1. When is a note flat/sharp?

  2. How can I determine which chord to play?

  3. Three ways to harmonize a note with a triad?

  4. Max acceptable key range in piano chords?

  5. What is chord Dm5b

  6. How to play this short of thing with this chord structure?

  7. Why does the guitar F barre chord have the low E string muted?

  8. Difficulties with Stradella Bass System on Accordion
  9. Strengthening finger playing F barre chord
  10. How can I learn about reasons for choosing different ways to play a chord?

  11. Guitar Playing Barre chords

  12. Performance over correctness?
  13. Why is the 7th of e.g. GMAJ7 an octave darker than scale degree 3 and 5?

  14. New to Music and need understand on chords

  15. How do I correctly borrow chords from one key to another?

  16. Is the diminished chord not as relevant as the other diatonic chords?
  17. Analysis of borrowed chords in Lush's "Single Girl"
  18. Analyzing Hisaishi Joe's Song "Reprise"

  19. Confusion about blues scale and chords
  20. Why do Major keys contain minor chords?

  21. Triads in any scale
  22. Is there a common name for this common chord progression

  23. Chord sounding weirdly/ how to read those notes (Piano)

  24. How do I find a closely related key to C minor?

  25. Improvisation from four notes in a hat

  26. E7 F chord progression in key of C

  27. Writing interesting accompaniment rhythms

  28. How to practice all chords in a certain key and have it sound musical?
  29. Best approach/technique/workflow in transcribing harmonically complex music?
  30. If the bass moves chromatically is any chord progression possible?
  31. What is the '+' symbol mean in a chord?

  32. What chords should accompany descending bass notes in a scale?

  33. How should I notate this chord?
  34. What is it about the blues chord progression that makes the blues feel?

  35. Should I remember the diatonic chord names of each scale?
  36. Right way of playing piano chords - knuckle (finger), wrist (hand), elbow (arms)

  37. Does Vm7 in minor key function as dominant?

  38. Which roman numeral should I use for F# diminished chord in the key F Major?

  39. Analyzing Joe Hisaishi's "Neko Bus"

  40. Soloing using Phrygian Over Minor Chord progression

  41. Why is a C7 chord named a dominant seventh chord?

  42. Analyzing Hisaishi Joe's "Path of the wind" 2

  43. Negative harmony: What does it mean to "rotate around the axis"?
  44. Why do we only build 7th chords on the supertonic and dominant of a major scale?

  45. basics of chord learning in guitar
  46. How to play the bass and chord on piano?

  47. I want to be able to reproduce songs on the piano
  48. Are left hand chord patterns influenced by the time signature?

  49. Find notes by chords and key

  50. What's the proper technique for fretting chords on a guitar to prevent hand cramps?
  51. Improvising blues chords

  52. Backing track chords Eb saxophone

  53. Guitar - What are Cadd9, Dsus4, etc?
  54. Multiple chords overlap in modal interchange chords from different modes

  55. Why does Indian Hindustani or Carnatic music not use chords?

  56. Hearing Chord Progressions

  57. Help identifying this chord with many accidentals

  58. I want to use a modal interchange chord but I can't find which mode/scale I'm borrowing it from

  59. What chord would this most logically be thought as?

  60. What makes a chord minor, major or diminished?

  61. How to play E major first inversion smoothly with the right hand on the piano/keyboard
  62. What are the chords in this bridge's cadence?
  63. Jazz Theory: ii-V7-I Progression
  64. How do I tell which power chords go with a key?
  65. Naming convention for augmented 6th chords

  66. Why is the C♯ chord in B minor diminished?
  67. What is a "Circle of Fourths" chord progression?

  68. Beatles - Because: Chord progression
  69. How do I interpret this chord progression chart?
  70. Old Books with chord progression charts or matrices?

  71. Modal Interchange chord progression (bVIIM7 moving to IM7)
  72. Chord naming conventions: add2 versus add9
  73. "Drop voicing" How useful it is?

  74. What does two chords notated above one another mean?
  75. Having some trouble with piano fingering

  76. Why do these chords not have these repeated notes?

  77. How do you build a major chord?
  78. Does the key signature change how I notate a diminished seventh chord?

  79. Program that hears from Line in on PC
  80. What are the names of those jazz chords

  81. What is the name of this type of chord?

  82. When playing doublestops, can they be inverted?
  83. Mirror chords theory

  84. Other name for D minor on C

  85. Why does the dominant chord contain a flattened 7th?
  86. Why is the first inversion of a C Major Chord very rarely used on guitar even though it is easier to play?

  87. How to use bIII in music composition?

  88. How do I choose the type of chord for an specific scale?

  89. Simple little questions about available (ex)tensions

  90. How many chords exist in total?
  91. A little music theory question regarding chord progressions
  92. Chord progression if the chords are not part of the scale?

  93. To what degree do professional pit band guitarists follow the chord charts for pieces?

  94. How do I make funk rhythm guitar sound fuller and nicer?

  95. Why do jazz chord symbols give absolute, not relative, roots?

  96. How do I play stacked notes?
  97. Can an arpeggio be multiple chords?

  98. What key fits with the chords Em7, F#m7, and B7#5?

  99. What usually follows an Augmented major seventh chord?

  100. How do I manage internalizing foundation for chords, scales, hamonies and voicing