1. Why did Lucius interrupt Bruce during their Sonar/Submarine discussion?

  2. "Brazil" reference in "The Last Jedi"?

  3. What is the meaning of the lines recited by V prior to saving Evey from fingermen?

  4. Why characters in "The killing of sacred deer" talking like robots?

  5. Why was Bruce's silence referred to as a "Walt Disney"?

  6. Are there two separate versions of Hugo Stiglitz's background in Inglourious Bastards?
  7. Why does Moe Greene speak with a strange voice?

  8. What did Lucy mean by "We never really die"?

  9. 6-8 weeks in Phineas and Ferb?

  10. Why does Lechero want to get out of Sona so quickly?

  11. Alternate line before shooting down the bug's hijacked ship?
  12. What is the significance of "Beep Beep Richie!"?
  13. Why did Molly mention the story of a 22 year old girl in this scene?

  14. Why did Brain ask Brendan about letting Dode go back to the theater?

  15. Origin of Mr. Burns use of "like a spaniard"
  16. How did she give herself away?

  17. What accent did the actors use in Black Panther?

  18. What Is Danny Zorn Referring To?
  19. Did Hannah Wells' have a 'story'?

  20. Does Chewbacca have a real language?
  21. Who is Erik Selvig referring to?

  22. What is the meaning of Teddy's last dialogue in Shutter Island?
  23. What does Helsinki say to Oslo in Russian in Money Heist, at the end of S01E12?
  24. Are Star-Lord's final words a reference to something else?

  25. Did people in Elizabethan London really speak like they do in "Upstart Crow"?

  26. Did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" cause controversy for CBS due to its religious content?

  27. What does "There came into Egypt a Pharaoh that did not know" mean?
  28. What did Dr. Madden want to say to Billy before she got cut off?

  29. What did the Predator say to Dutch during the final fight scene?

  30. What God do Gamora and Nebula believe in?
  31. Was there an intentional reference with the quote "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo"?
  32. Why do Kayoko Ann Patterson and Rando Yaguchi lapse into English?

  33. What is the meaning of "Winter is Coming"?

  34. Why is the "I coulda been a contender" line from On the Waterfront so famous?

  35. What does the colour green symbolise in the Maze Runner?

  36. Was there already birthday cake in Roman empire?

  37. What is Hawkeye's next target?

  38. "Donald Trump waiting for an elevator" - was it supposed to be a joke in 1998?

  39. What does Frank Moses say to Sarah Ross in Chinese?

  40. What exactly means "to go turbo"?
  41. Esoteric quote that inspired Nolan's 'Inception'

  42. What does Mycroft mean when he says “we don't want a repeat of 1972?”

  43. What was Sam saying in Van Helsing episode 11?
  44. Why did Detective Ward want crack warrant for the PO box in Jersey?

  45. What are the characters saying in the first few minutes of Assassins Creed?
  46. Why did Elwood trade a Cadillac for a microphone?

  47. Do translators get a list of jokes and/or puns when making their translations?
  48. Does Tom Sawyer (1938) contain the n-word?

  49. Determine original language of the movie

  50. How much Swedish and Danish is used in The Square?
  51. Language used in Firefly
  52. Why is this house bitchin?

  53. What did Colonel Kurtz mean with his description of a snail on a razor?

  54. How did Sherlock describe his father: a ____ par excellence

  55. What did M mean by saying that she got one thing right?

  56. What does "to look out for something" mean in the following context

  57. Did EXOTICA use sign language?
  58. What does it mean to “give somebody a pass”?

  59. What does Alice say to Luther?

  60. What did Stitch say when he laughed after the arrival?

  61. What is the meaning of Theon's words?

  62. Is McConaughey's anecdote about not memorizing a four-page monologue real?

  63. Why were there no English subtitles provided during the conversation between Michael and Sollozzo?
  64. What is the significance of the "Argo fuck yourself" phrase?

  65. What did Willy Wonka say in German before going into the Inventing Room?
  66. What is Danny Kaye saying in his three-language blurb in The Court Jester?
  67. What is the term used to refer to foreign/alien language only subtitles in a film or TV show?
  68. Why Caliban specifically mentions "sun is the keyword"?
  69. Why does Benedict's pit boss think Lyman Zerga is legit because he hasn't heard of him?

  70. What did Jack Ryan say in the missile room?

  71. English Translation of SS Officer’s Line in Fury

  72. Was Forrest Gump's "One less thing" remark a historical reference or just an idiom?

  73. Does anyone say "I have a bad feeling about this" in episode VIII
  74. What is the meaning of this patient's words to Teddy Daniels?

  75. In "Don't Just Stand There" (1968), why was it a compliment to ask a girl if she was "Pamela McCarthy"?
  76. The most money word for word
  77. Accurate Translations of Yen's Cantonese dialogue from Ocean's Eleven?
  78. What is the meaning of "Vrepit Sa"?

  79. What is the deal with Elle's and Budd's accents?
  80. Why does the grandmother in Rapsittie Street Kids talk in gibberish?
  81. Why does Ivar say "who cares?" when Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye said "Siggy is dead."?

  82. What did the Bishop mean by his "last remittance"?
  83. What did the soldiers mean when they replied "exactly" to Tom Cruise's question "Where is the safety"?

  84. "What's the best thing about planet Earth?"
  85. What does the maid mumble?

  86. Gregory House about evolution and global warming
  87. Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs reference to Seth Rogen's Wozniak as "Rain Man"
  88. Hidden Figures non-scientific dialog

  89. Dr Jonathan Crane pronounciation of Ras Alghoul was not correct
  90. What does Steve Rogers mean in this dialogue?

  91. What specific difficult choices can only Batman make?

  92. What is the meaning of "There is no spoon"?

  93. Why is Hunyak's Hungarian so absolutely atrocious?

  94. What did this captain mean by this?

  95. What's that “Sun’s getting real low…” lullaby thing to calm down the Hulk?

  96. What did Logan try to say at this event?

  97. Why does Thor keep saying this to Banner?
  98. Meaning of Scrapper 142's words to Thor

  99. Why did Morpheus tell Trinity to stay off the freeway?

  100. What does the conversation mean?