1. Is it possible to reliably transfer data faster than 1 Gbit/s over Cat 5e cable?

  2. Why does a copper cable with higher frequency signals attract more attenuation?
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  12. Mixed Use Four-pair Cable

  13. Multiple POE over a single cable
  14. Is it common for rackmountable servers to have fibroptic input and output? or is it cat 5 and you have to convert after?
  15. How to repair a break in a long Cat-5e cable run

  16. Is it possible to carry POTS and gigabit ethernet over the same Cat 5e/6 cable?

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  55. What is the purpose of twinax cables and how does it differ from straight through and cross over cables for the connection of unlike and like devices?
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  64. An easy yet effective way to test if existing network cabling will be ok for GbE?

  65. Is it possible.. Partial Duplex: 100mb one way & 1000mb the other

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