?
  63. If we assume logic is correct, does it imply that our consciousness proccesses real information?
  64. About ideologies or movements for an unwanted werewolf, is Dualism? [Spanish accepted]

  65. How to study Inquiry and questions on their own?
  66. Are dualism and the theory of evolution compatible?

  67. Correlation between Stirner's "spooks" and Dawkins' "memes"?
  68. How can consciousness be an illusion?
  69. Is there a flaw in Descartes' "clear and distinct" argument?

  70. Is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness Falsifiable?

  71. What are book recommendations on Philosophy of Consciousness by contemporary authors?

  72. Is it possible to imagine a color one has never seen before?

  73. Does anyone assert the real existence of p-zombies?
  74. Can "pure thought" beings without senses "create" new concepts?

  75. What do we gain from subjective experiences?

  76. If all men became equally rational, would rationality still have any meaning?

  77. How is a thought initiated and then that thought cause a reaction?

  78. Why is the existence of qualia considered an argument for dualism and against materialism?

  79. Why is the mind/body problem considered to be particularly hard?

  80. Does consciousness depend on our five senses?

  81. How many numbers does it take to describe conscious reality?

  82. Is my interpretation of the phrase 'with my mind' supported by Moore's 'Proof of an External World'?

  83. Is my body an Avatar?
  84. Question about reality; different events having impact on further events that one usually would not possibly relate to one another?
  85. According to John Searle, is there a difference between brute facts and social facts?
  86. In Chalmer’s understanding, is a “philosophical zombie” roughly identical to Descartes’ automaton?

  87. Why wouldn't Searle learn Chinese in his Room given infinite time?

  88. Difference between Carnap and Quine's views

  89. What is the relationship between cognition and qualia?

  90. What makes valid a philosophy of success?

  91. How can hard atheism & physicalism be adhered with confidence given quantum mechanics?
  92. What is more sinister than trust?
  93. Could atheism be considered a defense mechanism?

  94. Can we desire a specific thing?
  95. What is "intuition" for Kant?
  96. Are there some facets of perceptual experience which cannot be characterized as conceptual?

  97. Are there laws which govern minds?

  98. What does it mean to be 'unaware that you are unaware that you are unaware'?

  99. How do you guys view Jungian Psychology?

  100. How does true orange color look like?