1. Is investigator Murray a Russian spy in Stranger Things 2?

  2. Why does Old Man Marley give creepy look if he's actually nice in Home Alone?

  3. How many restraining orders does Sheldon have?
  4. Why does Phoebe always use the fake name Regina Phalange?
  5. Was Rachel Zane talking about a poison pill?

  6. Mental illnesses in Carrie's family
  7. What happened to Jim Paprocki's brother?
  8. When did Tony Stark learn to fight?
  9. Did Damian Lewis appear in Season 6?

  10. In the Predator movies, did makers mention anything about female Predators?
  11. Did Rachel or any of her friends know about Gunther's crush on her?

  12. Why did Hattori Hanzo break his oath?
  13. Is Kripke's way of talking a quirk or a dialect?
  14. Why does Buddy Pine call himself Syndrome?
  15. Why did Quint have the tattoo removed?

  16. Were Neville's feelings for Luna foreshadowed earlier?
  17. Why can't King Horik face Jarl Borg alone?

  18. Why doesn't Jessica Jones ever "jump"?

  19. Why does Luke appear in Jessica Jones and Jessica doesn't appear in Luke Cage?

  20. Is Popeye shown in the Narcos Series?
  21. Why did Albus Dumbledore's clothing change in the third movie?
  22. Were any of these comedian actors actually auditioning for the show?

  23. Why did Nymeria leave Arya?

  24. What was Luther's plan when he killed Cyrus in The Warriors?

  25. Why does Chuck McGill end the season like this?

  26. What was the Publisher character trying to be a symbol of in "Mother!"?

  27. Why doesn't Ash swap out Pokémon more often?
  28. Why does the Amazing Spider-Man not have the natural power to shoot web?

  29. What message does David's fingerprint carry?
  30. Was there supposed to be any implication Maynard G. Krebs used drugs?

  31. Why does Luv cry?

  32. How is the name of the O'Hare delivery guy spelled?
  33. Why didn't Anton Chigurh kill Sheriff Bell?
  34. What is Rose's purpose in Get Out?

  35. Why does Nilo make the dangerous truck trip to the burning oil field?

  36. Fitzgerald's choices

  37. Did Hannah Wells' have a 'story'?

  38. What does Malcolm mean in this joke about Tom Cruise's brush?

  39. How did Mahendra Baahubali gain such skills and power?

  40. Why can't Joey eat that dessert when he was on a date with Phoebe's friend?

  41. What was the relationship of "Marion the Librarian" to the writer of "The Music Man" in real life?

  42. Who is Greider's father?
  43. What is the significance of Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla in Alien: Covenant?

  44. Is Dr. Alfred Jones autistic, or just 'English'?

  45. Why is Betelgeuse named after a star?
  46. Significance of Peter being nude in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  47. Is the character Colin Sweeney in "The Good Wife" a reference to Sweeney Todd?

  48. Is Director Anton from 'De Luizenmoeder' a narcissist?
  49. Relation between Warlock Lord and Allanon in The Shannara Chronicles

  50. How could Ant-Man become so small?

  51. Why does Isabella have a bow on her Fireside Girls hat instead of a diamond?

  52. Why are Theo and Tabitha Galavan of different skin color?

  53. Why was Ivy recast a second time?

  54. Did Jar Jar Binks appear in any of the new Star Wars movies?

  55. Is Bane from The Dark Knight Rises an Indian?

  56. Role of Johanna in Phantom Thread

  57. Why did Kevin keep silent about Harry and Marv?
  58. Does Hanzee kill the boys off screen?
  59. Why does Masters torch his paintings?
  60. Frank's Refusal Of Number One Observatory Circle

  61. How did Rita and Deb know each other?

  62. What is Creed from The Office

  63. What type of character is Cheryl Blossom

  64. Why can Will Graham not visualize Hannibal's murder scene?

  65. Why were Olive and Emma's powers changed in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children?

  66. Why did Kirk ignore Marcos 12?

  67. How is David playing a melody from an out-of-universe soundtrack?
  68. Voldemort's physical presence pre-Goblet of Fire

  69. Why did Tom Riddle's face become hideous?

  70. Why Wendy gets angry and leaves?

  71. Did the DCAU ever hint about Harley Quinn's bisexuality?
  72. In the Supergirl TV series what are known powers/abilities of the Martian Manhunter?

  73. Who is that guy in Mind Hunter every episode?
  74. Why is it that if Voldemort has too many horcruxes, he could die?

  75. How and why did T'Challa have the Black Panther power already?

  76. Why is Toby Flenderson the way he is?

  77. Why do Minions need to wear glasses?

  78. Is Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction the same person as The Bride in Kill Bill?
  79. Why do some Minions have one eye, and some have two?

  80. When did Raj start talking around women without alcohol?

  81. How does Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali talk in the cafateria?

  82. Why is Pablo Escobar not speaking proper Spanish?

  83. Are there any hints that Hela is alive?

  84. Symbolism in the film "Mother!"
  85. Is The Executioner in Gotham TV show a pun on Marvel character of same name?

  86. What will be the next weapon of Thor?

  87. Why does Darth Vader not use the Force to prevent Luke from falling?

  88. What did Lila truly want from Dexter?
  89. What sorts of fish were Sharky and George

  90. Why did Michael wait and sit before killing Sollozzo and McCluskey?

  91. Is the nationality of Stacy hinted anywhere prior to this episode?

  92. Why did Michael Praed not play the main role in Robin of Sherwood season 3?
  93. Does the Film Drive Have a Cameo from the star of Maniac Cop

  94. What is the origin and reason for Sheldon's triple knock in The Big Bang Theory?
  95. How is it possible that the Seer from Vikings is still alive?

  96. How did Dr.Linda come clean?

  97. What's the exact problem with Raj?
  98. Why would Travis Bickle go on a date to an adult cinema?
  99. What is the joke with Rob Reiner's hat?
  100. Is John Wick ex-military?