1. What is the purpose of a film leader on a digital production?

  2. Is this character in The Last Jedi a puppet, CGI, or a mixture of both?
  3. Did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" cause controversy for CBS due to its religious content?

  4. How/why was the slow motion coin shot achieved in Scrooged?
  5. Did they build a helipad just for the movie?
  6. Direct recording while shooting
  7. Why director of 2017 "It" decided to oversexualise Beverly?

  8. How did Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides become the most expensive movie ever made?

  9. Why does the boom operator have to hold the boom mic by hand?
  10. Does the serialization of popular series help, or hinder, the production of new IPs in the same genre?

  11. Do they really finish plateful of food?
  12. Are the "shock" double firings in The Apprentice pre-ordained?

  13. Millennium Falcon interiors, exteriors, and models
  14. Was Thor: Ragnarok supposed to have darker tone in start of production and changed later?
  15. Were four actors initially cast for the role of Tony in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

  16. Was this really the original lineup for the Justice League animated show?
  17. Why is the Big Brother called Bigg Boss in India?

  18. Why does Ash never win a Pokémon League championship?

  19. What comes first, the music or the take?
  20. Why were Stargate's subtitles redone?

  21. Difference between Digital Rights and Satellite Rights?

  22. Original script details of Flesh and Blood

  23. How were VHS tapes typically mastered?

  24. Why did they pick Lacrosse and not football?

  25. Why did Warner Bros spend $25 million to CGI out Henry Cavill's mustache?
  26. Why did the ending change in the Fight Club adaptation?

  27. How is a movie production organized?
  28. Did they deliberately release the new Justice Leage film on the same day the Justice League animated show was broadcast?
  29. Why Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid?
  30. Who makes the most (as an individual) from a typical blockbuster movie?

  31. How do they shoot the shotgun scene?

  32. Was the Chai Sutta Chronicles season 2 retcon pre-planned or is it based on response to the prequel?

  33. What is the significance of making Eddie a hopeless virgin?

  34. Is it plagiarism if 2 heroes from 2 different movies have same power
  35. Why does the Amazing Spider Man not have the natural power to shoot web?

  36. How do productions like Stranger Things or other similarly "not modern but still within recent memory" productions acquire period props?

  37. Just how is a movie/film piece certified?

  38. How close is Masters of Sex to the actual events?

  39. What was 1969's La caduta degli dei (AKA The Damned) original language?

  40. Why is the break-even point for movies usually twice the budget?

  41. How are scenes shot in burning buildings?
  42. Why did Game of Thrones only have 7 episodes in season 7?
  43. Why do movie teams shoot alternate endings?

  44. Why are portraits of David Crockett and Sam Houston on the wall in Naked Gun?

  45. Why weren't the police cars in their official colors?
  46. Why weren't actual NFL teams used?
  47. Physiological changes in Klingons between Star Trek TNG and Star Trek Discovery

  48. Why do movies in theaters not have recaps?

  49. How often do Bad Robot television series reuse sets/filming locations for completely different in-universe locations?
  50. How do they cost effectively film the scenes where James Franco plays 2 roles?

  51. Star Trek TOS reputed episode budgets
  52. How do film producers and crews film movies based on entire or just a proportion of towns and cities (real cities and towns)?
  53. How does movie music staff know all the less known songs?
  54. Why is it that most movies seem to be created in cooperation with some unknown studio?
  55. Are (literal) cliff hangers still used as cliffhangers?

  56. Why are "audience decides what happens"-movies not a thing?

  57. Why are plot holes the most common mistakes made in movies?
  58. How are answers judged on Dutch TV quiz show "De Slimste Mens"?

  59. Do they really drink or eat when shooting movies?

  60. How does Quentin Tarantino write dialog for a language he doesn't speak?
  61. Why did Disney go with Netflix to air their Marvel's Defenders' series?
  62. Why do some TV scenes include many sex scenes when it obviously leads to worse ratings?
  63. How are films dubbed into different languages?
  64. How do film makers record the President of the United States?
  65. How exactly are subtitles and closed captions written for movies?

  66. What is a B-Roll?
  67. Why are they avoiding showing Arys Oakheart's face?
  68. How does the first assistant camera focus if the director is pointing the camera?
  69. What is "distorting wide angle for a medium shot"?

  70. Is there any CGI used in Dunkirk?
  71. Was Roohdaar intended to be the replacement of Hamlet's father's ghost?

  72. Was there a TV show that returned for another season after declared as finished?

  73. How are movies shot on film cut and edited nowadays?
  74. Who decides which VFX studio will work on a movie?
  75. Why is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. going with a less popular version of Ghost Rider?
  76. What were the production reasons behind S05E19 of Stargate: Atlantis?

  77. In movie production, what exactly happens on the other side of phone calls?

  78. What is the reason behind the multiple Spider-Man reboots?

  79. Why were the names changed in the final draft of The Lost Boys which refered to characters from Peter Pan's story?
  80. Why were there Sylvester Stallone movie references?

  81. Were Chekov's scenes reduced in Star Trek Beyond?

  82. What happens to actor salaries around seasons 6-7 of a show?

  83. What prevents contestants from collaboration with a planted buyer during the sale phase?

  84. How much did Apple pay to product place the iPod in Baby Driver (2017)?

  85. In dubbed films, what language is spoken if the character says something in the dubbed language?

  86. What process does a production company have to go through in order to obtain a 'high profile' actor/actress?

  87. How do movie crews film/control babies and toddlers at the same time?
  88. Has there ever been a movie that was cancelled after the trailer was released?

  89. Are the pranks in the TV show Impractical Jokers staged?
  90. Why is there an iPhone in "All Eyez On Me"?

  91. How did South Park achieve to match the outcome of the 2016 presidential election?
  92. Is Lady Stoneheart's absence from the show explained?

  93. What was Europa Report's budget?

  94. Why did they pick World War I over World War II in Wonder Woman?
  95. Is the story of the Prince of Persia movie purely based on the titular video game?

  96. How was the voice acting done for Grand Moff Tarkin
  97. How are scenes with cannabis plants shot?
  98. How does the budget breakdown for a US TV season compare to a UK TV Season?

  99. Is the Bachelorette scripted?
  100. How are dual-role films shot?