1. Grouping Syncopated Notes

  2. Which direction to play chords cello
  3. Why are the instruments listed 'in F' or 'in B'?
  4. Strum Patterns Indicated On Sheet Music

  5. How to notate popular/contemporary song structures?
  6. Why note B is marked with H in Scandinavia and Germany?

  7. Reducing staff numbers in LilyPond

  8. Beethoven's Tempest sonata: tie or slur?

  9. How to make hammer on in Sibelius 8
  10. Too many notes in measure
  11. Why could notes like this be marked as C(add2)?

  12. What does H.V. mean in music notation?
  13. Engraving rules for lyrics (Word "didn't")

  14. Why is there a "G" marked on an augmented octave in Scarlatti Sonata K466 in F minor?
  15. LilyPond tie doesn't work as expecting with two voices

  16. Does an accidental apply to all octaves?

  17. How does "triplet feel" for eighth notes affect non-eighth notes?
  18. Notes don't add up to time signature
  19. Does this measure make sense?

  20. Are there unicode characters for double sharp and double flat?
  21. How do I count this piece?

  22. How many bars can a clarinet sustain?
  23. What is the proper name of the dash symbol over a note and how to play it
  24. Elfen lied OP- Lilium, Transcribed by TehIsher

  25. Why is Bonse Aba beamed the way it is?

  26. How do you play Stacked notes

  27. Ledger Lines vs. 8va notation
  28. Strange notation in a Chopin waltz

  29. Can one's musical ‘ear’ be trained with practice and dedication?

  30. Why you need a rest here in this score?

  31. Repeat a piece of notes with different instruments
  32. Small note above a normal-sized note

  33. Using Pedal For Two Part Writing

  34. Unknown notation - thick horizontal bars between notes

  35. transcribing a pause smaller then a measure

  36. What are the small ">" signs above the notes?
  37. What do "Uber" and "Plexi" mean in an electric guitar part?
  38. What is the difference between sharp note & flat note?

  39. Guitar tab reading

  40. Note that is played along with another chord
  41. Roman numeral chord notation in minor scale?
  42. is it necessary to learn notation or how to read staff paper for making music?

  43. How can I change slur from above to below notes when switching staff in Lilypond?

  44. How can I make Lilypond start lyrics on the very first note?

  45. What is the idea of "transposing by perfect unison"?
  46. Drum charts - Using bar repeats and adding variations
  47. What symbols indicate the major chord, besides the root note alone and "maj"/"major"?

  48. What are parenthesis used for in notation?

  49. What does this note - B# - mean?
  50. what does chord "Co" or "Fo" etc., mean on an accordion
  51. What do the letters above the piano staff represent?

  52. Should two quarter rests always be written as half rest?

  53. Music database design and availability
  54. Chord spelling help for piano arrangement

  55. Transcribing a Standard MIDI File to sheet music
  56. Meter and time signature headache
  57. Many, seemingly random time signature changes
  58. What meaning has fingering when written "x"?

  59. Roman numerals above string instrument notes

  60. Why does a minor sixth chord contain a major 6th interval?
  61. Cleaning up difficult arpeggios

  62. What are some interesting ways notes and chords are spelled in cultures outside of the U.S.?
  63. Where can I find multi-instrument sheet music

  64. Difficulty on deciding when to use grace notes

  65. Is it fair to say the treble clef is optimized for piano?

  66. How would you notate a non-accent?
  67. Do any undergraduate theory textbooks explain Gregorian chant notation?

  68. What is the origin of the up bow and down bow symbols for bowed string instruments?

  69. How do you call the technique where you slap the bow against the string?
  70. Ties vs voices for notes of different length

  71. How do do I play these parts on piano?
  72. Can somebody explain this manuscript to me?
  73. Is there a way to notate synthesizer music?

  74. Restricted usage of repeat-measure sign

  75. Proper way to notate a half measure rest in between sections
  76. Why is this C played as an A flat?

  77. Rhythms notes for didgeridoo

  78. What is this square bracket between staves?

  79. Alternate measures in a repeating passage

  80. What is this third staff in G clef and how am I supposed to read it?

  81. What is this musical notation: 0 vertically centered on staff after a barline?
  82. Why would you write music in 4/8 instead of 4/4?

  83. What does a cross mean in lyrics?
  84. Why is this Fermata over a double bar line?
  85. Why is C the base note of standard notation and keys?
  86. Is there any practical difference between 3/4 and 3/8 time?

  87. So, what does this tenuto mark mean in Bernstein's piano music?

  88. What does "Mm." in this case mean?

  89. If the time signature changes, does the key signature change as well?

  90. Notes not adding up to time signature?
  91. How are 13th chords with alterations "shorthand" written?

  92. What does it mean when two notes are stuck together?

  93. Compound time to simple time
  94. Compound time and tempo indication in quarter note

  95. What is name of the Latin Rhythm that goes 1 2, 1 2, 1- BOOM! ? -- as in, "We love Mildred Mil - LER"?

  96. Priority of Da Coda vs. Repeat sign

  97. Two adjacent notes of same pitch seemingly occupying the same beat?
  98. What does this mean (the treble clef part) and how to play it?
  99. The same dynamic indication repeated?

  100. What are all the themes in the finale of Mozart's symphony 41?