1. Does being humane imply being human?

  2. Ethics of killing for self-preservation
  3. Is it self-evident that utilitarianism requires altruism?

  4. Deontology ethics versus Consequentialism Ethics?

  5. What philosophical books criticizing secular morality are available?

  6. Someone said argument A, the other heard argument A', is that a fallacy?

  7. What is the nature of moral intuition according to Haidt?

  8. Who else has explored the ‘cad problem’?

  9. What are some counter examples of Kant's moral philosophy about doing the right thing?
  10. Does Plato see tyranny as final?
  11. What are some examples of categorical imperatives/universalizable maxims relevant to modern ethics?
  12. In what sense can moral propositions be objective?

  13. Is it immoral to download music illegally?

  14. What is the relationship between distributive justice and equity?
  15. Kant -- What does it mean to treat someone merely as a means?

  16. Imagine that you look at yourself as a cat, what do you think of your own behavior?

  17. A contradiction in Kant's Universalizability Principle
  18. Are nations immoral?

  19. why did Kant say the only truly “good” thing in this world “without exception” is a “good will”?

  20. What would it mean for morality not to be a consequence of rationality?
  21. If morality comes from our body, why does it contradict it?
  22. Is immorality just irrationality?
  23. Can we have a happy and balanced society without currency or barter?
  24. “Cannot legislate morality” – principled arguments?

  25. Does the idea of being created imply the necessity for obedience to a creator?

  26. What is the difference between Rule Utilitarianism and Act Utilitarianism?

  27. In light of Eichmann's Case: what makes a regime's legitimacy end?

  28. Is it unfair for the rich to pay more total taxes ( not by percentage ) than the poor?

  29. Would it be immoral to duplicate food to resolve world hunger, if food and recipes were copyrighted?

  30. Is unauthorized downloading of music stealing?
  31. Can acting be considered morally as lying?

  32. Practical differences between a 'duty' and a 'rights' based ethical framework
  33. Warren's distinction between moral humanity and genetic humanity
  34. What arguments are there against counter examples to Kant's perfect duties?
  35. Why is Altruism the default standard of moral and ethical philosophy?

  36. What is the Difference Between Human Rights and Natural Rights?
  37. Is there any openly pro-mortalist philosopher?
  38. Does Aquinas believe the first principle of human action is self-love as friendship or as concupiscence?

  39. Philosophy of Jigsaw

  40. On what grounds can a democratic state prohibit pornography?
  41. Should gender be revealed early?

  42. Ethical Issues with Cryptocurrencies?
  43. Would it be ethical to take an open source database and put a new name on it?

  44. Clarification/Explanation of Mackie's Argument from Queerness Against Ethical Realism

  45. What is absolute good and evil?
  46. Practical ethics: Uploading a soft-paywalled paper?

  47. Does Freedom of Speech Actually Exist?
  48. Recognition of Moral Lying
  49. Explaining internal and external aspects of an ethical issue
  50. What was Nietzsche's Position on Darwin and his theory of Evolution by Natural Selection?

  51. Why is Kant's Groundwork so much more popular than his other ethical works?

  52. Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths

  53. Is it ethical to bot gambling sites?

  54. Kant and the Categorical Imperatives

  55. Will the discrete emission of Green House Gases (GHG) increase the global temperature by an infinitesimal amount?

  56. A 'Different' Theory of Ethics
  57. How would a preference utilitarian decide about cheating on something or lying about something?

  58. Consciousness/soul outside the range of human capabilities of intellect? McGinn/Searle
  59. What does 'natural' have to do with ethics?

  60. Is there an academic consensus in modern philosophy for how to answer moral philosophy in general, and how to deal with novel problems?
  61. Definitions and choice
  62. What is a value of guilt?

  63. In a Many Worlds scenario, where everything is possible, what is the point of choice?
  64. Moral judgments: practicality and objectivity. Two incompatible features?

  65. Does Rand appropriate Kant's Categorical Imperative?

  66. How would a Utilitarian and a Kantian solve this thought experiment?

  67. Which philosophy claims our moral decisions should be based upon a universal algorhitm?

  68. Is AI the evolution of humanity through suicide of a species; via martyrdom?

  69. Utilitarian Argument Against Necrophillia
  70. How can a utilitarian argue against the morality of "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor"?

  71. What is the relationship between conceptual engineering and social change?
  72. Evolution - how (epistemologically) an instinctive moral is possible?
  73. Is it possible that evolution brought human kind morality?

  74. Self-interest leading to the public interest via the invisible hand - Adam Smith
  75. How does Rawls defend himself from skepticism?

  76. What is the relation of natural rights to human rights ?

  77. Is plastic surgery cheating evolution or genetics?

  78. Mill's proof of utilitarianism: moving from the individual to the aggregate
  79. Why is it assumed that love and sexual desire should have the same object?
  80. How did Spinoza explain the existence of evil?
  81. When should a state have a right to prohibit abortion?

  82. Does a person own his/her body?

  83. Have interpreted Schopenhauer's ethics correctly?

  84. Friedrich Nietzsche - On the Genealogy of Morals - Slave Morality Imposition
  85. Stoic thoughts on sharing achievements

  86. Why do we do what a police officer tells us to do?
  87. Why is it more important in modern times to 'practise what you preach'?

  88. Is it ethical to try to survive on this context?
  89. Corporal Punishment

  90. Is it moral to act kindly?

  91. Ethics of Bitcoin
  92. Can Human Rights = Animal Rights?

  93. Immanuel Kant on authenticity
  94. Theory that we do everything for our own benefit

  95. Can one be pragmatic when dealing with ethnic groups without being racist?

  96. Why would a person want to die?

  97. Is it ethical for a country to give "refugees" free housing and benefits while many of its own citizens are homeless and starve?
  98. Is negative utilitarianism wrong by supporting antinatalism?
  99. ethics for discriminated

  100. Is evolutionary "morality" really the same thing as human morality?