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  1. My banks and brokers want to send me electronic statements. What best practices should I ask them to follow?
  2. Just incorporated. Can I transfer my last personal paypal payout to my new business account?
  3. What taxes to pay when working for a US company remotely from Europe?

  4. How to create my own fractional-reserve bank?

  5. Can I turn myself into a pass-through corporation in order to save money on income tax?

  6. A friend wants to use my account for a wire transfer. Is this a scam or is it legitimate?
  7. Student loan debt forgiveness

  8. Can it really hurt your credit to pay off things in collections?

  9. Why is inflation incorrect

  10. Credit card purchase and retailer math error

  11. How does the Bloomberg website chart calculate the "Rate of Change"?

  12. Why is a REIT (Real estate investment trust) able to grow and appreciate, given that it is not able to retain its earnings?

  13. Detangle this potential scam?

  14. Adjusting a value for inflation each month using rolling 12-monthly inflation figures

  15. If a stock is in a bull market, is setting a stop limit a good way to protect myself from a crash or bear market?
  16. Moving in together, separate finances

  17. Can I use stock futures as an indicator for price movement?

  18. Closing UK Limited company
  19. Source of funds for formation of IRA-owned LLC
  20. Are median London prices noticeable higher than the rest of the UK?
  21. In what countries can credit card merchants use address verification?
  22. What taxes or fees should employer pay to keep an employee's work permit and residence safe in Sweden?

  23. Tax impact of receiving a bank transfer and making a purchase for a friend?
  24. US/NY: Benefits of paying SALT before 12/31

  25. Is physical gold inflation-proof?

  26. Formula for Calculating Periodic Fixed Payments with Multiple Rate Changes

  27. What is the formula for the monthly payment on an adjustable rate mortgage?
  28. Home Loan rebate in Indian Income tax
  29. new tax bill pass-through limit deduction threshold
  30. Scamming an investor by offering a quick sale of a property at her named price
  31. In the EU, do Deposit guarantee schemes protect forex accounts?

  32. How can one invest in bismuth?
  33. Meaning of negative stockholder equity
  34. Can I rollover a traditional IRA into a self-employed 401k if the self-employed business had no income this year?
  35. Mega Backdoor Roth: Withdrawal consequences for in-plan vs out-of-plan conversion

  36. Capital gains under the new 2018 GOP tax plan

  37. Do I declare money earned outside Sweden?

  38. Tax on a freelance journalist salary sent to a friend's account?

  39. How to calculate worth of money N year ago from given inflation value
  40. Are there any more or less tax-efficient assets in Germany?
  41. How is P/E ratio of a bond fund calculated?
  42. Deduction for self employed plus employer income
  43. Several questions on Bitcoin futures

  44. Is selling items and exporting to Africa a good idea or a potential nightmare?
  45. What are the "capital gains" my ETF is distributing to me alongside its dividends?

  46. What will happen to the stock market, once governments increase interest and stop quantitative easing?
  47. How to get information about historical stock option prices for a defunct company?

  48. NRI Indian customs question

  49. What considerations to take when comparing rates for hourly contracting vs. annual salaried employment

  50. What would be the approximate penalty for withdrawing from IRA?
  51. How could George Clooney have paid his friends' taxes?

  52. Authorized user on Lowe’s credit card (only credit history besides phone bill) how will this affect me when applying for an auto loan?

  53. Right account for local purchases, loan EMI, and investments

  54. still have mortgage on old house to be torn down- want to build new house
  55. If a company that doesn't pay dividends makes a large profit, where does it go?

  56. The proper term for a third party economy
  57. Calculating Federal Tax from my paycheck - question about the formula used
  58. How does Yahoo finance adjust stock data for splits and dividends?

  59. How does "debt prescription" work in America (Utah if that matters)?
  60. I may have made an ineligible contribution to a Roth IRA. What should I do?
  61. If I am eligible for employer sponsored insurance which doesn't offer coverage in my state, can I still get an APTC on the exchange?

  62. My dentist sent a forged bill to my insurance (California, US)

  63. eToro - is it possibile to disable stop loss and take profit limits?
  64. What does 'entity information' mean in the Articles of Organization (California LLC)
  65. Do you have experience using crowdfinancing sites?
  66. Taxes for foreign non-profit to raise money in US via Kickstarter?
  67. Calculating gain percentage for 24h, 7d, 30d, 3m, and so on

  68. Is it possible to establish a new relationship with a creditor after bankruptcy?

  69. For a gain of +$X on the underlying security, would the gains on a single LEAP be identical to the gains on 100 shares of that security?

  70. Calculate hourly wage from annual salary offer?
  71. Canada startup employee equity taxes for stock taken in lieu of a salary?

  72. Fees for using mastercard/Visa card at a place which accepts payment in other currency
  73. How do foreign visitors from restricted currency countries get dollars?

  74. Does a stock/bond that stays at level price lose money over time?

  75. Why are South Korean and Japanese banks adopting Ripple Coin and not Bitcoin?
  76. Are there any disadvantages to DHA Investment Properties?
  77. Buying International Stock

  78. For FY 2008-09, in ITR-2, can one mention brokerage value for STCG or STCL, if no proof provided but was paid?
  79. Royal Family - thieves or contributors?
  80. How do used vehicle exchange programs at car dealerships work?
  81. Capital Gains Tax on sale of land
  82. Gnucash: how to add multiple rates in the price scatterplot

  83. What happens with fractional shares in a stock swap.
  84. What happens to checking account monthly fees when you have a 0 balance?

  85. How to report the Short term Capital loss (incurred during a perticular time slot of the Year) in IT return
  86. How can I start trading in cryptocurrency when none of the trading sites support the banks in my country?

  87. What investments can I make now for an on coming recession?

  88. Transferring money between two banks in the U.S
  89. Insurance fraud?

  90. What's the difference between a company's after-tax profit and their sales/revenue?
  91. How much effort (and why) should consumers put into protecting their credit card numbers?
  92. Do I need an HSA in order to purchase an HSA health plan?

  93. Tax Question - Charitable Contribution Deduction

  94. Essential Questions to ask when looking for an apartment?

  95. My eBay account was hacked and a fraudulent listing was made- Scam?

  96. What does negative Total Equity means in McDonald's balance sheet?

  97. Moving a personal business to a LLC accounting in California

  98. Is it possible to get a mortgage with less than 20% down without private mortgage insurance?

  99. In this scenario can I write off more than $25 for a gift?

  100. L1 Visa Tax for working more than 183 days in US