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  1. Looking for connections between Mr. Robot and Fight Club

  2. If "Steel Mountain" in Mr. Robot is underground, how does that offer the implied vulnerability?

  3. What is the ending of "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" supposed to mean?

  4. Why did Lucius interrupt Bruce during their Sonar/Submarine discussion?

  5. What is the chronological order of Friday the 13th franchise?

  6. What's with the music in the TV series "Stalker?"
  7. In " A Quiet Place", Lee lights a fire ...does this imply other people nearby

  8. Why did El Macho's Mexico Flag tattoo vanish?

  9. How did Shane and Randall turn so fast?

  10. What is this record-destroying scene in Family Guy a reference to?
  11. How do TV stations normally acquire third party content?

  12. What kind of grin was Raj hinted to have?

  13. Was Deborah Voorhees cast due to her surname?

  14. Why was Whitney the prisoner of Jason Voorhees?

  15. Did Jason drown?

  16. What happened to Paul in Friday the 13th, Part 2?
  17. Why didn't Jason kill his last victim?

  18. Why does Alice get the lake in with the kayak?
  19. Why was Jason chosen over his mother to be the villain?
  20. Could Slither (2006) be considered canon in the MCU?

  21. Is there something about the wristwatch?

  22. Inconsistency in Ready Player One

  23. Why does Himiko's face deteriorate in Tomb Raider?

  24. Is investigator Murray a Russian spy in Stranger Things 2?

  25. When does a normal season start on television in the US?

  26. Is Doraemon really based on a story of a kid who committed suicide?

  27. Why does Old Man Marley give creepy look if he's actually nice in Home Alone?

  28. How many Tarantino films are set in the same universe?
  29. Could Thrax from Osmosis Jones have caused that high fever in reality?
  30. "Brazil" reference in "The Last Jedi"?

  31. Who funded Charles Xavier's school?

  32. What was the color puzzle in Tomb Raider?
  33. What is the meaning of the lines recited by V prior to saving Evey from fingermen?

  34. Was using the Force Projection ability responsible for what happened to Luke?
  35. Why was Mance Rayder given a chance to bend the knee?

  36. Can Korra go Into Avatar state after the third season?

  37. How did Leonard and Sheldon lose their pants?
  38. Are there any details regarding Polly's death?
  39. How did/What made Elizabeth go into a coma for 10 months?
  40. How many restraining orders does Sheldon have?

  41. How many times did Phil live the party on the night of Groundhog Day?

  42. Why does Phoebe always use the fake name Regina Phalange?

  43. What was the point of the conversation between Ray and Donnie?

  44. Why did Sulu go back to the job?
  45. Was there something special about Ivan's bird?

  46. Why do M4 guns appear in Stranger Things?
  47. Why characters in "The killing of sacred deer" talking like robots?

  48. Why were they trying to get that letter from a locker in Inception?

  49. First example of "super-wealthy steal younger bodies for immortality" plot?

  50. Why was Bruce's silence referred to as a "Walt Disney"?

  51. Disney's Recess Whistles
  52. Was Rachel Zane talking about a poison pill?
  53. Mental illnesses in Carrie's family

  54. Mismatch in statistics shown in opening credit scene

  55. Why did the Jurassic Park gas-powered jeeps have amber tail lights?

  56. What happened to Jim Paprocki's brother?
  57. Who shot Lt. Smith (Wesley Snipes) in the back?

  58. When did Tony Stark learn to fight?

  59. Glass shoes in Cinderella (2015)

  60. Did Mork and Mindy scripts really mark the gaps for Robin Williams's ad-libs?

  61. Are there two separate versions of Hugo Stiglitz's background in Inglourious Bastards?

  62. Carl Douglas of 'Kung-Fu FIghting' fame
  63. Did Damian Lewis appear in Season 6?

  64. Why are all policemen rhinos?
  65. Is there any connection between Indiana Jones's whip and his fear of snakes?
  66. In the Predator movies, did makers mention anything about female Predators?

  67. How does Captain Salazar know about the compass?

  68. How did Lord Voldemort die even though Harry Potter survived?

  69. Why didn't Voldemort create a seventh Horcrux not knowing Harry was one?

  70. Did Rachel or any of her friends know about Gunther's crush on her?

  71. Is Crait planet inspired from Pluto?
  72. How does the title 'The Imitation Game' justify the story of the movie?
  73. What does BSUSB stand for in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2?

  74. What does Chris Evans have in his ear? Earpiece or shadow?

  75. Why did Voldemort kill his own horcrux?

  76. Why did Hattori Hanzo break his oath?

  77. What was governor Nix's motive to keep the Monitor on?

  78. How are the measurements used by Nielsen evolving to meet new methods of content delivery and viewing?
  79. Just how many tickets did John Wayne and Clark Gable sell?
  80. How could the lady who redeemed Bill know what was up?
  81. How does Chidi suddenly speak English?

  82. How does Mike know that the monster craves blood?
  83. How/why did Tomorrowland depopulate?

  84. How is it decided whether or not a TV show will censor its swearing?
  85. Why did they scrap the old park in Jurassic World?
  86. How does the Big Market work?

  87. What happens with Barr?

  88. How did the Coco Day of the dead magic work before photography?

  89. Is Slushy Burger a reference to any restaurant chain?

  90. How is electricity generated in A Quiet Place?
  91. Did John Wayne ever shoot first?

  92. Air effect in scenes and dances

  93. Why not use 1 note only?
  94. At how many different scales were starship Enterprise models produced?

  95. How did they put the horse head into Woltz's bed?

  96. In Avengers (2012) what was the reason for the Galaga reference?

  97. Why did Johnny Cage leave his "friendship" offering after his fight with Scorpion?
  98. What happened to all the Barrys in the scene where his mom died?

  99. Why does the Station Inspector chase children who are on their own and threaten to send them to an Orphanage?

  100. Explanation behind the reappearance of Eobard Thawne during Crisis on Earth X?