1. Can't they access cookie's memories directly or it was done for getting confession in White Christmas?
  2. Is Alice also immune to undead's bite?

  3. Does Joe get captured in Shanghai because of revealing his intention to the future guy?

  4. Who is Greider's father?

  5. Designated Survivor Vice President
  6. Uncle Elroy's bedroom scene?

  7. Who snuck the books on board the Millennium Falcon?
  8. How did Ethan Hunt know Max's email id?
  9. Clarification about closing a loop in Looper

  10. Was Inspector Villiers part of the cover-up conspiracy at East Proctor?
  11. How could the children know about the events at the end of The Last Jedi?

  12. How does this apparition happen?
  13. Explanation of Bollywood movie No Smoking (2007)

  14. In the movie "Sleepers", what exactly does King Benny do?

  15. Do King Benny and Fat Man know the whole story?
  16. Why doesn't the Ice King's crown affect Jake?

  17. What does Dr. Ana Stelline know in the movie Blade Runner 2049?
  18. Why didn't the First Order track Leia?

  19. Who is responsible for sabotaging the car?
  20. What is Stef doing in the opening credits of Goonies?

  21. What was the significance of the pentagram?

  22. At which dream level did Inception end?
  23. How were they able to track them easily?

  24. Why did Frank think that the waiter was Richard Pryor?

  25. When did Palpatine know he was going to pursue Anakin Skywalker to be his new apprentice?
  26. How did Jim and Alfred know that the guards weren't real?

  27. How did Luke disguise what he does
  28. Why do people call Morgan Freeman's character Red?

  29. Why is Alan considered to be a loser?
  30. How did DJ know this?
  31. Need some clarification on the Gremlins “after midnight” rule

  32. Why did Spud sign off the EU money to Veronica?
  33. How did Leia manage this feat?

  34. Why do chipped people obey A.L.I.E?

  35. How loud is the boom when a ship appears in the space?

  36. Was this how the Knights Of Ren were formed?

  37. When Iriden 3 get blown up in the Dark Matter timeline
  38. Why did Watson hallucinate?
  39. Why did Eleven say goodbye to Mike if she knew she could go back?

  40. How did the baby get a transfusion without compromising beliefs?

  41. What is the purpose of Max's brother Billy in Stranger Things 2?

  42. Memories related to 'Oh My Darling Clementine' in the movie Eternal sunshine

  43. Why does Quint blow the Orca's engine in Jaws?
  44. In the "300" movie, in the final battle, Why didn't Leonidas kill Xerxes?

  45. How was Mitch Emhoff immune to the disease?
  46. Which worse thing was Luke expecting in Star Wars: A New Hope?
  47. How accurate is the depiction of the KGB?

  48. Why are the children disappointed to see that Dory is alive?

  49. What does Francis Underwood's ring mean to him and why does he bury it?

  50. Explanation of the events at the end of Fight Club?
  51. Why didn't the Council of Ricks wage war on (and destroy) the Galactic Federation?

  52. What are the differences between two climax of Solo?
  53. Why is Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! so confusing and unresolved?
  54. Wall Street 2: Nationalisation

  55. What was Hans Gruber's plan in Die Hard?
  56. What is the significance of purple in the dream world of Sally?

  57. Who manufactured the corrupt Intersect and deposited it in the castle?

  58. What does Viktor Navorski say to Milodragovich in Bulgarian?

  59. Why does Tommy wear a hockey mask in the end of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning?
  60. Why was there no flag over Buckingham Palace when Diana died?

  61. How does Bev know she's leaving across the country after encountering IT

  62. Why didn't the Father see blood in the movie It (2017)?
  63. Could Rick Sanchez C-137 be prosecuted for impersonating his alternative self?

  64. Taken - "I can tell you I don't have money"
  65. Why didn't Graff or Rackham lead the Second Fleet?

  66. How can Chae Young-Shin Drive at the end of Healer

  67. Why did she suddenly turn on the agency?

  68. How did the gallery owners mistake the watercolored fake as a Pissaro?

  69. Training Day, the meaning of that snail story

  70. How did Batman see The Flash stumble?

  71. Why would anybody pay the toll if an alternate road already exists?

  72. Why did It not do this to The Losers?
  73. Are there any details regarding Polly's death?
  74. Why is Tommy shooting at the fourth wall?

  75. How did Jimmy retrieve Clyde's arm?
  76. How can I link The Ring Two (2005) and Rings (2017)?

  77. Why killing other humans in the Walking Dead?
  78. Where did the horses come from?

  79. Can Allen survive under the water without oxygen?

  80. Why does Farrier land his plane like this?

  81. What is the deal with Elle's and Budd's accents?
  82. Why leave King's Landing now?

  83. How come the Unsullied are overwhelmed so easily?
  84. What explains Jaime and Bronn's fate after the supply chain battle?

  85. Why did the Machine need the souls of the Numbers?

  86. Why did Wilson Fisk not take advantage of the situation?

  87. Why didn't Germans simply set Fury on fire?

  88. Would Chris Gardner have gotten in trouble if he'd been caught "jumping up the list"?
  89. Why does Monica slap her Kit Kat bars in Season 6 Episode 15?
  90. Why does the water hang from the ceiling in an underground cave?
  91. How could the lady who redeemed Bill know what was up?

  92. Why are the power rangers so concerned about their identities in *White Light Part II*?

  93. Why does Rita Repulsa always show up with water droplets?
  94. Why is the white ranger's transformation different in Power Rangers Dino Thunder?

  95. How did Darth Maul trace the Queen/Jedi back to Tatooine?
  96. Why did they go to visit the first water planet in Interstellar?

  97. Why does Will know Morse code?

  98. Why Doesn't CLU Visit Flynn Earlier?

  99. Did Jack Starks regain his memory after being shot?

  100. Why did Syrena help Jack Sparrow?