1. Was Forrest Gump's "One less thing" remark a historical reference or just an idiom?
  2. Did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" cause controversy for CBS due to its religious content?

  3. Does anyone say "I have a bad feeling about this" in episode VIII

  4. What is the meaning of this patient's words to Teddy Daniels?

  5. In "Don't Just Stand There" (1968), why was it a compliment to ask a girl if she was "Pamela McCarthy"?

  6. The most money word for word

  7. Accurate Translations of Yen's Cantonese dialogue from Ocean's Eleven?

  8. What is the meaning of "Vrepit Sa"?

  9. What is the deal with Elle's and Budd's accents?

  10. Why does the grandmother in Rapsittie Street Kids talk in gibberish?

  11. Why does Ivar say "who cares?" when Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye said "Siggy is dead."?
  12. What did the Bishop mean by his "last remittance"?

  13. What did the soldiers mean when they replied "exactly" to Tom Cruise's question "Where is the safety"?

  14. What was Sam saying in Van Helsing episode 11?

  15. "What's the best thing about planet Earth?"
  16. What does the maid mumble?

  17. How she gave herself away?
  18. In Mr. Robot season 3 episode 2 what does "China wants to annex Congo" mean?
  19. Gregory House about evolution and global warming

  20. Did Hannah Wells' have a 'story'?

  21. Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs reference to Seth Rogen's Wozniak as "Rain Man"
  22. Hidden Figures non-scientific dialog

  23. Dr Jonathan Crane pronounciation of Ras Alghoul was not correct

  24. What does Steve Rogers mean in this dialogue?
  25. What specific difficult choices can only Batman make?
  26. What is the meaning of "There is no spoon"?

  27. Why is Hunyak's Hungarian so absolutely atrocious?

  28. What did this captain mean by this?
  29. What is the significance of "Beep Beep Richie!"?

  30. What's that “Sun’s getting real low…” lullaby thing to calm down the Hulk?
  31. What did Logan try to say at this event?

  32. Why does Thor keep saying this to Banner?

  33. Meaning of Scrapper 142's words to Thor

  34. Why did Morpheus tell Trinity to stay off the freeway?
  35. What does the conversation mean?
  36. Minor child actors swearing on TV

  37. How did the term "skinjob" come about?

  38. What does the quote "Hasta lasagna" mean in Mission Impossible I?

  39. What was 1969's La caduta degli dei (AKA The Damned) original language?

  40. What is the reference of "so far so good"?
  41. What did Cartman mean here by Rainbows?

  42. Why does the film High Fidelity (2000) call Army Of Darkness "Evil Dead 2"?

  43. What is the meaning of the line at the end of Chinatown?

  44. Meaning of "fubar" or "foobar"
  45. What does "Forrest Gump" mean in Samantha words?
  46. Was there an intentional reference with the quote "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo"?
  47. Musical duel between Zhou yu and Zhuge Liang

  48. In "8 mile" what does this lyric mean?

  49. How hiding tags means Sasha broke ?
  50. Origin of "knife to a gunfight" quote
  51. What is "it" in "If it ain't broken"?
  52. Is Captain America getting new shield?

  53. What is "that" in Chief dialogue?

  54. Who exactly is old killer?
  55. Why Detective Ward want crack warrant of PO box in Jersey?

  56. Why Loius says Mr. White told him "conflicts with Skarssen"?
  57. What God do Gamora and Nebula believe in?

  58. What does the colour green symbolise in the Maze Runner?

  59. Why would Principal Vagina interpret "moon stuff" that way (warning: contains spoilers!)?

  60. Are female officers addressed as "sir" out of writer ignorance, or some intentional reason?
  61. Why is there a mix of English and Spanish dialogs in Narcos?

  62. Are Dwight's "What is my perfect crime?" lines in S05E08 - "Frame Toby" a reference to something?
  63. "My little Trump" - Is Frank referring to Donald Trump during Nazi report?

  64. Who are Sheldon's references of Crunch and Kangaroo?

  65. What does Charlie sign to Thomas after their fight?
  66. What were Lacombe & Laughlin discussing while interrogating Neary?
  67. Why did Dumbledore have Harry stick his arm out when Barty Crouch Jr. was revealed?
  68. How did they know there was a 'dark side of the moon'?
  69. Deadwood: Lamp the take

  70. What is Danny Kaye saying in his three-language blurb in The Court Jester?

  71. Why do Kayoko Ann Patterson and Rando Yaguchi lapse into English?

  72. When was the phrase "It's quiet, a little too quiet" first used?

  73. Why isn't there Hogwarts without Hagrid?
  74. Divorce in New York: Hitchcock vs. Allen
  75. Why Boole and not Babbage?

  76. How does Quentin Tarantino write dialog for a language he doesn't speak?
  77. What pop culture reference is Jessica Jones making?
  78. Are James Delaney's less British habits of Nootka or African origin?
  79. Is James Delaney describing the East India Company in his own words?

  80. Why does James Bond prefer to call Max Denbigh "C"?

  81. "Smile because it confuses people..." - when is this said by the Joker?

  82. What does Delphine say to Lorraine?

  83. Why does Karen speak three different languages?

  84. Why does Quentin Tarantino add non-plot related dialogue in his movies?

  85. Why did Daenerys say this in "The Queen's Justice"?
  86. Why is the spoken German in many US films and TV shows so inaccurate?

  87. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger intentionally strengthen his accent in older movies?

  88. Why is "VV" funny in the UK?

  89. Which three kingdoms is Jaime referring to?
  90. Who is the third man that Sandor Clegane is referring to?

  91. What exactly Emily picked after rejecting from cheerleader team?
  92. Why Brain asks Brendan about letting Dode to go back to Theatre?

  93. What does "yippie ki yay" mean?

  94. What is Jack Sparrow meant by this?
  95. What did Denis say in French during season 2 episodes 3 & 4 of Preacher?

  96. What is the meaning and significance of the quote "Life is like a box of chocolates"?
  97. What have the harasser said to Rana
  98. Why is the "I coulda been a contender" line from On the Waterfront so famous?

  99. What favor did Chenault done to Paul?
  100. Speaking different languages in Ghost in the Shell