1. Techno-spy TV show/TV-movie from the mid-1980s, almost certainly Canadian or Can/US co-production

  2. Movie or TV show with a flamethrowing badguy and a deathtrap car that raises taunting signs

  3. TV show about man transforming into animals
  4. 1990s sci-fi tv show with invading humanoids and dull crosshatched eyes
  5. Scifi/supernatural TV show about two kids (brothers or friends) in a weird town
  6. Identify movie: The set is a space crew on a space station and war starts on earth

  7. Sci-fi/paranormal TV show from the 90s to 2000s - Female investigator
  8. Series with "dark" hero riding futuristic bike

  9. Pre-2006 movie/series about a kidnapping with a character possibly named China
  10. TV short horror stories from 90's

  11. Movie/show about interracial relationship and drugs
  12. Name of old sci-fi show - man on a deserted planet, looking for a woman
  13. TV series about a man who scammed his fiancée

  14. TV episode about patient who has revenge on plastic surgeon who botched his/her surgery

  15. Pink bird and turtle travelling in time?

  16. Crime tv series (older than 10 years) with stone circle
  17. 90's or 00's show/movie - Teens with super suit

  18. Identify anime robot show from 80s/ early 90s, song sounds like Silver Surfer?

  19. TV-Show: Time travel with group of different times. Fork-like tool used as weapon

  20. Plane crash survivors stuck on a creepy island
  21. 80s / 90s Sci Fi movie or show about aliens/monster that look amish

  22. Comedy sketch satirising excessively complicated British train tickets
  23. Identify 80's "horror" film with elements of Hell on earth and an astronaut savior
  24. TV show about stories where host told "Imagine, Imagine a story!
  25. 80s/90s TV show with hero with abilities similar to Unbreakable?
  26. Television show similar to Supernatural

  27. Animated series about a woman who had a mechanical arm
  28. Miniseries featuring an upside down ziggurat-shaped spaceship

  29. One-eyed, tentacled aliens that disguise themselves as humans
  30. Inspector space time

  31. Random cartoon from the 90s?
  32. Sable Ranch Dragon's Head set/prop?
  33. What British TV series featured characters fighting over an alligator doll?

  34. Cartoon in which Donald Duck tries to stop another duck from committing suicide

  35. TV series where a boy moves to a weird town with an episode where an angel statue cries
  36. An episode from an old horror series with human sacrifice

  37. Please identify a series in which some teens meet in the night and tell horror stories

  38. One-season comedic satire about a modern Hollywood producer

  39. Very old animated show taking place in the insect world

  40. Episode From Old Sci-fi TV Series
  41. Cartoon similar to Transformers, with two gangs, good and bad

  42. Tv show about kids traveling parallel worlds to find their dad

  43. Woman trapped in her house by dead alien's forcefield
  44. Identify Kids Time Travel TV Show
  45. TV Mini Series with people that control Elements

  46. 1980's young-adult Television show - crashed alien ship (possible A.I)
  47. Looking for possible Hercules legendary journeys episode

  48. Spiritual/religious tv series about mystical investigations

  49. Identify this animated series with the animal fighters which transforms

  50. TV series, a blonde lady talks every day with a stranger on the phone

  51. Show with car going over cliff into the (actual) Grand Canyon

  52. Sci-Fi movie, about binary code, aliens, and headaches

  53. An animated movie about a black horse, set in early British industrial revolution
  54. '80s Aquaman tv-series?

  55. Sci-Fi series from the '80s, maybe older

  56. Looking for the name of a children's Sci-fi film series in the late 90s to early 2000s
  57. Comedy movie/TV show featuring a lactating girl convincing a boy to consume her breast milk
  58. Movie or TV show from 70's or 80's about a (Russian?) scientist? with brain replaced by a computer
  59. Sci-Fi movie playing in start and end of Seinfeld episode

  60. Sci-fi episode from the late 50's or early 60s about an isolated couple and magic food
  61. An American TV series about human-like aliens
  62. Fight breaks out in a restaurant, Hitler salutes in the background
  63. TV show involving a town where only the kids and adults up to age 21 are alive

  64. Retired gentleman that solves people's problems

  65. Kids TV show on Animax with a red bird

  66. Looking for an old tv show featuring tiny caricature red haired boy with human blond girl

  67. Help identifying TV show/movie with disabled kid and angry father

  68. Name this TV show with a fat policeman with beret

  69. Identify an old (Russian?) Cartoon. "the 3 ____"
  70. Identify this educational Japanese cartoon show
  71. Zombie movie with evolving zombies - ability to run & speak

  72. "Sex" sci-fi TV show from the 90s about a girl in her spaceship

  73. Animated apocalyptic sci-fi movie from the 70's or early 80's

  74. Comedy (Arabic?) about school teacher adopting her boyfriends' lifestyles
  75. Miniseries where a man and woman investigate supernatural happenings in a small town
  76. 90s TV show about paranormal cases with host with a ponytail

  77. Identify a movie/tv show where aliens look human but speak by croaking
  78. British TV series about shooting at school

  79. TV-series, 1980s, British, city, working-class-people, apartment-block, fall from window, children taken

  80. Old cartoon where a boy with a skeleton friend in a baseball cap battles monsters

  81. Mystery show where an airplane disappears

  82. Movie (maybe show?) where clinic is held hostage for adult son who dies

  83. Team freezes various people in apartment building

  84. Need name of a classic Sci Fi episode, involving a soldier frozen in time saving a woman?

  85. What is the name of the movie in which eating and toilet taboos are reversed
  86. Aliens disguised as school children learn about humans in retro TV show

  87. Looking for the name of a science fiction/horror movie or possibly series where a girl is slid head first down a narrowing tube

  88. A show about a woman released from prison who works in a hotel
  89. People wake on spaceship, computer lies to each person, he/she was the only survivor

  90. What was this TV movie featuring Peter Ustinov and a space ship?

  91. Early 90s sci-fi show with a race of mutants

  92. One scene - Lithuanian guy, window cleaner remotely deleting files on computer

  93. Identify a 90s show about ruthless careerist

  94. Movie\show with futuristic soldiers and a flashback scene

  95. Early '90s horror/thriller movie/tv show - guy's head and arm trapped by closing electric car window

  96. Scene from a TV show with two men talking and one of them summarising Star Wars in a funny way

  97. Identify this late 80s, possibly early 90s stand-up special with a comedian who sings "I don't care."

  98. Anime where pilot phases through a mountain to reach his mecha
  99. TV series about a suburban town digging up a space ship?

  100. Identify this British miniseries about a scientist