1. How to solo over chord changes on guitar?

  2. Grouping Syncopated Notes
  3. Does the dominant chord change its function if you add 11th interval?

  4. Why are the instruments listed 'in F' or 'in B'?
  5. Why are key signatures like E# and B# necessary?
  6. Using multiple scales in ONE Song

  7. Explaining the harmony of Wagner's Wanderer motif
  8. Have things in music theory changed in the last two decades?
  9. My piano teacher always tells me that I don't practice enough. I say I don't practice the right thing enough
  10. What is a simple way to determine the notes in a scale?
  11. Can VI have a dominant function?

  12. Harmonic and melodic minor chord function

  13. Why does the chord progression (i-)#IV-i sound acceptable?
  14. How could I create a musical vocabulary based on a group of similar classical pieces?

  15. Question on blues chords

  16. Is there any rules to choosing appropriate drum pattern for a melody?

  17. Why are there twelve notes in an octave?

  18. Is a minor 6 chord still called that way if the 6 interval is minor?
  19. How do jazz musicians pick chords and scales?

  20. Should I practice minor scales by knowing relative major?

  21. Theory on a major chord in the song Vincent

  22. What is the difference between swung notes and triplet notes?
  23. Do advanced musicians still practice scales every day?
  24. Proof of the sentence regarding Hz to cents formula

  25. Why is there a "G" marked on an augmented octave in Scarlatti Sonata K466 in F minor?
  26. How does "triplet feel" for eighth notes affect non-eighth notes?

  27. Confusion about mixing major and minor pentatonic
  28. Understanding the relationship between keys, scales, and chords

  29. How to learn for the best results?

  30. Abbreviations for dominant seventh chords

  31. "Romantic Harmony" example; Why does it work?
  32. Combining chords from relative keys
  33. Is there a word for this technique? If so, what is it?

  34. Transcribing Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen

  35. Recommendation music study books for intermediate
  36. How does AMEB exams mark melody writing?

  37. How to decode midi to csv
  38. How do I count this piece?

  39. Is a dominante flat 9 chord also a diminished 7 chord?

  40. Changing key in a song convincingly

  41. What is the proper name of the dash symbol over a note and how to play it

  42. Too many Dotted Notes per Measure
  43. Why is Bonse Aba beamed the way it is?

  44. How to count odd tuplets?
  45. What scales to play over A minor blues?
  46. How long does Grade 6 music theory take?

  47. What is the difference between syncopation and poly-rhythm?

  48. Dominant transferred in into a minor key and a major key

  49. Dominant seventh

  50. Why is "Despacito" so successful?
  51. How can I explain a hemiola to someone who knows nothing about music?

  52. On turkish Makams possible combinations

  53. Computer and electronic softwares for professional musicians and composers
  54. What is the texture to this Prelude by J. S. Bach

  55. Song is described as C# is this C# major, minor or?

  56. How to determine what key changes are appropriate?

  57. Which notes are optional in jazz chords?
  58. Skipping Grades Music Theory
  59. Lili Boulanger: Prelude in D-flat major: manuscript interpretation

  60. Major scale of one note is the Minor scale of another note?

  61. What is the Key of 'Cuts Like a knife'

  62. Why pianists change ruin their nice melodies in the continue?

  63. Why you need a rest here in this score?

  64. What is the time signature of this piano rhythm?
  65. Is a root, an octave, followed by a 5th a EsusAdd5
  66. Playing complex chords on a 6-string guitar
  67. Looking for some harmonic justification of chord progression: F G Bbm --> F?

  68. Why do we have key signatures as they are? Could a key with unconventional accidentals make sense?

  69. Is the dominant tone of a major scale halfway in frequency between the tonic and octave?

  70. Why does the dominant chord contain a flattened 7th?

  71. Why is the Phrygian Dominant Scale thusly named?
  72. Voice crossings and voice leading measures

  73. What is the difference between a dominant scale VS a mode?
  74. Cadences for Modes
  75. How to start now Guitar and Music Theory Or Guitar Theory

  76. Why is the key signature not the same as the listed key?
  77. What is Voice Leading?

  78. Piano and Theory Terms- Syncopation?

  79. Minor subdominant in a major key

  80. Music theory book for classical guitar learner

  81. Why did composers write atonally?

  82. Should you return to the original key?
  83. How do I own the music?

  84. Why have I never found any music written in the key of C Sharp Major?
  85. What is the difference between sharp note & flat note?
  86. Can a dotted eighth note delay be applied onto a piano piece?

  87. Open/Close Position Chords: What I am missing?

  88. is it necessary to learn notation or how to read staff paper for making music?

  89. Writing single voice melodies

  90. What is an Italian sixth?
  91. What is concert pitch?
  92. The meaning of Coda

  93. In going over some old guitar music theory notes of mine, i found this. What does it mean?

  94. What characterizes American folk music?
  95. After one semester piano course, continuing piano as a self-learner, but the music is unmotivating me. Any advice?

  96. Is Skrillex's "Bangarang" a Rhapsody?
  97. Feasibility of practising music for a person who are almost tone deaf?

  98. What is forward momentum?
  99. ("Natural"?) Scales.... How many are possible, etc

  100. How would I find time signature in a Math Rock song(without much resource besides the song)