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  1. Ableton instrument group: Updating mapped values when changed within VST

  2. Why are key signatures like E# and B# necessary?

  3. How can I get popular Mariachi scores in MIDI, XML, Sibelius, Finale, etc format?
  4. Why are the instruments listed 'in F' or 'in B'?
  5. Just beginning to learn piano, need some help

  6. Is C > Am > Em in the key of E minor or in the Key of E phrygian?

  7. Trills, Tremolo and forearm movement on the piano
  8. String Instrument Bowings
  9. Male Whistle Register?

  10. Which wind instruments do not change pitch when blown harder?
  11. Automating Alchemy pad segments in Logic Pro X

  12. Which direction to play chords cello

  13. Midi keyboard key count

  14. Chord Sequence Am-G-C-D in Tony Rice's Shenandoah

  15. Is it possible for me to learn piano very very good if I start at this age (26) ? If yes, how long would it take?
  16. Solid cedar acoustic - is damage near sound hole of concern?

  17. Using multiple scales in ONE Song
  18. I can't edit marker text in Logic Pro X

  19. Ever since I took AP music theory I have been singing songs in solfege in my head
  20. What sort of setup do I need to record reasonable quality singing and guitar playing?
  21. Explaining the harmony of Wagner's Wanderer motif

  22. Should notes on music sheet be numbered? Grade 1 piano

  23. How necessary is an USB Audio Interface?

  24. Alesis SamplePad resets itself / possible ground loop?

  25. I can't sing unless I'm singing along to someone else
  26. Can I use the German sixth chord to modulate to another key?
  27. Strum Patterns Indicated On Sheet Music

  28. Have things in music theory changed in the last two decades?
  29. control arranger track cubase with MIDI
  30. Guitar: Left-handed or Right-handed?

  31. Whats an easier instrument to play than trumpet, with mouth, but still a brass instrument?
  32. Block Inserts Compatibility
  33. Left hand bass technique
  34. Ibanez S7420 ZR2-bridge not flush with body anymore, I can't fix it

  35. How should I target learning chords?

  36. Does anything (permanently) change in brand new brass instruments after playing them for a period?

  37. My piano teacher always tells me that I don't practice enough. I say I don't practice the right thing enough
  38. is there a name in music when the melody changes the chord name or function?

  39. 2 drum stools broken in 2 years, both the same way at the stem, is that normal?
  40. Vocal recording with DJM 600 + Traktor Audio 6 + Mic

  41. How do you play vibrato on the Violin?

  42. Vintage Les Paul: Upgrade?

  43. How to notate popular/contemporary song structures?

  44. What is a simple way to determine the notes in a scale?

  45. Could a group of musicians play a new piece by sight-reading on first attempt?

  46. Delay pedal keeps setting very short delay

  47. Confused about how to know the chord progression for each scale
  48. Can VI have a dominant function?
  49. Why did Xenakis compose music that 'hurt' listeners?
  50. Why did Ligeti write a melody for the horn, if he believed melodies forbidden in modern music?

  51. Logic Pro X: keyboard shortcut to move the playhead to the begining of selected region
  52. What is the effect of "Conglomerising" your percussion?

  53. Beginner books for music appreciation for music-theory illiterate adult

  54. Does a SSS standard strat sounds the same than an HSS One with the 5-way switch on the 4th position?
  55. How to remember high E on Guitar for tuning
  56. Why note B is marked with H in Scandinavia and Germany?

  57. Piano mordent with two notes
  58. Logic Pro X - How do I enter a triplet rest in the score editor
  59. Possible just to use USB for midi information?

  60. I am stuck on barre chords

  61. Is there Brutalist Music composed after 1900 that doesn't hurt the listener?

  62. Is Xenakis's dissonant music intended to express his personal sufferings and torments?

  63. How does ignoring the math behind Xenakis's cacophonously dissonant music, affect your reaction to it?

  64. Reducing staff numbers in LilyPond

  65. Harmonic and melodic minor chord function
  66. Bass chord progressions in "Killing me softly"
  67. How to play rock and roll piano

  68. Beethoven's Tempest sonata: tie or slur?
  69. Why does the chord progression (i-)#IV-i sound acceptable?

  70. Why isn't there a reed aerophone with valves?

  71. Nomenclature of diminished chords within diatonic harmony

  72. Do I need a teacher to learn violin?

  73. How to add rest above a note in Lilypond

  74. What's the difference between a junior guitar and a normal guitar?
  75. Right handed drummer on left handed drum set?

  76. Using a microphone through a guitar amplifier

  77. Writing a Strange Ukulele Tune - Need Chord Help :)

  78. Why do we use such different picks for guitar and oud?
  79. Who decides on "doo-wop" syllables in a cappella music?

  80. Baldwin MCX-88 Digital Piano key remove/replace
  81. Note frequency fluctuation after fretting down the note? (electric guitar)
  82. Need help with multi out BFD3 in Ableton 9.7.1

  83. How could I create a musical vocabulary based on a group of similar classical pieces?

  84. Struggling to switch chords when fingerstyle / arpeggio

  85. DAW Plugins with Multiple Instruments

  86. Notes become silent after move in logic
  87. Drop D power chords
  88. Question on blues chords
  89. Is there any rules to choosing appropriate drum pattern for a melody?
  90. What is this effect called?

  91. Define Apoggiato

  92. How should I approach this section of Beethovens Op2 No1

  93. Can't find Quartet song in different language than English?

  94. Notes sound wet on Saxophone

  95. Playing fingerstyle with short or long nails

  96. Difference between Roland HP 601 and 603 digital piano

  97. Open Source Sequencer with "identify beat" function

  98. Singing standing vs. sitting
  99. Voice type question
  100. Four note chord?