1. How are sliding shots of stills during an action sequence filmed?

  2. How do they shoot Dual-Roles where camera is moving or both characters interact?

  3. Did Sean Gullette actually trepan himself in Pi (1998)?

  4. When was "teal and orange" first used for night scenes?

  5. How did Game Night make shots that made the scene look like a model set?
  6. How do they make tattoos in movies?
  7. How did they film the nuke explosion in Broken Arrow?

  8. How is this shot in Batman made?

  9. Type of Direction
  10. What is the name of this film editing technique?
  11. What is this type of scene transition called?

  12. How were Opening Titles and End Credits created before Computers?

  13. How to they film walk on glass scenes in movie?
  14. Why are present days in black & white whereas past days are in color?
  15. How were the opening credits to Superman created?

  16. When an actor is supposedly but not actually looking at someone or something

  17. Lighting mismatch in "All the Money in the World"

  18. How is open head of Commander Data done?
  19. What is this "colour template/effect"?
  20. What is the term for the colour scheme/effect in e.g. Supernatural

  21. Banging Their Heads
  22. How did they film the gun spinning scene?
  23. How do movie makers combine real life scale shots of actors with scaled shots of miniature models?

  24. How did they create The Shadow's disguise?

  25. Do the new Star Wars movies use any paintings for set backgrounds?
  26. What mitigation is taken while filming 'raining' scenes
  27. Is this character in The Last Jedi a puppet, CGI, or a mixture of both?

  28. How/why was the slow motion coin shot achieved in Scrooged?

  29. Has there been a breakthrough in film technology for television?
  30. What were the precautions taken for Derek's safety in the hill scene?
  31. Why does the boom operator have to hold the boom mic by hand?
  32. In Cabin in the Woods, why does he start the car with his left hand?

  33. How was the motorcycle scene in The Matrix Reloaded made?

  34. How are the face cuts done when Dexter takes his blood samples of his victims?

  35. How was the aerial prison scene shot?

  36. How was the helicopter scene from Captain America: Civil War filmed?

  37. How is this image of an actor made to appear in the audience?
  38. Why does Tarkovsky use monochrome and color in the same film?

  39. How was the scene of the mirror in "Mr. Nobody" recorded?

  40. How did they film the Titanic splitting in half with all the actors on it?
  41. How did they film Jim Craig's descent down that steep hill?

  42. Do the film makers make the little kids cry?
  43. How did they film the walks between the Twin Towers in The Walk?
  44. Why do punches sound like a "slap" in older movies?

  45. How was the Burj Khalifa scene shot in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?

  46. Technologies used in MI: Ghost Protocol

  47. How was the underwater scene shot in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?
  48. How did Tom Cruise do that plane stunt in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation?

  49. Sound of a next scene starts one moment earlier than video
  50. Technical realisation of fade-to-black and freeze frame (analog)

  51. What is the point of this style of location titles?
  52. How did they make the sand storm chase in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

  53. How did they film two satellites colliding in supposed 'zero gravity' out in space?

  54. What is the significance of shooting through the glass?
  55. Why would sunken footage be destroyed if it hadn't been shot on film?
  56. How did they film the fight scenes in 'Legend'?
  57. Why do all flashbacks show the person who's remembering it as if they're being filmed?

  58. How do they cost effectively film the scenes where James Franco plays 2 roles?

  59. How do the SAW movies achieve dismemberment on screen?

  60. How do they film "flying human" scenes?

  61. How was the deserted London scene in the movie '28 Days Later' filmed?
  62. How do film producers and crews film movies based on entire or just a proportion of towns and cities (real cities and towns)?

  63. Why did they use shallow focus on Ed Warren's role while talking to the demon?
  64. How to film this particular aspect in the film Freddy vs Jason of setting someone on fire?

  65. How do they film a volcano erupting in such a way as what the volcano did in Dante's Peak?

  66. How are tsunamis crashing through cities and wiping out actors filmed?
  67. What conditions and requirements are needed to film sex scenes safely?

  68. How was this shot in Contact (1997) really made?

  69. How is arterial blood spray filmed?

  70. How do they film continuous blood pooling?

  71. Why is the bride's name beeped in Kill Bill Vol 1?
  72. In the movie adaptation of George Orwell's 1984, how was the pulling out of Winston's tooth filmed?

  73. How can you film a woman giving birth when the camera angle has not shifted?

  74. How did they make cars fall apart in old movies?
  75. What is the film technique for someone breaking into pieces?

  76. Why are real animals used in film production subject to the exposure of violence, 'slaughter' and abuse?

  77. Do they really drink or eat when shooting movies?

  78. How do cast producers manage false bomb or artillery explosions?

  79. What are the film techniques for broken and protruding bones?
  80. How is the "skid to a stop" cartoon stock sound effect done?
  81. How do actors create the same emotion during sound dubbing sessions?

  82. What is the film technique for cutting a body part off?

  83. How exactly do you film someone jumping off a very tall building and hitting the concrete below and actually survive?

  84. How does the first assistant camera focus if the director is pointing the camera?
  85. What is "distorting wide angle for a medium shot"?

  86. What techniques did animators follow to show the age of Lightning Mcqueen?

  87. Is there a name for this storytelling technique?
  88. How do they film someone submerged in water for prolonged periods of time and the character does not drown (as in the actor themselves)?
  89. How were the scenes with Gazelle shot?

  90. How was helicopter scene filmed in Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)?
  91. Super 35mm film and sound

  92. Why are coastal scenes mostly shot from the north?

  93. Why do the toys blink alternately?
  94. Why do professional green screens look so much better?

  95. Did Spider-Man filming halt so Tobey Maguire could bulk up?

  96. How do they shoot breaking things so close to the camera without damaging it?

  97. What is this thinking type effect called?
  98. What is this shining look like effect called?

  99. When half of a character's face is dark and half is light - What is this called? And what is the intent?

  100. Is "silence" used as a background score to avoid misinterpretations?