1. What UK TV show featured characters travelling between parallel universes?
  2. What is the name of the cartoon where the apocalypse occurs in 1994?

  3. Identify this British comedy TV Show about a couple having their niece and nephew stay over which featured in the Mid 90s
  4. 2000s TV childrens animated show - young girls with name like gemstones

  5. B&W Movie or tv show about a painter who builds some device to paint for him
  6. Asian rom com about secretly wealthy man falling in love with regular/ poor women who doesn't know he's rich
  7. Searching for a sci-fi mech anime from the early 2000s

  8. Identify a TV show/episode like 'Black Mirror'
  9. Racing cartoon show

  10. Unknown animation dark, pair of creatures, losing their home, acoustic guitar background music
  11. I am searching the title of a movie which I believe was something like "Treasure Planet" but not the one from 2002
  12. 2000's movie or TV episode about a young couple being kidnapped by criminals
  13. Car racing cartoon where main character goes to a training school and they race through another dimensions
  14. True Crime Series

  15. What show/movie has a killer that cocoons its victims in webbing then turns out to be an alien. 80s/90s
  16. What movies and TV shows are in this website's banner?
  17. Name of a 90s UK sci-fi show involving alien invasion
  18. Kids show involving a guy named "Nathan"

  19. I'm searching for the title of an episode film or the title of the special episode - genres: mystery / horror / science fiction

  20. Children's tv show with robot and imagination
  21. Late 90's Mecha Anime on Cartoon Network
  22. TV show about man transforming into animals

  23. 1990s sci-fi tv show with invading humanoids and dull crosshatched eyes
  24. Name of Comedian and Show/Special-Early 90s
  25. A movie about wichcraft, a secret cult and a girl trying to find and save her missing mother

  26. Anime where kid has monster servants

  27. Identify X-files like tv show
  28. Character contracts shapeshifting demon

  29. Movie or TV show with a flamethrowing badguy and a deathtrap car that raises taunting signs

  30. Animated Kids TV show about hunting monsters aired around 2000-2005?
  31. Black-haired androgynous Victorian swordswoman duels a middle-aged man in palace and ruins, blocks a sword with a rock, on Cartoon Network
  32. Name of a cartoon about an american family

  33. TV program based in electrical shop which set fire with the manager and employee on the roof
  34. Children’s action show involving kids helping robot animals
  35. Guy who dates/hooks up with a lot of women, divided into parts by the women's names, was on Netflix around 2016-2017

  36. Synthy TV Theme song from the late 70s
  37. Do you know the name of this True Crime TV series - Looking for the episode also

  38. identify a 90s cartoon about characters falling through vertical stripes to a lower dimension

  39. What is the name of this late 90's / early 2000's dance TV show

  40. Movie or TV series about Robbery
  41. Cartoon show Japanese with 2 (male and female) heroes and 3 villians

  42. Army bootcamp or military academy tv show

  43. Early 90s cartoon about video game characters working together
  44. Identify cartoon with little animals looking for their family who was at a reserve
  45. Movie where a girl tells a boy "I hope you die" during a camping trip, he goes missing, and they find him dead
  46. Jungle adventure miniseries from the late 80's early 90's?

  47. Fuji TV Japanese detective/murder mystery series from early 2000s
  48. Scifi/supernatural TV show about two kids (brothers or friends) in a weird town
  49. Anime where mecha is controlled by a boy playing an ocarina
  50. 1990's Twilight Zone-esque show for kids
  51. 5 minute cartoon before main show started - Channel 4 UK - Early 90's

  52. TV show: his roommate is a divorced puppet with a drinking problem

  53. Female detective TV show on HBO or Showtime between 2007 and 2008

  54. British series, 2/3 parts, probably around 2004-7, people gradually being killed because of childhood incident

  55. Looking for a TV Show Based on a Children's Book

  56. Identify movie: The set is a space crew on a space station and war starts on earth
  57. 2000s teen sitcom episode - boy becomes addicted to RPG, two girls intervene

  58. TV series similar to Hot Wheels World Race

  59. Sitcom: small group of innovative coders vs huge, uncreative corporation

  60. Anime/Live Action about people using robot/mecha to fight monsters/aliens
  61. 1-hour or so long TV Episode about a being in a volcano
  62. Identify old color movie where a storm destroys a coastal house and guy in it who refuses to leave
  63. Sci-fi/paranormal TV show from the 90s to 2000s - Female investigator
  64. Movie about a lady telling a story about rabbits
  65. Show where participants had to act like spies or thieves

  66. Anime TV show with a scene where vampires having a bloody fight till one of them dies

  67. Mystery episode or movie about a man investigates time travel related cases
  68. Series with "dark" hero riding futuristic bike
  69. Animated film/show with man's journey of reverse civilization to an extent that he goes naked and hunts for food
  70. 90s UK kids show - possibly time travel related

  71. A film about an evil/possessed piano that kills people and eats cats
  72. Forgot the name of the film. Teen rides a motorcycle and becomes a hero
  73. Graduate-like ending for Route 66?
  74. Cartoon involving weird/alien creatures and a character who mutates to resemble them
  75. Animation about an inescapable land of pleasures
  76. I'm trying to identify a TV show as well as a specific episode dealing with psychic abilities

  77. Looking for BBC(?) Children's Series about Modern Pentathlon

  78. 1970s-1980s Paranormal Show

  79. Old documentary about human evolution

  80. Animated series that tells stories based on fairy tales by Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen and others

  81. I'm looking for a certain animated series (no not anime)

  82. Cartoon movie about three kids running away from something evil
  83. Episode where a family is trapped inside a house

  84. Pre-2006 movie/series about a kidnapping with a character possibly named China
  85. 1990s sci-fi/horror film or episode where device lets women look into an underwater parallel dimension
  86. Children's educational show - Canada, french language, teaches biology, UFO
  87. 2006 documentary about stranded Tasmanian soldiers and cannibalism

  88. Documentary about people who torture

  89. British mini series set in 18th century
  90. 60's TV show about an alien investigating human behavior in a creepy house
  91. Gangster Television Show Identification
  92. Identify an educational program where the speed of light is calculated with a cheese pizza
  93. TV short horror stories from 90's

  94. Searching for the name of a 70s/80s teenager scifi TV series/film with funnel-eared aliens/robots, europe
  95. TV-series about a man getting an item that made him look into the past
  96. Movie/show about interracial relationship and drugs

  97. Movie or TV show with unwanted electricity powers?

  98. Looking for a cartoon TV series with kids riding motorbikes in a desert-like area

  99. Animated series with female main character named Mimi when broadcast in Greece

  100. Cartoon show of the 2000's with episode about fashion?