1. How come Wanda can overpower Vision?
  2. What's the building Harold Meachum lives atop?

  3. What was with the giant location titles?
  4. Do the Infinity Gems spell out Thanos?
  5. Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 jump gate scene?

  6. Why did Wilson Fisk not take advantage of the situation?

  7. Are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts back together?

  8. Are there any more instances of MCU characters crossing over into Non Marvel Entertainment properties?
  9. Why didn't Billy Russo delete records of the Anvil mercenaries

  10. Can Loki control Vision?

  11. Is Surtur under Loki's mind control?

  12. Does Thor lose certain powers without his hammer?

  13. Was Thor: Ragnarok supposed to have darker tone in start of production and changed later?

  14. How can gods be affected by their own power?
  15. How does Captain America know about Iron Man's parents' fate?

  16. Can I watch Daredevil (2003) and Punisher (2004) without spoiling the Netflix series?
  17. What films to watch before Avengers: Infinity War for better understanding?

  18. Does the eternal flame reanimate only evil people?

  19. Why did Frank Castle save the kid during the robbery?
  20. Can Thanos change his color?
  21. How did Tony Stark know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

  22. How did Veronica get from Earth's orbit to Johannesburg in a matter of seconds?

  23. In MCU, despite Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor, why aren't aliens actively engaged with Earth society?

  24. What happened to Ultron in the climax of Age of Ultron?
  25. What actor has played the greatest number of unique Marvel or DC characters in movie adaptations?

  26. Where did the Inhumans end up on Earth?
  27. Captain America Winter Soldier fight scene strangeness

  28. How was the helicopter scene from Captain America: Civil War filmed?

  29. What scene in Full Metal Jacket was the "Ann-Margret" joke in Netflix "The Punisher" referencing?
  30. Why did SHIELD trust Zola?

  31. How was Hulk able to speak fluently in Thor Ragnarok?
  32. What happened to Odin in Thor: Ragnarok?
  33. The equation between Thor and Loki?
  34. What happened between Odin and Loki after Dark World and Ragnarok
  35. What does Steve Rogers mean in this dialogue?

  36. Thor: Ragnarok's end credits scene
  37. Does Heimdall already know about the prophecy of Ragnarok?

  38. How was Age of Ultron's post-credit scene even possible?
  39. Timeline of Doctor Strange
  40. Was Matt Damon’s role in Thor:Ragnarok purely due to his role in Dogma?

  41. What are all the faces on Grandmaster tower in Thor: Ragnarok?
  42. Why didn't Hulk transform to Banner for 2 years?
  43. What is the significance in Hawkeye and Widow for the team?
  44. Significance of the number 142 in the name of Valkyrie's Sakaar name?

  45. How old are Thor, Loki, Odin (and Asgardians) in Earth years in Marvel movies?
  46. Does Marvel universe have more than 9 realms?
  47. What's that “Sun’s getting real low…” lullaby thing to calm down the Hulk?

  48. Will Thor lose his powers?

  49. Why does Thor keep saying this to Banner?

  50. Meaning of Scrapper 142's words to Thor
  51. Was "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." planned after "The Avengers"
  52. What are the origins of the name 'Malekith'?
  53. How did Loki survive at the end of Thor?

  54. What lead to the fights between Iron Man and Captain America in Captain America: Civil War?

  55. What is new Thor's form?

  56. Magneto's Children in Avengers and X-Men

  57. Is it plagiarism if 2 heroes from 2 different movies have same power

  58. How did Trish's mom gain custody of Jessica?
  59. Can Asgardian Gods die?

  60. What is the meaning of the cameo of the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor?

  61. How did Ultron come to be in the Sceptre?

  62. What is the exact relation of Hela to others?

  63. How did Kaecilius get set free?
  64. Did Black Widow really trick Loki into revealing his plans?
  65. Danny's phone in Iron Fist
  66. Was the Winter Soldier inspired by Sky High?

  67. How Hela can hold or break Mjolnir?
  68. What type of Audio we listen after Peter existing Vulture's car?
  69. What is the movie that Spider-Man says is "Great movie!"?
  70. Is Captain America getting new shield?

  71. What God do Gamora and Nebula believe in?

  72. Ant-Man, shrinking, and weight
  73. What is the metal brace on the prisoners arm?

  74. What was with the two different colored prison uniforms in Daredevil season 2?

  75. Why do the other 3 members of the Defenders have such a hard time believing in dragons?
  76. Is the movie 'Doctor Strange' related to any of the Marvel movies?

  77. Why did Yondu need Groot to get his Fin back if he said he controls the arrow with his heart?

  78. How did Whiplash know that Tony Stark is going to the racing track?

  79. How did S.H.I.E.L.D. know about Dr. Strange in Captain America Civil War?

  80. Significance of Peter Parker's ringtone

  81. How did Thor know the Power stone was in play?
  82. Does Elektra know who she is from the beginning?

  83. Why is the actor who plays Davos not East-Asian and the one who plays Bakuto not Japanese?

  84. How did Ant-Man manage to get big again?
  85. References to a certain real life actor in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?
  86. Iron Man further movie plans
  87. Why does Luke appear in Jessica Jones and Jessica doesn't appear in Luke Cage?
  88. Why would Groot protecting the other Guardians kill him?

  89. Why did Danny Rand break the wall?
  90. How did Bakuto come back if the substance was already used up to resurrect Black Sky?

  91. How many times did Dr. Strange loop?

  92. What do members of the Hand mean when they say "To serve life itself"
  93. What is the one thing that the elders of K'un-Lun value above all else?

  94. Why is this person not affected by bullets?

  95. Is that Luke's T-shirt Claire gave Danny to wear?
  96. Have there been other cinematic crossovers like the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

  97. Is the expansion of Ego's seed referenced anywhere else in MCU?

  98. What pop culture reference is Jessica Jones making?

  99. Why did Disney go with Netflix to air their Marvel's Defenders' series?

  100. Why doesn't Ego know that Groot is by his brain/core?