1. Who is Greider's father?
  2. Is the man with no name the same character?

  3. Is this character in The Last Jedi a puppet, CGI, or a mixture of both?
  4. Who is Mickey Mouse in the movie A Time To Kill

  5. Was Inspector Villiers part of the cover-up conspiracy at East Proctor?
  6. Why did Arya not kill the Lannister soldiers she encountered in the Riverlands?

  7. Is Dr. Mary Based or Inspired by Talk Show Radio Host, Dr. Laura?
  8. What was Martian Manhunter singing in the end of Christmas special episode "Comfort and Joy"?

  9. Is James "Jimmy" Kent the brother of Rose MacClare?

  10. Why did Spud sign off the EU money to Veronica?

  11. Significance of Sergeant McManus's changing tie style?
  12. Did the McBains in "Once Upon a Time in the West" have any historical matches in the real world?

  13. Who was the Shaman?
  14. Why is Finn's accent different from John Boyega's natural accent?
  15. Is Character Colin Sweeney a reference to Sweeney Todd in 'The Good Wife'?

  16. Why is the name 'Batman' avoided in the Dawn of Justice?
  17. Are Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren Sith?
  18. Why is Eric wearing the "Token's life matters" shirt?

  19. What does Francis Underwood's ring mean to him and why does he bury it?
  20. Why director of 2017 "It" decided to oversexualise Beverly?

  21. Why was Dirk Pitt's background changed to the Navy for Sahara?
  22. Is Bill's son intended to be autistic?

  23. Did the creators of the show say anything about the depiction of this character?

  24. Why is Hannibal Lecter's name spelled differently?

  25. Why did she suddenly turn on the agency?

  26. How did Newton survive after what happened to him in Men in Black 1?

  27. In Shin Godzilla, what's the title of Yaguchi's new assistant?
  28. Immortan Joe and Rob Zombie's "Dragula" character similarity
  29. Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 jump gate scene?
  30. Possible disease of Kramer?

  31. What is the deal with Elle's and Budd's accents?
  32. Why leave King's Landing now?
  33. What happened to Jim Paprocki's brother?
  34. What happened to Scrad?
  35. Why did filmmakers choose to make Sherman Klump morbidly obese?

  36. Was the incredible K-2SO inspired by an earlier kill droid, HK-47?
  37. Are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen related?

  38. Why is Crowley of red color in cloud form while other demons are black clouds in Supernatural?

  39. Why is Raymond K. Hessel an Asian man with an accent in Fight Club?

  40. Does Amondi's English accent in Sense8 reflect her wealth?
  41. How did Hannibal become the type of cannibal he is?

  42. Why did Bill get mad at Holden?

  43. Who is the woman in the crowd when Guy Fawkes is being hanged?
  44. Why does Tom Hanks' character never open up the last package?

  45. Exactly how big is Drogon in Season 7?
  46. Is Ray telling the truth about this character in Stranger Things : The Lost Sister?

  47. Frank's Refusal Of Number One Observatory Circle
  48. Why did Frank Castle save the kid during the robbery?

  49. Can Thanos change his color?

  50. Who is this character in the bonus scene of Justice League?
  51. How did Flash of DCEU get his powers?
  52. Is Popeye shown in the Narcos Series?

  53. Why did Andy start digging a tunnel before he even knew he was innocent? Would he escape if he never knew he was innocent?
  54. Why don't the Bond girls return in subsequent movies?

  55. Who are the other three superheroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

  56. What Object Did Marilyn Take and What Does it Mean?

  57. Was there supposed to be any implication Maynard G. Krebs used drugs?
  58. Where is Wade from s6e6 of walking dead in season 8?

  59. Gregory House about evolution and global warming

  60. Why is Sheldon Cooper so bad at driving?

  61. Why does Luv cry?
  62. Is Superman the most powerful one of all the other superheroes in the DC universe?
  63. Was the intense breathing of Mr Glass done on purpose in The Revenant or as filler?

  64. Did Hannah Wells' have a 'story'?

  65. Why is Batman not so careful about his secret identity in the Justice League?

  66. Is Chance Gilbert Based On Real Life Historic Figures or Cult-Leaders?

  67. If Professor X has telekinetic powers why is he a paraplegic?

  68. Why does Mikey attack the INS Agent?

  69. In Scrubs, why is Dr Mickhead first called Dr Carlson?
  70. Why Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid?

  71. What was the relationship of "Marion the Librarian" to the writer of "The Music Man" in real life?

  72. What were all the fighters in previous Age of Heroes?

  73. How was Hulk able to speak fluently in Thor Ragnarok?
  74. The equation between Thor and Loki?

  75. Who were the other two heroes with Superman in the newspaper article who left?

  76. Do The Big Bang Theory characters take a stand on Marvel vs DC?

  77. Why does Sheldon Cooper love The Flash?

  78. What happened to the parents of Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

  79. Is Hannibal's last will to eat himself?
  80. What really happened to Zatanna during her fight with Felix Faust?
  81. Which Dungeons & Dragons characters class Max belongs to?
  82. Why did Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane abandon King's Landing in the middle of battle?
  83. Was Kylo Ren's birth name homage to Obi-wan's?

  84. Was Matt Damon’s role in Thor:Ragnarok purely due to his role in Dogma?
  85. Character with underbite, pointy jaw, and bug eyes

  86. Why didn't Hulk transform to Banner for 2 years?
  87. What is the significance in Hawkeye and Widow for the team?
  88. Why does The Hound never take the black?
  89. Why is Catwoman so blonde all of a sudden in Gotham S02?

  90. Significance of the number 142 in the name of Valkyrie's Sakaar name?

  91. Did Terence Mann die?

  92. Is Zilpha Horace Delaney's or Salish's daughter?
  93. Why are Valerian and Laureline so young, yet have such high ranking positions?
  94. How is George Stark related to the twin?
  95. Is Rick and Morty satire/parody of Doc Brown and Marty McFly?

  96. What are the origins of the name 'Malekith'?

  97. Do the kids from Stranger Things have any analogues to the Dungeons & Dragons game characters?

  98. What is the meaning behind the use of time in Donnie Darko?

  99. What is the significance of making Eddie a hopeless virgin?
  100. When did Tony Stark learn to fight?