1. Does a stocks price reflect how much the company is making?

  2. How can I make any sort of profit in day-trading if the price doesn't rise much after I buy stock?

  3. Bought stock at higher price than current price
  4. Chart showing percent change?

  5. Can a broker refuse to place my limit-orders?

  6. Difference between the cumulative long-term returns earned by business and the cumulative returns earned by the U.S. stock market

  7. How to get information about historical stock option prices for a defunct company?
  8. Level 2 manipulation: types and how to spot

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  10. Avoiding sin stock: does it make a difference?
  11. Acquisitions: Effect on stock price of Acquisitor and Acquired?

  12. Investing in Canadian Stocks as an American

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  14. Partial Sale of Private (Foreign) Company Stock

  15. Can you sell your REIT stock at any time?

  16. Correct interpretation of side-by-side graphs of intra-day fluctuations of stocks and bonds

  17. Why can it be a bad idea to buy stocks after hours?

  18. Stocks: do Good Till Cancelled orders get executed during after hours?

  19. Supplement disability income by trading stocks?

  20. Selling dividend securities in after-market hours: Who gets the dividend?
  21. After Hours S&P 500
  22. Why GOOG is "After Hours" while FB is "Pre-market"?
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  24. Stock trading for Non resident f1-OPT TAX
  25. Warren Buffett and how he earned his money

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  27. What effect does a company's earnings have on the price of its stock?

  28. Replacement shares and wash sales

  29. Definition of day trading
  30. How do brokerage firms handle dividend reinvestment when a company does not offer DRIP?
  31. What products can be used to insure against a large market drop?
  32. At which P/E ratio can a stock be considered overvalued?

  33. All Share Price Index

  34. Which dividend bearing stock should be chosen by price?

  35. Historic variation in FTSE100 total market capitalization as a proportion of the FTSEAllShare total market cap?

  36. Want to gift stock shares to non us student. What do I need to do?

  37. Where can I download all stock symbols of all companies "currently listed" and "delisted" as of today?

  38. Is there a regulatory reason that only AEX has daily options

  39. Deviation between European and American Stock exchanges
  40. taxes, ordinary income, and adjusted cost basis for RSUs

  41. Trading US stocks from India with SSN
  42. Identify good US bank's stock to invest based on Loan ratios

  43. How can I calculate the volatility(standard deviation) of a stock price? and/or ROI (return on investment) of a stock?

  44. What does it really mean when I hear that DOW JONES is up or down some points?

  45. Would earning reports or other filings for a retail outlet include a breakdown of sales by category?

  46. If a stock assures that they will never pay out any dividends in the whole future of the company, is it worth anything?

  47. Are social/responsible stock funds pointless?

  48. How to determine if a bid-ask spread is "good" or "bad"?
  49. How do I calculate Return on Equity using moneycontrol data?
  50. Import stock transactions from Excel to GnuCash
  51. Tracking S&P in Germany

  52. Is it insider trading if you use internal knowledge to profit from third-party stocks/investments?
  53. Why is a 60/40 bond/equity mix not doing well?

  54. Where can I buy stocks if I only want to invest a little bit at a time, and not really be involved in trading?

  55. how to pick the proper stop loss order

  56. What kind of technical analysis and indicators available for mutual fund navs
  57. What is the difference between a scrip dividend and a stock split?

  58. How do you find out if an AIM share is eligible for tax relief?
  59. If you ignore taxes, In the end is using FIFO or LIFO the same?

  60. How do I calculate the cost basis of RSUs?

  61. Why would someone want to sell call options?
  62. Natural way of expressing changes in percentages in the financial markets
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  68. Tracking health of a stock portfolio

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  75. Some basic questions about bid, ask and last prices

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  80. Is CFD a viable option for long-term trading?

  81. I want to buy Tencent stock - whats the difference between 0700, TCEHY and NNND?

  82. Why do banks offer credit cards with less than 7% APR
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  95. Bid - Ask / red or green / Level 2 questions

  96. Is an historic bull market a bad time to begin investing for the first time in life?
  97. Can someone explain a stock's "bid" vs. "ask" price relative to "current" price?
  98. Revenue Vs. Earnings

  99. In the USA, is it illegal for a group of people to agree to purchase or sell a particular stock?

  100. Can heavy demand for options drive up or down a stock price?