1. Trills, Tremolo and forearm movement on the piano

  2. How do you call that moment when you suddenly raise your pitch really high for barely a second?

  3. Left hand bass technique
  4. How do you play vibrato on the Violin?

  5. Why do we use such different picks for guitar and oud?
  6. How should I approach this section of Beethovens Op2 No1

  7. Sound of Octave-Tremolos

  8. Fingering for piano arpeggio

  9. Zedd - Spectrum arpeggio fingering help?

  10. What is the definition of 'playing in the pocket'?

  11. How is pitch controlled when executing a left-hand pizzicato on a violin?
  12. Correct octave technique

  13. Proper way to hold 3 chamber ocarina?
  14. How to count odd tuplets?

  15. What are the music techniques, software used in performance
  16. Carl Flesch or Galamian for cello

  17. How to make vocal growl less airy?

  18. Strange notation in a Chopin waltz

  19. Overblown octaves on a tenor recorder

  20. What cello technique used in titles of "The Night Of"

  21. Classical vs. Flamenco techniques ... differences?
  22. What is the violin technique in this video called?

  23. What Phaser is used at the beginning of "Rooster" by Alice in Chains?

  24. How do I own the music?
  25. Could Charles Valentin Alkan play his own compositions?

  26. What are some technical considerations for transition from violin to cello
  27. How do I play this part in 'Alouette'?

  28. C Minor Chord on a Chromatic Harmonica in the key of C

  29. Soprano singer who 'hoots'

  30. How Should I Extend My Range Higher As a Bass?

  31. Practice to avoid mistakes or practice to cover mistakes
  32. Should fingers always play perpendicular to the keys?

  33. When singing, how to avoid being distracted by vocal harmony or other vocal lines?

  34. Which C hole to use in the modern chromatic harmonica?

  35. Can a Big Muff Pi With Tone Wicker maintain middle tones and be the only fuzz/distortion pedal on a board?

  36. Is Playing Classical Guitar with Fingers PI a Bad Habit?

  37. How to reach the lower notes on a B-flat tuba?
  38. Why was Brahms's music considered 'too academic'?
  39. How to play this part clear and coodinated?

  40. How did they manage to make this song feel speeded?

  41. Dead notes mixed in with other notes or Chords

  42. Which tones or sounds can be made with a cajon?

  43. What Are Some Techniques For Fast Classical Guitar Runs?

  44. How should I practice?
  45. How do I make sure that my wrists are loose?
  46. How to play this on a piano

  47. Notey Left Hand

  48. How to reduce screeching "string noise" when playing the guitar

  49. What's the origin of using the cup-stacking-girl shouting "OH MY GOSH!" in dubstep mixes?

  50. Slapping Violin Strings with bow

  51. Can I play pipe organ as a pianist?

  52. How do you call the technique where you slap the bow against the string?
  53. Finger Picking vs. using a Pick on Bass Guitar
  54. What are the pros and cons of Traditional Grip vs. Matched Grip for snare and drumset?
  55. How to play power chords without fretting hand getting tired?
  56. What can I do before buying and learning violin?

  57. How do you transform tune or hum in your mind to actual music on guitar
  58. How to achieve the "Flexible Wrist" that is necessary for smooth long bows?

  59. How to play the dynamic correctly?
  60. Scraping my index finger on frets
  61. Tips on playing quietly/gently?

  62. How to transition from rough vocals to clean vocals?

  63. Singing rock/hard rock. how to get it back?

  64. Jazz improvisation theory
  65. Name of fifth organ manual
  66. piano - playing freely with sharps or flats

  67. Playing Separately with Hands and Feet on Drums
  68. Should I raise previous fingers off of my violin's fingerboard?

  69. 2-5-1 Jazz progression and modes

  70. Can't stop thinking about fingers

  71. How do I play this slur in 'Cockles and Mussels'?
  72. How to play to a backing track (Bass)?

  73. How to play five finger one note trill on piano
  74. How to exercise my fingers in extreme bending when playing piano?

  75. Bowing exercises confusion

  76. Double tonguing on flute
  77. a flute question - low B status
  78. How do I get my flute to sound clean?

  79. How should I practice the piano piece Fantaisie-Impromptu?
  80. Learning chord inversions
  81. What is the difference between upstrokes and downstrokes while strumming a guitar?
  82. How can I increase my note reading and finger strength?

  83. Piano intro dissection of Ella and Louie's I Won't Dance
  84. How to play the piano using less than ten fingers
  85. How do nails affect playing technique in classical guitar?

  86. Not sure if I am playing the Sonatina in G correctly on the piano.

  87. Glissando: white notes or black notes?

  88. Playing a classical piece at full speed

  89. Determining fingering for complex arpeggiations
  90. Programme for box chord charts
  91. What is the difference between flams and drags, and flam drag?

  92. How do you master the art of phrasing in piano songs, especially the ones composed during the Romantic era?

  93. What are the dos and don'ts of positioning your thumb on a guitar?
  94. Breaking doublestops for Baroque music

  95. How do I develop a good vibrato?

  96. Piano music with two treble clefs, and notes between staves

  97. How do I go about playing 32nd notes?
  98. Why is it difficult to switch over from acoustic to electric guitar?

  99. Is there a name or common usage of this piano damper pedal effect?

  100. Is there a name for the notes leading up to a target note?