1. Approximate Earth year for the tech development depicted in the Game of Thrones
  2. Why leave King's Landing now?

  3. How come the Unsullied are overwhelmed so easily?

  4. What explains Jaime and Bronn's fate after the supply chain battle?

  5. Are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen related?
  6. Are there any other wardens like Ned Stark?
  7. Exactly how big is Drogon in Season 7?
  8. Why did Daenerys not take the grain?

  9. Why did Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane abandon King's Landing in the middle of battle?

  10. How did the Stark family capture the Lannister family's children?
  11. Why didn't Daenerys use the opportunity to attack this character?

  12. Why did Arya not kill the Lannister soldiers she encountered in the Riverlands?
  13. Why haven't the Lannisters previously made a bid for power?
  14. How many White Walkers are there?

  15. Why is Littlefinger still at Winterfell?
  16. Is this what Jon's name should've been?
  17. Why did Ned Stark keep this secret about Jon Snow from Catelyn Stark

  18. Trope for repeating some detail
  19. Why does The Hound never take the black?

  20. How is the dragon blowing fire in the last episode of Season 7?

  21. Why was Jon Snow no ice-breaker?
  22. Why is the Baratheon sigil still shown on King's Landing in the Game of Thrones opening sequence?

  23. Is the Lord of Light the Night King?

  24. Why are the Queensguard in Game of Thrones (S07) wearing black armour?

  25. Why did Theon not ask Daenerys for help?

  26. Can White Walkers raise the giants from dead and convert into wights (army of dead)?

  27. Why didn't Stannis Baratheon use another Shadows to kill his main enemies?

  28. Why did Game of Thrones only have 7 episodes in season 7?

  29. Is there any other way to reach Winterfell without crossing the wall?
  30. Why didn't Maggy the Frog mention Cersei and Robert's child?

  31. Is the Waif wearing Arya's face?
  32. Why did Arya Stark lose her vision?
  33. How did the faceless man kept the intentions and memories of the one that suicided to keep Arya alive before she went blind?
  34. Who are the Five kings in GOT-War of Five Kings?
  35. Why doesn't Shireen Baratheon have black hair?

  36. Why didn't Daenerys order this character to stay out of the fight?

  37. How could this wight still be "alive"?
  38. Is the Night King prophetic?

  39. How did Daenerys know where to attack?
  40. Why does Daenerys need a translator?

  41. How did Stannis Baratheon survive the Battle of Blackwater?
  42. Where is Jaime Lannister heading to?

  43. How do White Walkers communicate with humans?

  44. Why do characters believe Littlefinger to be untrustworthy?
  45. How did the Wights tie the chain under water?

  46. Why is Arya Stark allowed to do this in the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones?
  47. Why does the Army of the Dead walk?

  48. Has Tyrion been right on any major points in season 7?
  49. Can monarchs not release those who have sworn for them?
  50. What made Cersei change her mind in the meeting with Tyrion?
  51. Who convinced Sansa that he was guilty?

  52. How is the night king not at the wall yet?

  53. Is Daenerys immune to fire 'always'?

  54. Among these two characters who has more of a right to the Iron Throne

  55. Significance of Jon Snow's real name
  56. Who of these characters has a more legitimate claim on the Iron Throne?

  57. Were Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell's children ever explicitly named in the show?

  58. How could the Starks convince the other Lords that this character was guilty?

  59. Why did Littlefinger not ask for evidence in trial?
  60. What are the 'things' Euron Greyjoy has seen that we couldn't imagine?

  61. Why did Tyrion look displeased?
  62. Why white walkers did not walk fast?
  63. How many years have passed between each season of Game of Thrones?

  64. What does this creature breathe in "The Dragon and the Wolf"

  65. Why is the Targaryen coat of arms a three-headed dragon?

  66. Why is the Night King so slow?

  67. Is Cersei actually pregnant?
  68. You will never walk again, Bran... but you will fly

  69. Why can Arya still use the faces?

  70. Will fire destroy white walkers or just the wights?
  71. What was up with Grand Maester Pycelle?
  72. How did this army get here?

  73. Why did the Mountain just stand there and watch?

  74. Did Season 7 Episode 7 of GoT appease the masses?
  75. Why didn't Tyrion confront Littlefinger for telling Catelyn that the knife belongs to him?

  76. Why is Bran hiding details from the other Starks?

  77. Why worry about the Night King if they have the wall?
  78. Blocking White Walkers sword attacks. Feasible?
  79. How were the White Walkers planning on getting through The Wall?
  80. Why fight this character in the North?

  81. How did the White Walkers accomplish what they did at the end of S07E06?
  82. Why are these people in Winterfell for so long?
  83. What was Viserion breathing?

  84. Does Jaime take the Lannister army north?

  85. Did Littlefinger hire the Catspaw assassin?

  86. Who is coming after the Mountain?

  87. Does this happen to a king in S7 as well?
  88. What are Cersei's intentions throughout this interaction?

  89. Why didn't the Night King just go here?

  90. What is the purpose of the chains hanging from the shelves at the Citadel?
  91. What makes the Night King different from other white walkers?
  92. How many White Walkers are out there?

  93. Does Jon Snow have Targaryen quality?

  94. Why would Jon Snow offer this to Jorah Mormont in S07E06?
  95. Is anyone mining the Dragonglass?

  96. How does one know which creature was killed?
  97. There is connection between Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar? or between any Braavos people?

  98. What does the Night King really want?

  99. Why does this happen with Longclaw?

  100. How did the Night King's army enter and pull it out from the water?