1. I know only one scene from an old movie I need the name

  2. What French movie featured a character repeatedly sent back to a fantasy land?

  3. Movie about earth being frozen, protagonist saves the day with sattelite
  4. Movie about a man fighting with a bull
  5. Identifying a couple serial killer movie, involving kids

  6. Identify this 90s-00s movie, where a guy is chased by a hitman
  7. Help!!! Like the Bratz Baby movie, but different

  8. Zombie Outbreak movie with a cure

  9. what movie is this

  10. Movie about people on nude beach
  11. Movie about a teacher (more than likely white) in an inner city black school.

  12. Kung-fu movie about a monastery forming fighters with a painful final test

  13. Really old horror movie about babies, can’t find out online

  14. A movie about black activist whos ideas get turned down by racist radio producer only to become racist himself and get tortured and killed
  15. Film about a kidnapped blind woman who has the code to build a telescopic sight for a rifle

  16. European Blackmail drugs movie 90'3 or early 2000's

  17. Film or Series with accelerated pregnancies

  18. Movie where guy beats someone with handful of car antennas

  19. Hitman falls in love, woman likely not target, maybe met in blind date
  20. Identify a movie about slavery and time travel

  21. TV movie where an inconspicous truck transporting valuables is intercepted by terrorists in a dead radio spot

  22. Need to know a hindi movie name thiefs became lovers with girls in that house

  23. A movie about two kids witnessing a murder but having to flee because the killer comes after the kids
  24. Movie in which the actress tries to stop a taxi by showing her breast to a driver?

  25. Movie with zombie young girl attacking parents

  26. Movie about a guy in the forest fighting some bikers

  27. Asian horror movie where group of friends get into an accident

  28. Identify this Asian movie featuring a very bizarre creature

  29. Looking for a Japanese movie about roommates with antisocial behaviors living together

  30. B&W Movie or tv show about a painter who builds some device to paint for him

  31. Help identify a Netflix movie about a lady locked in an attic.

  32. A movie that ends with a female in a hospital being told that her friend didn't survive
  33. 1970 thriller movie set in a large high-rise apartment in America
  34. Animation about a post-apocalyptic world, an ocarina, narwhals

  35. A movie(European I believe) about a man wanting to die, but meeting a woman and changing his mind
  36. Movie about a drilling on Earth thats ends wrong causing a part of earth flying away?

  37. Married man and salesman have very pleasant conversation after marital argument
  38. Movie based on a father's eulogy for his daughter based in early twentieth century

  39. British general orders artillery attack French allies

  40. Film (or TV Drama) Identification

  41. Looking for an old Disney / nick movie that isn't listed in forums I've seen?
  42. Trying to find B movie about evil guy time traveler from insane man

  43. Man predicts end of the world, escapes mental institution to return at the end

  44. Asian rom com about secretly wealthy man falling in love with regular/ poor women who doesn't know he's rich

  45. A European (non-English) movie about a birthday celebration that went wrong

  46. German Crime-Thriller with Showdown of Poisoned Schnapps on a Rotating Board
  47. Identify 80s/90s US kids movie where kid gets hypnotized by guy in VHS

  48. Help remembering name of a 70's slasher movie

  49. Identify this movie about rival gangs in the 1960s

  50. 1970's TV movie about a robbery with a heat-triggered alarm system

  51. Space Movie with one real apple

  52. Movie about an awful UK school, bullying & gangs

  53. Indian action drama movie about separated twins

  54. What movie had a nazi soldier force a mother to chose between her two children?

  55. Which film or show is this picture of Ben Turpin taken from?
  56. Identify this movie about ghouls in a desert and a car stonehenge

  57. Please help me find a religious-fantasy Indian movie involving a guy trying to marry a princess
  58. Teenage star lost in a city

  59. I remember vaguely about this movie - I saw some scenes from here and there during my childhood
  60. Psychological thriller involving woman in disguise

  61. Has anyone else seen this crime movie about a detective and a gangster's wife?
  62. Movie about a lady contacted by crooked police officers who pretend to help her
  63. Identify this movie about a forest filled with killer trolls and a spell that is needed to free king Troll from a curse
  64. WW II Film - Escaped prisoners capture a German Bunker
  65. Movie about a warrior who goes to the underworld

  66. Transparent wall or Force field in the middle where planes, cars, birds hit
  67. A poor man given security by PM. Hindi movie
  68. Help identify the Movie please
  69. Seeking specific human evolution documentary
  70. Old comedy/spy movie where the heroine is a much better fighter than the leading man
  71. A romantic drama about a terminally ill woman falls in love

  72. The movie in which heroine is kidnapped at beginning and at Ending of the movie where rescuing the heroine, hero had to gave up on his life

  73. Which movie has cars combined to form a robot (not Transformers)?

  74. I am searching the title of a movie which I believe was something like "Treasure Planet" but not the one from 2002
  75. 2000's movie or TV episode about a young couple being kidnapped by criminals
  76. 80s/90s martial arts movie where a character trapped in a shield wall has his feet cut off

  77. Mystery movie about children been murdered in the past
  78. What is this movie

  79. Horror movie where girl's dad is killed by people when young and she then kills their kids when she grows up?
  80. Futuristic movie with VR recorded from brainwaves
  81. Recent movie about alien invaders

  82. 90s movie where sheriff intimidates a guy with a coyote story

  83. animated film similar to Joseph:King of Dreams, but older

  84. Help finding out the name of this movie

  85. Identify this Short Film where a couple’s relationship plays out on an Answering Machine
  86. Looking for a movie name watched 20 years ago about assassination of a head of state?

  87. Horror with a girl getting tricked into thinking her parents are dead

  88. Looking for a movie from before 2008 about a car accident

  89. Please help identify old animated film, maybe anime film
  90. Horror/sci-fi alien attack found-footage movie
  91. What movie starts off at a theater in black and white?

  92. Movie about a boy who burns in a house and haunts his parents probably a 90s movie

  93. Title of movie from the 90s with dead girl under the surface of frozen lake
  94. Late 80s early 90s teen adventure movie

  95. Animated movie from early '00s about a boy transported to a toy world after being given special imagination-related powers by mistake

  96. Looking for a martial arts children's movie from I believe the 90's
  97. Movie where everybody had a microchip implanted

  98. Need help finding Lovecraftian sci-fi/horror movie title
  99. Help me identify this film - child paralysis
  100. Teenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom