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  1. Is James "Jimmy" Kent the brother of Rose MacClare?
  2. Is Kylo Ren more force capable than Snoke?
  3. What was the mirror crystal in the cave under the Jedi Island?

  4. Why can Rey and Kylo still see each other mentally?
  5. How does this apparition happen?

  6. What was the significance of the pentagram?
  7. Which of the Superman scenes of Justice League are from Henry Cavill's CGI-removed mustache?
  8. TV movie where an inconspicous truck transporting valuables is intercepted by terrorists in a dead radio spot

  9. Blade Runner 2049 - Stelline Labs CG Design Credit - or additional footage

  10. Was film actually “better” than digital media?

  11. Did Aarav and Oviya's relationship start out as a fake relationship?

  12. Movie where guy beats someone with handful of car antennas
  13. Who played Sebastian in Suddenly Last Summer?

  14. Identifying a couple serial killer movie, involving kids
  15. European Blackmail drugs movie 90'3 or early 2000's

  16. Why did Spud sign off the EU money to Veronica?

  17. Was the Indian animated movie Swami Ayyappan ever released?

  18. How did Leia manage this feat?

  19. Identify this British comedy TV Show about a couple having their niece and nephew stay over which featured in the Mid 90s

  20. Need to know a hindi movie name thiefs became lovers with girls in that house
  21. Why do chipped people obey A.L.I.E?
  22. How loud is the boom when a ship appears in the space?
  23. A movie about two kids witnessing a murder but having to flee because the killer comes after the kids
  24. Admiral Holdo's tactic in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" - Why is this not used more?

  25. How were they able to track them easily?

  26. How did DJ know this?

  27. Movie in which the actress tries to stop a taxi by showing her breast to a driver?

  28. Was this how the Knights Of Ren were formed?

  29. When Iriden 3 get blown up in the Dark Matter timeline
  30. Did they build a helipad just for the movie?

  31. Movie with zombie young girl attacking parents

  32. How is/are God/Gods in the Star Wars canon
  33. Was the famous “Wilhelm Scream” used in “The Last Jedi?”
  34. Explanation of Bollywood movie No Smoking (2007)

  35. Why did Watson hallucinate?

  36. Does anyone say "I have a bad feeling about this" in episode VIII

  37. Why does Moana say 'I've delivered us to where we are'?

  38. Why did Eleven say goodbye to Mike if she knew she could go back?

  39. Straight Outta Compton - claims of police abuse

  40. 2000s TV childrens animated show - young girls with name like gemstones

  41. Significance of Sergeant McManus's changing tie style?

  42. When was the first use of nudity on the silver screen?
  43. How did the baby get a transfusion without compromising beliefs?

  44. Movie about a guy in the forest fighting some bikers

  45. What is the purpose of Max's brother Billy in Stranger Things 2?

  46. What do Empire / First order officers wear in front of chest?

  47. Does the village of Motunui as depicted in "Moana" accurately depict a Polynesian village?

  48. Asian horror movie where group of friends get into an accident

  49. Identify this Asian movie featuring a very bizarre creature
  50. What are Bortus and Alara's jobs on the bridge of the Orville?

  51. At which dream level did Inception end?
  52. Is Darth Vader’s name a pun?

  53. Looking for a Japanese movie about roommates with antisocial behaviors living together
  54. Did the McBains in "Once Upon a Time in the West" have any historical matches in the real world?

  55. What is the meaning of this patient's words to Teddy Daniels?

  56. What's the building Harold Meachum lives atop?
  57. Memories related to 'Oh My Darling Clementine' in the movie Eternal sunshine
  58. B&W Movie or tv show about a painter who builds some device to paint for him
  59. Rights to "Gotham" and Batman after Fox's proposed sale?

  60. Why does Quint blow the Orca's engine in Jaws?
  61. What does the prophecy exactly say in the Star Wars saga?

  62. Who was the Shaman?
  63. Name of a TV show about a businessman who raises a little girl

  64. How many hours does Carson Daly spend on "Last Call w/ Carson Daly?

  65. Why is Finn's accent different from John Boyega's natural accent?

  66. Help identify a Netflix movie about a lady locked in an attic.
  67. In the "300" movie, in the final battle, Why didn't Leonidas kill Xerxes?

  68. How was Mitch Emhoff immune to the disease?
  69. Do the themes in "Moana" reflect Western or Pacifica themes?
  70. Is Character Colin Sweeney a reference to Sweeney Todd in 'The Good Wife'?
  71. Why is the name 'Batman' avoided in the Dawn of Justice?

  72. A movie that ends with a female in a hospital being told that her friend didn't survive

  73. What is the name of the cartoon where the apocalypse occurs in 1994?

  74. Direct recording while shooting

  75. Are Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren Sith?

  76. Why is Eric wearing the "Token's life matters" shirt?

  77. Which worse thing was Luke expecting in Star Wars: A New Hope?
  78. In "Don't Just Stand There" (1968), why was it a compliment to ask a girl if she was "Pamela McCarthy"?

  79. How accurate is the depiction of the KGB?

  80. How does Kylo Ren know?

  81. How did they create The Shadow's disguise?

  82. Why are the children disappointed to see that Dory is alive?

  83. What is the purpose of taxi-cabs and buses in Pixar’s 'Cars 2' movie?
  84. 1970 thriller movie set in a large high-rise apartment in America
  85. What does Francis Underwood's ring mean to him and why does he bury it?

  86. Why are some spells in Harry Potter in English?

  87. Animation about a post-apocalyptic world, an ocarina, narwhals

  88. What is the significance of 45 Years Movie?

  89. How is it that some of the Cylons are born and others grown in fluid?

  90. Explanation of the events at the end of Fight Club?
  91. What is the significance of shooting porn film for An American Werewolf in London?

  92. Is this character in The Last Jedi a puppet, CGI, or a mixture of both?

  93. A movie(European I believe) about a man wanting to die, but meeting a woman and changing his mind

  94. Why didn't the Council of Ricks wage war on (and destroy) the Galactic Federation?

  95. Movie about a drilling on Earth thats ends wrong causing a part of earth flying away?

  96. Why was the scene with Biggs in A New Hope removed and never added again?
  97. Married man and salesman have very pleasant conversation after marital argument
  98. Is there any significance to the Disney character figurines?

  99. Where was the Caretaker's farm scenes filmed for Star Trek: Voyager?

  100. What are the differences between two climax of Solo?