1. What are the names of those jazz chords

  2. What is the name of this type of chord?
  3. When playing doublestops, can they be inverted?
  4. Mirror chords theory
  5. Other name for D minor on C
  6. Why does the dominant chord contain a flattened 7th?
  7. Why is the first inversion of a C Major Chord very rarely used on guitar even though it is easier to play?

  8. How to use bIII in music composition?

  9. How do I choose the type of chord for an specific scale?

  10. Chord Progression, Key, and Voicings for Rockhouse Part 1 and 2 by Ray Charles?

  11. Hearing Chord Progressions
  12. Simple little questions about available (ex)tensions

  13. Roland BK-5 Chord

  14. How many chords exist in total?

  15. A little music theory question regarding chord progressions
  16. Strengthening finger playing F barre chord

  17. Chord progression if the chords are not part of the scale?

  18. To what degree do professional pit band guitarists follow the chord charts for pieces?
  19. How do I make funk rhythm guitar sound fuller and nicer?
  20. Why do jazz chord symbols give absolute, not relative, roots?

  21. How do I play stacked notes?

  22. Can an arpeggio be multiple chords?
  23. What key fits with the chords Em7, F#m7, and B7#5?
  24. What usually follows an Augmented major seventh chord?

  25. How do I manage internalizing foundation for chords, scales, hamonies and voicing

  26. Harmonical analysis of Fm D♭ E♭ B♭

  27. Having trouble understanding my homework
  28. Software for testing chords?

  29. Are left hand chord patterns influenced by the time signature?

  30. How to analyze a song?
  31. Improvisation from four notes in a hat
  32. Can you help me find the harmony for the following melody?

  33. What are 5 and 6 note chords called?
  34. What chord is formed by the open strings of a guitar in standard (EADGBe) tuning?

  35. Superscript j7 for minor chord

  36. What do you call a minor triad with a 4th in the bass?

  37. Which chords trigger a romantic feeling?

  38. How do I analyze this altered dominant chord?

  39. Analyzing Hisaishi Joe's Song "Reprise"
  40. What are the primary (or most common) chords of the minor scale?
  41. What's the difference between arpeggio and broken chord?

  42. Do power chords have some kind of function/meaning?
  43. Need some help with perfect fifth power chords

  44. Forming piano arpeggios/accompaniment for a particular song
  45. Minor major seventh flat five chords: do they exist, and if so, how should they be used?
  46. Improvising chords when playing blues
  47. How do experienced pianists sight-read chords?

  48. Are there any pre-20th century examples of an augmented 6th chord with a leading tone?

  49. Music sheet for piano, with two clefs, whats the reason for additional chord symbols?

  50. Why do notes have multiple names?
  51. Meaning of numbers under bass line in BWV 51 mvt.3 (maybe chords?)

  52. what does a chord/chord mean? like V/V or something
  53. Chords of Chopins Etude Op. 10 Nr. 1

  54. Roman Numeral Chords with Slash

  55. Can a chord contain both the C and C♯ notes? (as opposed to containing C and D♭ notes)

  56. Is there a 5-7♭-1-4 chord?

  57. What is this common left-hand arpeggiated pattern?

  58. Programme for box chord charts
  59. Why do we only build 7th chords on the supertonic and dominant of a major scale?

  60. Is Ab-D-Eb a sus4 chord?

  61. Are E1 A1 C2 and A1 C2 E2 the same chords?
  62. Learning to master keys by using association with music

  63. A#sus4 or A#add11 Chord?
  64. Examples of Key changes outside of classical music

  65. Why do chords have different notes on different scales?
  66. What does the '°' notation signify?

  67. How to figure out which scale to play a specific chord in?

  68. How do you properly define diminished 9th, 11th and 13th chords?

  69. Tips for a keyboard player learning piano
  70. How to know which key a song is written in with the same key signature?

  71. What is the a way to borrow a minor #3 chord into a minor scale?
  72. Can a song contain pitches outside of its intended key?

  73. How to improve technique on a C chord for the banjo?
  74. Why make minor 7th chords with 2nd and 3rd fingers?

  75. How to compose a new song when inspired by existing song?
  76. Why does the chord progression (i-)#IV-i sound acceptable?
  77. I am stuck on barre chords
  78. A flat note or a sharp note

  79. What is the purpose of suspended chords?
  80. Why do many songs in major keys use a bVII chord?

  81. Does the bass note in a "slash" chord really have an associated interval?
  82. Is this chord a Maj6 (no 5) or inverted minor triad?

  83. Why does the A♭–C–F♯ augmented sixth chord resolve to G?

  84. Tritone substitution chord as an altered dominant ninth chord

  85. Sharp 5 or flat 13? Sharp 9 or flat 10?

  86. Significance of pop songs with progressions that alternate one chord with one that's three semitones below it

  87. Nomenclature of diminished chords within diatonic harmony

  88. How should I target learning chords?

  89. Confused about how to know the chord progression for each scale

  90. Drop D power chords

  91. Question on blues chords

  92. Four note chord?

  93. Why could notes like this be marked as C(add2)?
  94. Detect piano notes and chords

  95. Combining chords from relative keys
  96. Playing (Barre) chords up the guitar neck

  97. Help me with accordion
  98. Which diagram is correct?
  99. Are there any enharmonic chords?

  100. Is it normal for my forearm to hurt after playing a series of wide chords quickly? (Piano)