1. CSMA/CD Confusion/Misunderstanding
  2. Different router with different speed
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  4. Whats the difference between VTP and DTP

  5. Understanding VLAN tagging

  6. Effects of CAT6A UTP cable being terminated with a CAT6A FTP RJ45 module
  7. What is the correct way to determine SFP+ Direct Attach cable compatibility between switches and NICs?

  8. Can a UTP cable use CSMA/CD?
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  12. Ethernet Cable Orientation

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  15. Multi-drop Cat5e/6 Cable?

  16. Flexibility of a UTP cable

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  19. When is "grounding" a concern when running Cat6a cables?

  20. Will Cat6 make a difference

  21. Poor bandwidth after re-coupling an Ethernet cable

  22. Why is the 100base-TX maximum distance unchanged from the original specification on better cable?

  23. Where are UTP cable speeds defined for Ethernet?
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  25. Only 100Base-TX full-duplex over a 25m CAT 5e cable
  26. How to create Ethernet cables when I cannot figure out color of cat 5e cable wires?

  27. How might I test layer2 latency over ethernet without a target IP address?

  28. EHWIC-1GE-SFP for Cisco 1941

  29. How does telnet work
  30. 'Copying' UDP Broadcast to Specific IP Address?

  31. Verifying 802.3 auto negotiation

  32. Assign IP address using Router and Switch (DHCP)
  33. What document or standard designated ffff.ffff.ffff as the Ethernet Broadcast MAC address?

  34. Wago PLC - assign IP address/factory reset

  35. How does DHCP assign an IP address?
  36. Unable to ping but wireshark shows packets

  37. Why can't two hosts (in two different logical networks) connected to each other through cross-over cable communicate?
  38. STP / Why one end is in BLK state?

  39. Wireless access point to switch connection

  40. Full Duplex and Collision Domain

  41. UDP Over Ethernet - Where exactly and in what order will the UDP information show up in the payload of my Ethernet frame?
  42. Do I need Auto-Negotiation in 1000BASE-X Ethernet if I have a point-to-point link always at 1 Gbps?

  43. Does coaxial cable transfer data both ways?

  44. Fibre vs Copper short Distance

  45. How are layer 2 broadcast handled
  46. Why preamble is not considered a part of the Ethernet Header?
  47. LACP and how to configure switches correctly
  48. How 2 computers with different speeds communicate

  49. How does Ethernet Switch ensures the validity of the MAC address table?

  50. How is data sent from multiple different sources (computers) to the same destination host (computer) on a local network is handled by switch?
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  52. How to find UDP ports
  53. Upgrading our Network to Managed Switch with Internet Routing

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  55. Would it theoretically be possible in an Ethernet Network connected through a hub for many devices to send data AT THE SAME using multiplexing?

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  57. MRP State Machine Table Parsing
  58. Cisco Router 1002f Sfp Port to Cisco swtich c3750 gigabit port
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  61. Are IP source and destination fields necessary on LAN?

  62. Does the source MAC address of a frame change when it passes through several switches?

  63. Why one of the pairs on Ethernet is not adjacent?

  64. Would multiple connections to a network make the connection faster?

  65. Can normal CAT6 be buried?

  66. What does it mean if an Ethernet Card has two RJ45 ports?

  67. What is likely to occur with the frames addressed to x, if x is disconnected from the switch. then reconnected on another link?
  68. Using different NIC vendors on a LAN - does it make a difference?

  69. What is the reason for the different order of the Source and Destination in a L2 header?

  70. Is it acceptable to run Cat 6 along the top of lighting trunking?

  71. Are modems needed to connect routers?

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  86. Software defined system

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  90. Is either T568A or T568B more predominant than the other in general, or does it depend on the region?
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