1. How does the Bloomberg website chart calculate the "Rate of Change"?

  2. If a stock is in a bull market, is setting a stop limit a good way to protect myself from a crash or bear market?
  3. Can I use stock futures as an indicator for price movement?
  4. What will happen to the stock market, once governments increase interest and stop quantitative easing?

  5. How to get information about historical stock option prices for a defunct company?
  6. If a company that doesn't pay dividends makes a large profit, where does it go?

  7. Do you have experience using crowdfinancing sites?

  8. Does a stock/bond that stays at level price lose money over time?

  9. Buying International Stock

  10. What does negative Total Equity means in McDonald's balance sheet?

  11. Unusually high negative profit when buying a stock
  12. Wash sale rule impact on different scenarios between different types of accounts

  13. Regarding Australian CBS takeover of TEN
  14. I buy a stock at 10$ and sell it for 100$ where does the money come from

  15. Better way to calculate earning growth rate to have quick glance on company earning quality

  16. Determining where a business has its primary listing

  17. Why does L & L Energy continue to trade OTC even though it's been defunct for years and its former CEO is in jail?
  18. Historic variation in FTSE100 total market capitalization as a proportion of the FTSEAllShare total market cap?
  19. Can I buy Nintendo stocks (or any stock not traded in US) while residing in US?
  20. Want to gift stock shares to non us student. What do I need to do?

  21. Does a company registered at AMEX has to follow the $1 minimum price rule if traded on NYSE?

  22. How to invest in stocks / Mutual funds in Japan?
  23. Is there a regulatory reason that only AEX has daily options

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  27. Volatility indicator

  28. How can a retail investor short the German car industry and its suppliers?
  29. Stock market crashes

  30. do Convertible bond/note always convert?
  31. Is there any advantage or strategy in buying/investing shares of many companies spread-out vs. fewer/more selective ones all-in?

  32. Play Stock Market as individual

  33. How can I calculate the volatility(standard deviation) of a stock price? and/or ROI (return on investment) of a stock?
  34. Early exercising stock options if no AMT
  35. Buying stocks at one price then buying more at a higher price

  36. Do companies sell new securities before or after a prospectus about the offering?

  37. Are there popular systems for analyzing which companies to invest in?

  38. Selling Stocks to Cover Medical Costs

  39. What are good investment options for a 19yr old stripper

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  41. What are the fees on etoro?
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  43. Can I place a stop loss and a limit sell at the same time?
  44. If a startup can always issue new shares, what value is there to stocks/options?

  45. Calculating Stochastic Ocillator

  46. Why do Big Stock Players trade more in the last few minutes of the trading day?

  47. Stock Split mean double the stock units?
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  49. Stock buybacks is similar to a dividend?

  50. Stock exchange quarterly report deadlines in US

  51. Are companies like EquityZen legitimate and useful?

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  53. Where should I invest to hedge against the stock market going down?

  54. Once stock prices are down, where to look for good stock market deals?
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  56. Earnings Calendar Fiscal Quarter Ending

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  58. Static and Dynamic, Major/Minor Support and Resistance in Stock Trading/Investing
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  63. I have 8 shares of the Third National Bank and Trust Company of Scranton, PA - what is it worth?

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  68. Buy small-cap ETF when you already have large-cap of the same market

  69. Approximation of equity value for company in default

  70. Why might it be a bad idea to invest 100% of your 401(k) into a stock index fund?
  71. "Convertible -debt/note/bond/debentures" which of these are the same or different?
  72. What happens to my stocks when broker goes bankrupt?
  73. Does it make any sense to have individual stocks, bonds, preferred shares
  74. How do I calculate Return on Equity using moneycontrol data?
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  77. how exactly do companies make money from warrants?
  78. Pros and cons of opening joint portfolio

  79. Does Blackrock iShares know that I have bought their product?
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  81. Can a buyout announcement cause a short squeeze above the announced takeover price?
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  87. I only know folio number and do not have any document regarding my share

  88. What is a "Subscription Rights Offering" of a stock one owns?

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  90. Did an additional $32 billion necessarily get invested into stock on October 26th, 2017?

  91. How does high frequency trading work if money isn't available for 2-3 days after selling?

  92. What is the effect of a cancelled stock order on a stock and the market?

  93. Ideal investments for a recent college grad with very high risk tolerance?

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  95. How can I buy U.S.-listed stock as a South African?

  96. How can I find a company's P/E ratio based on its given EPS and the P/E ratios of other companies?
  97. Selling high, pay capital gains, re-purchase later
  98. Calculating a stock's price target

  99. ESPP in the UK - worth it? Disqualifying / qualifying sales?

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