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  1. Dual Citizen (US / CDN) wants to buy US equities in Canadian brokerage
  2. How can so many ETFs tracking the same index coexist?

  3. Cross listed stocks accounting

  4. How to ask investment for one saas product of many?
  5. Why do large price stocks have larger price fluctuations?
  6. Unsecured line of credit maturity date
  7. Calculating current value of partners in partnership business

  8. What happens if my primary and one of my contigent beneficiaries pass away? How are percentages disbursed?

  9. Card pre-authorization time limit
  10. One of my stock positions has grown substantially. Should I rebalance my portfolio?

  11. Can a person negotiate with banks on CD interest rates?
  12. Why are stronger currencies worth more than others?
  13. I am a foreigner withdrawing a USA pension. Do I file a state tax return?
  14. Paying salary to a shareholder when the business has no revenue

  15. half year s-corp no payroll ok?

  16. Help to become a tiny bit literate in business finance

  17. Can a Zelle Bank Transfer be reversed or denied after credit has been added?
  18. How does a qualified intermediary (QI) make money?

  19. Can an S-Corp write off work and merchandise expenses donated to a non-profit organization?
  20. How to buy stocks online?
  21. Incentive stock options, tax lots, and long-term capital gains
  22. Financing my parents renovation

  23. ETF - Why are the fees so different?
  24. Gift money transfer from UK to US

  25. Massachusetts company, working out of state

  26. Would I be a resident alien or dual-status alien for tax purposes in 2017?

  27. NAV Deviations in 2x ETFs
  28. Why do I get a much better price for options with a limit order than the ask price?
  29. Can a broker refuse to place my limit-orders?

  30. How to check I own a stock not involving a broker

  31. My wife telecommutes. Mortgage on my name but she is on the title. Can we tax deduct?

  32. Joint Account Taxes

  33. Foreign priced expenses - actual card charge amount is OK?
  34. Cost basis on sold rental property obtained by cashing out ex-wife, not incident to divorce?

  35. gnucash: search transaction across all accounts

  36. Computer-readable IRS tax tables

  37. Automatic ASK price increase when it is reached

  38. What criteria should be considered when selecting a residential real-estate appraiser in the US?
  39. How to withdraw 401k for foreign nationals already returned home?
  40. Is simple interest related to the actuarial method?

  41. Which is better -to save money or pay down debt?
  42. Is there a difference between a 360/360 day count convention and a 30/360?

  43. Do I need to pay taxes on my mother in law giving us "rent" money?
  44. 2 401k's and a SEP-IRA

  45. Bid/Ask Price Clarification [Real examples]
  46. What stock market would legally allow me to manipulate the price of shares?
  47. U.S. Form 2210: What accuracy requirement for quarterly deductions?
  48. Investing in Hedge Fund on a Rolling Basis

  49. What is the risk to me of moving my money to a smaller bank?
  50. Refund to old credit card

  51. Form W-8BEN income taxable in India/US

  52. Looking for USD virtual card service
  53. What is the cost basis when selling shares received as part of an acquisition?
  54. Inverted strangle

  55. Financial advice on the big 3

  56. india : income tax liability on leaves encashment

  57. How can I calculate the difference between investing cash in a mutual fund versus using it to install solar?

  58. What's better to invest in lending club or stocks?
  59. Need clarification on error message Fillable Forms

  60. Calculating PAYE tax and NIC contributions on two different bands of income in the UK
  61. How to request customs for revaluation of Customs Duty on the prize received to India from US in a competition

  62. How to add TransferWise Borderless Account as a Bank Account in Paypal

  63. 401K Withdrawal for a home purchase , Reverse Rollover possible?

  64. Capital gains and income
  65. Futures and forward contracts are very different from each other
  66. I am Indian Resident, and would like to gift my daughter who is PIO as well as US Citizen now

  67. Keep spending money fixing an old car or buy new car

  68. Can I break a lease in response to a nonrenewal notice?

  69. If I buy a share from myself at a higher price, will that drive the price up so I can sell all my shares the higher price?
  70. Does basis remain in Traditional IRA after a complete conversion?

  71. Is there a minimum stock price for tsx listings?

  72. What happens if everyone buys S&P 500 index funds?
  73. Purchasing an existing business, What do I offer investors?

  74. Options on the E-mini S&P 500 Futures at the CME: why was EW4 introduced later than EW1 and EW2?

  75. Building an ETF portfolio: Is it even possible to diversify?

  76. Sales tax or Use tax

  77. Why do big companies buy out sinking ships? (closing/bankrupt companies)

  78. IRS §250 - Foreign-Derived Intangible Income - "property"?
  79. How does earning per share get credited to stock owner
  80. Cashback on taxi fare
  81. Given how much price decay there is in inverse (short) ETF's, are the inverse ETF's profitable even in a prolonged bear market?

  82. How much hassle is it inheriting shares?

  83. What is the purpose of a Share owner services?
  84. Buying less shares more frequently

  85. Importing .csv into GnuCash

  86. Credit card - Installment plan with 0% mark up

  87. Working out of India for UK company from 1 Jan 2016 on contract

  88. Someone's asking me to transfer money from their bank account using their login information. Is this a scam?

  89. Non Resident Indian taxes 2016
  90. Trading US stocks from India with SSN

  91. In what order do solar (rolling) and EV (non-rolling) tax credits stack?

  92. Identify good US bank's stock to invest based on Loan ratios

  93. Do banks do a credit check when buying a CD?
  94. How can I link my HSBC account to PayPal in Egypt?

  95. How can I report pump and dump scams?

  96. Resident alien for tax purposes: Still valid after a gap of 2 years?

  97. How to convert dollar amounts between years?
  98. Why would anyone want to pay off their debts in a way other than "highest interest" first?
  99. Is it a lie that you can easily make money passively in the stock market?
  100. Does this trigger a wash sale