1. Two foster kids talk (as captives) through an air duct between their rooms?
  2. Psychological thriller involving woman in disguise

  3. Identify this old movie about a traveller resting in a “magical” inn
  4. Movie or TV show with a flamethrowing badguy and a deathtrap car that raises taunting signs

  5. Movie about a white father being killed by a black man causing them to become skinheads?
  6. Identify this movie about Law Enforcement/ drug cartels
  7. Movie about restaurant where girl fall in love with chef, Language-English
  8. Movie about earth being frozen, protagonist saves the day with sattelite

  9. Kung-fu movie about a monastery forming fighters with a painful final test
  10. A movie about black activist whos ideas get turned down by racist radio producer only to become racist himself and get tortured and killed

  11. Hitman falls in love, woman likely not target, maybe met in blind date

  12. TV movie where an inconspicous truck transporting valuables is intercepted by terrorists in a dead radio spot
  13. A movie(European I believe) about a man wanting to die, but meeting a woman and changing his mind
  14. A European (non-English) movie about a birthday celebration that went wrong
  15. Teenage star lost in a city

  16. Identify this movie about a forest filled with killer trolls and a spell that is needed to free king Troll from a curse

  17. Transparent wall or Force field in the middle where planes, cars, birds hit
  18. Old comedy/spy movie where the heroine is a much better fighter than the leading man
  19. Horror/sci-fi alien attack found-footage movie

  20. Movie where everybody had a microchip implanted
  21. Teenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom
  22. Enormous robots invade Earth through lightning
  23. Movie where people play games of chance in a world where luck can be captured, bought, sold, and gambled

  24. Horror movie where buried people and animals come back to life
  25. Movie about ethnic massacre where hero played by famous African-American actor protects people in a big house

  26. Movie about huge spiders from some planet

  27. Movie with a completely irrelevant opening scene, where a dead old man eats soup

  28. Guy meets old friend, tries to steal valuable item from the friends house

  29. Husband decides to divorce her for a younger female, she doesn't let him leave, they end up together

  30. Movie about a toy factory and war toys?

  31. 80s - 90s Movie about school siege

  32. Alien artefact on spaceship turns crew member into a killer

  33. 90's action movie about two guys running away from evil organisation

  34. People's memories edited for funeral display

  35. What is the name of this Danish award-winning indie drama?
  36. 2000's Apocalyptic movie - man in a vault finds a butterfly?

  37. Movie about a girl who had another different life when she dreamed

  38. Father son and daughter on camping trip and father dies

  39. Romantic French movie about a gay guy acting in love with a girl for the sake of his parents?

  40. A Frankenstein Bride type movie
  41. Comedy-Horror movie about an apocalyptic world
  42. Cartoon movie where a kid travels to another world
  43. Fantasy Movie - Man who wants revenge

  44. 90s non-English spoken Demonology film from Europe; black mist, girl in a tub and guy at the library

  45. A not-so-well-known movie on virtual reality

  46. What movie opens with two scorpions fighting each other?

  47. Claymation with real eyes

  48. Movie about a chef couple and a little girl

  49. Movie about a teenage boy who commits vigilantism, the twist is his perception is skewed

  50. Identify movie about a mother and daughter trapped in their home due to a break in
  51. Kids find pirate treasure map

  52. Schoolboys sell insurance against canings
  53. Horror movie, father rescuing son from world found behind a mirror
  54. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in the same movie

  55. Young boy thought lost returns... or does he?

  56. What movie was this, with a wolf girl and neo-nazi midget?
  57. Love movie where a guy cheats on the female protagonist
  58. Movie with a Surprise Alien/Monster in a Mountain at the end
  59. Movie about frozen person who wakes up in the future

  60. Movie about multiple augmented realites, Utopias & Dystopias

  61. 2000s horror movie about a witch
  62. 1950s sci-fi movie about a trip to Mars

  63. Dark comedy about a doppleganger spirit/entity
  64. What was that horror movie where a priest is chopping a chocolate bar?

  65. Name of this movie that was filmed as a terrorist attack/civil war on an unknown city in the USA?
  66. In which cartoon (if any) did Bugs Bunny use the term "nimrod"?

  67. 80s movie about man who develops another identity and robs his father in law's bank
  68. Identify this movie about zombies whose head is cut off by an iron gear
  69. Movie about a girl who wishes or writes in a book for things to happen to people?
  70. Looking for a movie about a man in cryostasis trying to escape

  71. Thriller movie with woman afraid to leave her apartment
  72. Movie with a scene about how god answered character's prayers

  73. A movie about a man who discovers he is a character in a novel
  74. A movie about a cannibalistic football team

  75. Identify movie: The set is a space crew on a space station and war starts on earth
  76. Name of this somewhat sci-fi but also fantasy movie based on people on bikes with walls coming out behind them?

  77. Help me Identify a recent movie about isolation in the future

  78. Movie about a man murdering his wife and almost getting away with it

  79. Horror movie in the jungle with ants, centipedes and a big snake
  80. London gangster movie that came after Lock-Stock

  81. Movie where little boy disappears from his room after thunder strikes the house

  82. A movie in which aliens attack the Earth and destroy it, and then replace it with a new Earth
  83. Post-apocalyptic movie, non-English, with a depressing ending

  84. Mystery/thriller Hong Kong/Japanese Movie with students disappearing
  85. Old VHS horror movie where boy and mother and hunted by monster

  86. Chained up in the basement movie, comedy (maybe)?

  87. Movie about an apocalypse and five people
  88. Teen comedy movie from the 80's or 90's with a piano teacher

  89. Animated movie that aired on Cartoon Network about a world of toys

  90. Horror movie where cars won't start once turned off
  91. Movie with a super intelligent guy who learns Spanish in five minutes from a book and boasts he can levitate things

  92. Name of horror film about train and reality shift in tunnels?
  93. Which movie was referred in this scene?

  94. Looking for a "romantic" movie or tv movie from 80's to early 90's about a young photographer

  95. 90s horror film about teens trapped in a haunted house

  96. English horror film where mice kill people with scissor like weapons

  97. Movie about people social engineering their way into a building as part of a heist

  98. Identify this animated movie about humans, trolls/goblins, and villainous aliens?

  99. Japanese film. Man is staying with a girl at house. Turns out he's Yakuza and protects her from his former bosses

  100. Sci-fi movie about a gigantic Russian submarine