1. Is it possible for me to learn piano very very good if I start at this age (26) ? If yes, how long would it take?

  2. My piano teacher always tells me that I don't practice enough. I say I don't practice the right thing enough

  3. How to keep the tempo still stable?

  4. Should I practice minor scales by knowing relative major?

  5. Do advanced musicians still practice scales every day?

  6. Is there a way to mute a specific instrument on songs so I can play that part with my instrument?
  7. Strategies for learning all 60 seventh chords in root position (5 qualities in 12 keys)

  8. How do I count this piece?

  9. I am bored with a metronome, should I get a drum machine?

  10. French counting system

  11. How do you avoid mindless practicing
  12. What value does practicing have without paying attention to what you do?

  13. Is playing some interesting tunes as good as 'practicing'?
  14. need help to figure out equipment needed for a silent rehearsal room
  15. Drums: kick drum substitute for practise at home

  16. How do I own the music?
  17. Singing what you're playing vs playing what you're singing
  18. Lost direction in practicing drums

  19. Baritone or Bass? and how to extend vocal range

  20. Do I over practise?

  21. Practice to avoid mistakes or practice to cover mistakes

  22. When singing, how to avoid being distracted by vocal harmony or other vocal lines?
  23. Practicing rhythm with clapping and singing

  24. Guitar, tapping one handed Chord Shapes

  25. How to gain finger strength for guitar?

  26. How can I build my finger strength when I am not practicing?

  27. How should I practice mallet percussion?

  28. How to play this part clear and coodinated?
  29. Fingers don't feel thinnest strings well
  30. How can I avoid making unpleasant facial expressions when playing difficult chords?

  31. Which tones or sounds can be made with a cajon?
  32. Recommendations for beginner chord practice

  33. How to minimize the pain for a beginning guitar student so they won’t give up before they develop callouses?
  34. Learning from real pieces
  35. How to play this on a piano
  36. Can someone help me get rid of my bad habit of not being able to play except from certain spots?

  37. Practicing Jazz on Alto Saxophone
  38. Notey Left Hand

  39. Working through George Lawrence Stone's stick control book

  40. Basic low-end Bass setup for a student

  41. What can I do before buying and learning violin?

  42. How to do doubles?

  43. Do concert musicians encounter silly mistakes during practice?

  44. What do I do when I feel lost when practicing a piece?
  45. Practice for skill maintenance with busy life

  46. Is it dangerous to sing an entire song in falsetto?
  47. How to transition from rough vocals to clean vocals?

  48. How do I become a better electronic music producer?
  49. Piano practice exercises

  50. Jazz improvisation theory
  51. Playing Separately with Hands and Feet on Drums

  52. Sharp fingertip pain from guitar fretting

  53. How do you determine if you're ready to join a band?

  54. Can't stop thinking about fingers
  55. Fingerings for minor and major blues scales
  56. Am i underperforming or there is a such thing as overpracticing?

  57. Muscle Contraction and Numbness on Fretting Hand During Guitar Exercise

  58. Advice for quick learning of heavily arpeggiated pieces? (piano)

  59. Is a digital or acoustic piano a better option for a beginner (sound and feel)?

  60. How do I get my flute to sound clean?
  61. I want to learn how to sing. Where do I start?

  62. Do you always count?

  63. The simplest way to generate a drone note or chord on the Mac
  64. Moonlight sonata: tact 37

  65. Proper way to practice piano
  66. How to learn many musical instruments?

  67. Counting Demisemiquavers (32nd notes)

  68. Correct way of practicing Giuliani's 120 right-hand studies
  69. How do I approach music theory practically?
  70. How do I master melodic dictation?
  71. How to develop better finger timing consistency?

  72. Determining the chord progression of a song
  73. electric guitar gear: amp or interface?
  74. How to practice bass drum without pedals
  75. How much Hanon?

  76. Best drum sticks size for practice pad?

  77. Do modes have a purpose on-stage?

  78. Location within form

  79. What to call drum player VSTs as opposed to drum machines?

  80. I want to join a Barbershop Quartet. How can I prepare myself?

  81. Strategies for practicing similar passages?
  82. How do I develop a good vibrato?
  83. Is there any way for my to become a better judge of my playing? Especially while I'm playing
  84. How do I go about playing 32nd notes?

  85. How do I improve my sense of rhythm? Off beats completely throw me off

  86. The importance of playing with other musicians
  87. Is it customary to put a natural symbol on notes if the same note in a different octave is sharp?
  88. How does one improve on his/her drumming technique without owning a drumset?

  89. i've lost my way and i need help finding the way back

  90. In Oboe is it necessary to use the left pinky when playing F, D without a slur

  91. How to get to a better level at playing guitar

  92. Will I be able to overcome from having spring like movement of my pinky finger while playing guitar?
  93. Do rest days aid in developing strength in facial muscles used by brass players?

  94. Does learning multiple instruments synergize musical skill?

  95. 10,000 Hours Regime - Drums

  96. How to practise a long but difficult passage

  97. How to maintain an existing repertoire of performance-worthy compositions?
  98. Is it better to practice singing scales a cappella (with a tuner) or along with an instrument?

  99. is my sight reading approach correct

  100. Trumpet - Is it bad practice to transpose tunes down for your register?