1. Horror/sci-fi alien attack found-footage movie

  2. Movie about a girl who had another different life when she dreamed
  3. 90s non-English spoken Demonology film from Europe; black mist, girl in a tub and guy at the library
  4. Was the original Evil Dead meant to be funny?

  5. Horror movie, father rescuing son from world found behind a mirror
  6. What was that horror movie where a priest is chopping a chocolate bar?

  7. Identify this movie about zombies whose head is cut off by an iron gear

  8. Movie about a girl who wishes or writes in a book for things to happen to people?
  9. Old VHS horror movie where boy and mother and hunted by monster

  10. Horror movie where cars won't start once turned off

  11. Name of horror film about train and reality shift in tunnels?

  12. To what extent are child actors exposed to the violent aspects of the movie they perform in?

  13. 90s horror film about teens trapped in a haunted house
  14. English horror film where mice kill people with scissor like weapons
  15. European movie about body-controling parasites in the forest

  16. TV short horror stories from 90's
  17. Movie about a bridge accident, people dying horribly and premonition
  18. Horror Ghost Movie; Water dripping from basement knob
  19. TV episode about patient who has revenge on plastic surgeon who botched his/her surgery
  20. An 70s or 80s horror plotting a large serpent or dragon living under a mansion in deep hole or well or chamber and eats humans

  21. Horror movie about psychopath murderer parents who raise daughter to be perfect until little boy helps her out
  22. Trying to find the title for a black and white horror film with stage props coming to life
  23. Can anyone help me find this sci-fi/horror movie with guys backpacking and an invisible alien?

  24. Why ghosts are commonly visible to kids eyes?

  25. Movie where contestants have to kill one another for money

  26. Help identifying Evil Dead like movie
  27. What movie is this?

  28. Help me find this Science/Thriller movie involving an injured man and a mentally unstable woman

  29. Horror film where couple find a girl, who is unable to talk

  30. Movie with a man who lives in the wall and a home invasion
  31. Identify horror movie taking place in a psychiatric hospital
  32. A 50s/60s Horror B-Movie with a wobbly-spiked monster

  33. Is there a specific name for a character that is a sacrificial "example"?

  34. A horror movie about witch in the attic

  35. 90s B Horror Film about Splicing Human DNA with some fish DNA?

  36. Please describe the full deleted hell scene in Event Horizon
  37. Why is it 'Elm' in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'?
  38. 2008 Thriller: Party/ Ouija Board / Girl locked in a bathroom

  39. Do sound effects, specially in horror movies, use emotion initiating frequencies?
  40. An old couple kill some young strangers happily

  41. Chef is eaten and used in his dishes

  42. Post Apocalyptic and disturbing Anime from my childhood

  43. What was the first movie to feature fast moving zombies?

  44. What is the origin of the cat jump scare?

  45. Identify this horror movie about a person going to a mental hospital for work
  46. Stalker which is killing women

  47. Priest avoids turning into a vampire by exposing himself to sunlight

  48. An episode from an old horror series with human sacrifice

  49. Horror movie with teenagers in an abandoned asylum

  50. What is the difference between the horror and thriller genres?
  51. Is there a criterion to differentiate "thriller" from "horror"?
  52. Did any actor ever win an Oscar for their work in a horror movie?
  53. Movie where people are in bunkers and one of them goes mad

  54. Contaminated water horror film, army poisons vet to shut her up

  55. Why do people allow their children to sleep alone in horror movies?

  56. Woman trapped in her house by dead alien's forcefield
  57. Dead wife haunting her husband's new wife

  58. Horror movie set in an arctic research station

  59. Movie about a couple breaking into a white house and finding the family dead

  60. Boy in a toilet talking to an evil insect-like creature

  61. 2000's horror movie with a girl trying to escape with the help of a monstrous "guardian" creature

  62. Is there any term for the following subgenres of horror movies?
  63. Is there a term referring to the transgression that often begins a horror film?

  64. Why does fake blood in older movies look so fake?

  65. What movie involves a boy feeding monsters underground?

  66. How is a scene with head spinning 360 degrees shot in the movies?
  67. What movie involves ripping a woman's face off?

  68. Horror film about an escaped serial killer trying to save his girlfriend

  69. Why are dolls, teddy bears, etc. used as horror objects in horror films?

  70. Movie where a mom sees her daughter on the stairs, but then realizes that she has just drowned in the lake behind their house

  71. Which movie ended with the male protagonist's mother in the body of his girlfriend?

  72. Father moves family into house where previous family was killed, might be the killer
  73. Why do many horror movies involve children?

  74. Horror story writer moves with his family into a house where the previous family was murderered

  75. In one episode of this cartoon series some copying slime appeared with a real creepy scene

  76. Students find a book with rituals and drawn to another world
  77. Movie where street becomes a mirror world with copies of people?

  78. Horror movie about prisoners encountering Christian cannibals

  79. 90s TV show about paranormal cases with host with a ponytail

  80. Black guy dies first cliche

  81. Man tries to kill a group of people with complex traps

  82. Weird British movie with zombie creatures in a fog

  83. Movie where a couple survives only to reach hell?

  84. Horror movie about a haunted house that wasnt haunted at all woman was real

  85. What is the name of this space-based horror film?
  86. Looking for the name of a science fiction/horror movie or possibly series where a girl is slid head first down a narrowing tube

  87. Movie about a girl with multiple personality disorder

  88. Horror movie with group of young people killed inside a haunted house, girl possessed at the end

  89. Horror movie with party pranks that turn real
  90. Horror movie from the 90s with a kangaroo hunter and a chemical agent

  91. Horror/thriller about a house which consists of rooms from other flats/houses in each of which happened deaths

  92. When was the horror film technique where a character opens a door to the same room first done?
  93. Looking for the title of a horror movie

  94. Trying to find horror movie about portals

  95. Horror movie that takes place in a hospital, includes time manipulation

  96. Identify a Horror film about bees which convert human into zombies
  97. Please identify this horror movie about a girl who was used to trap actors in a house

  98. Strange creatures crawl out of the house's fireplace and attack the inhabitants
  99. Exceptions to horror genre and female sexuality tropes?
  100. Why do many of the Hollywood horror movies use a mirror as a ghost's sign?