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  70. What was the initial reason to design two different types of Ethernet cables cross-over and straight-through?
  71. How are IP addresses mapped to MAC addresses?

  72. Why are Ethernet Standards written in the form of 10/100/1000? Why not just 1000?

  73. Can I connect to Cisco router's AUX port from a switch Ethernet port?

  74. Is the CSMA/CD protocol active in modern ethernet networks that use LAN switches? If it is active, does it ever detects a collision?
  75. Is the MAC address pool from which Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM cards etc take their addresses from the same address pool as the ethernet MAC address pool?

  76. What transmission service gurantees does Ethernet give?
  77. In CSMA/CD what does Carrier Sensing stands for? What does it mean?
  78. Who sends Autonegotiation FLPs first in a link at 1000BaseT

  79. What is the voltage used in ethernet lines (UTP Cables)?

  80. What does the naming convention for ethernet standards mean: 1000BASE-T , BASE-TX, BASE-SX, etc.? What is the meaning of the components of the name?
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