1. Really old horror movie about babies, can’t find out online
  2. Identifying a couple serial killer movie, involving kids

  3. Asian horror movie where group of friends get into an accident
  4. Identify this Asian movie featuring a very bizarre creature
  5. Horror movie where girl's dad is killed by people when young and she then kills their kids when she grows up?

  6. Recent movie about alien invaders
  7. Cannot remember the horror movie name

  8. Horror with a girl getting tricked into thinking her parents are dead

  9. Horror/sci-fi alien attack found-footage movie
  10. Movie about a boy who burns in a house and haunts his parents probably a 90s movie
  11. Need help finding Lovecraftian sci-fi/horror movie title
  12. What show/movie has a killer that cocoons its victims in webbing then turns out to be an alien. 80s/90s
  13. British horror movie with opening similar to "28 Days Later"

  14. 60's or 70's western horror film that goes from B/W to color
  15. Horror film with a parasite

  16. Italian 60's B&W horror movie about a resented woman (maybe a witch/vampire)
  17. 80s horror movie where guy murders family with an ax then leaves through a field?
  18. A Korean horror movie in 2004 about a ghost trying to protect her unborn baby from medical experiments
  19. Identify this horror movie about an inherited estate
  20. Low budget D-list movie with werewolf, emo guy, and mystical girl of his dreams

  21. Horror movie (following ghost to find head in the refrigerator)

  22. Movie about a girl who had another different life when she dreamed

  23. Horror movie which takes place in an old house with a girl with powers.

  24. Horror movie with a monster in an underground dungeon in the middle of a desert

  25. Name of 60s/70s Hammer(?) Film

  26. Movie where a group of people are stuck in the abandoned psychiatric institution they were tortured in as kids

  27. 70s to early 90s American or French Horror film where in the last scene a man turns into this pinkish blob and eats a fly

  28. 90s non-English spoken Demonology film from Europe; black mist, girl in a tub and guy at the library
  29. Movie about a group of monster disguised as human attacking a building

  30. Was the original Evil Dead meant to be funny?

  31. Family that is moving into a new house while they are dead, but don't know that

  32. Horror move with woman chased through a forest by a man wearing black

  33. Monster movie with college kids in castle
  34. Horror movie about two cannibal old ladies

  35. Horror movie, father rescuing son from world found behind a mirror
  36. Help identify this horror movie about black mouth tentacles that infect other people?
  37. Pre-1990 movie where a man sees his leg cut off

  38. Fantasy/Adventure movie from 2000s young guys being chased by a demon/summoned monster
  39. Old horror movie with living puppets and a "drill hat"

  40. People get drunk on and forced to drink blood
  41. Horror/Thriller, where people see a doll of themselves before being murdered
  42. What was that horror movie where a priest is chopping a chocolate bar?
  43. Horror Film Identification - mist demon floating the house
  44. Identify this movie about zombies whose head is cut off by an iron gear

  45. Friends release a demon in a party and one of them is possessed
  46. Horror town with a dark secret trope
  47. Movie about a girl who wishes or writes in a book for things to happen to people?
  48. Movie about a guy refused by production company ends by killing his actors

  49. Early 2000’s horror movie about an evil man and the water which people go into and come out either evil or dead
  50. Older horror movie - people trapped in a building
  51. Old VHS horror movie where boy and mother and hunted by monster

  52. Short Horror Movie (6 mins?) on Youtube

  53. Horror movie - Kids on bus attacked by "scarecrow" monster near barn

  54. New horror movie about a possessed woman excorcised with an electric pulse machine
  55. Recent horror movie about someone hiding in a basement from a population he believes to have turned evil

  56. American horror/thriller with hidden tape recorder playing the sound of a crying baby

  57. Movie about ghost hunters in a haunted house who get rid of the wrong ghost
  58. A film about an evil/possessed piano that kills people and eats cats
  59. Help identifying a disturbing thriller I saw on netflix 2-4 years ago

  60. Identifying a 'mad scientist' horror film with a woman's head cut open

  61. Horror movie where cars won't start once turned off

  62. Family move into or inspects house where weird things happen

  63. What is this movie with the guy that is possessed?

  64. Hollywood horror movie about a boy with a fatal disease and about a mysterious house and a fog like substance
  65. An old horror movie where a young boy killed his parents

  66. Name of horror film about train and reality shift in tunnels?

  67. Horror Movie about a Possessed Mom and Red Lights ...?
  68. Horror movie about novelist?

  69. To what extent are child actors exposed to the violent aspects of the movie they perform in?

  70. Alien possession movie after halloween party(?)

  71. Hollywood horrror movie with kids and school van

  72. 90s horror film about teens trapped in a haunted house
  73. English horror film where mice kill people with scissor like weapons
  74. Old horror movie with small man-eating creatures

  75. What's the name of a horror movie about dark fairy tales?
  76. Can someone help identify a cop film about the devil?

  77. Can anyone help me to find the name of this Hollywood horror movie?

  78. 1990s sci-fi/horror film or episode where device lets women look into an underwater parallel dimension
  79. Horror Movie about woman trapped in a subway station
  80. Horror Film Identification - Mother & Children Slowly Floating Towards Ceiling

  81. European movie about body-controling parasites in the forest
  82. TV short horror stories from 90's

  83. Identify this slasher TV movie about a masked killer

  84. Movie where a killer robot merges with a man underwater
  85. A film about a evil guy who create a chaos in village

  86. Movie about a woman killing her mom, husband and sister and going insane

  87. Movie about a bridge accident, people dying horribly and premonition

  88. 1970's or 1980's era horror movie with a monster that gets happy at the sight of a studded glove
  89. Horror Ghost Movie; Water dripping from basement knob

  90. Horror movie with bloody bodybag in the attic
  91. TV episode about patient who has revenge on plastic surgeon who botched his/her surgery
  92. A weird scifi/horror movie with mind controlling brain in a jar and some erotic scenes

  93. An 70s or 80s horror plotting a large serpent or dragon living under a mansion in deep hole or well or chamber and eats humans
  94. Horror movie about psychopath murderer parents who raise daughter to be perfect until little boy helps her out

  95. Trying to find the title for a black and white horror film with stage props coming to life

  96. Can anyone help me find this sci-fi/horror movie with guys backpacking and an invisible alien?

  97. Horror movie about a child disappearing in a pool?

  98. Why ghosts are commonly visible to kids eyes?

  99. Looking for a 50~ year-old horror film about a cave filled with flying demons
  100. 80s/90s horror(/comedy?) w/Ziggy Stardust costumed heroine