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  1. Why can it be a bad idea to buy stocks after hours?
  2. Stocks: do Good Till Cancelled orders get executed during after hours?

  3. How to project monthly payments for Verizon plan?

  4. Roth IRA one year, Traditional IRA another. Sound strategy?

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  8. Tax filing, visa status changed from F-1 to H1B

  9. Filing FBAR separately from spouse, do both spouses show joint account info on both forms?
  10. Is this broker a scam?

  11. Selling dividend securities in after-market hours: Who gets the dividend?
  12. After Hours S&P 500

  13. Why GOOG is "After Hours" while FB is "Pre-market"?
  14. How can I transfer my money between US/Canada bank accounts with as little loss as possible?

  15. What would be a better fund allocation?

  16. How to use full margin (Robinhood Gold) while staying diverse

  17. Can you sell your REIT stock at any time?

  18. Live in NY but work remotely for a company in Virginia. Which 529 plan can I deduct taxes?
  19. Best Practices for Buying a House?
  20. Savings advice for a 16 year old with £20,000 - convicing my parents that investing this into a property is a bad idea
  21. Can I deduct a donation of a car I received as a gift?

  22. How to properly calculate tax in Sweden?

  23. How to file 1040NR form as a non-resident alien owner of a U.S. LLC in Wyoming?

  24. What do I do if my income is just a little too high for "free file"?

  25. Reporting income when no 1099 form was issued

  26. How much capital is necessary to live on $5000 / mo.?

  27. I am trying to figure out what a weaker dollar in the future would mean for a foreign investor
  28. At what time of day does time value fall off of a call option?

  29. How do interest rates affect money market account rates?

  30. RSI formula doubts
  31. How to report the Short term Capital loss (incurred during a perticular time slot of the Year) in IT return

  32. I live in Texas and remotely work for a New Jersey company. Do I need pay NJ state tax?

  33. Advice for a first time investor
  34. Bank account when owner dead

  35. How I can convince bank to proceed with chargeback for the scam broker?

  36. How to transfer money from an ATM card in a village in India without an ATM machine or smart phone?
  37. Receipt of Funds from Outside of India via International bank transfer - Purpose of Remittance
  38. Writing OTM puts and calls with strike prices beyond reasonable
  39. Trading Options (Call on Robinhood App)
  40. How to calculate APY interest rate from Normal interest rate
  41. Is it possible to place an order that is conditional on another order being executed?
  42. How does a company credit card work?

  43. J1 Exchange visitor income tax filing
  44. Cheapest way to send money from UK to USA
  45. Stock trading for Non resident f1-OPT TAX

  46. US Tax on cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and other altcoin) investments for Non-resident Alien student
  47. American Living Abroad not working for a US company, what kind of taxes do I pay?
  48. What is the difference between the LIBOR data from the FRB and WSJ?
  49. H1b Visa - Any way to save taxes?
  50. Protecting assets against addictions
  51. Can a person work after "retiring" and receiving a pension?
  52. Calculate federal withholding based on number of dependents
  53. What are risks / expenses to buy a house in Germany?
  54. Is investing this time in a startup worth it?
  55. Warren Buffett and how he earned his money
  56. Car insurance - UK resident, UK-registry car, EEA licence (with Shadow licence in DVLA) - no-claim protection
  57. Licensed and registered in Vanuatu, but not searchable

  58. Calculation of different types of earnings per share
  59. Should I pay off zero interest debt early?

  60. Why is transferring money online to someone else's bank account so difficult in the U.S.?
  61. Newbie Question regarding Fiat Currency & the 'Promise to Pay' statement
  62. Family inheritance and property

  63. An online casino owes me money and wants to pay with a wire transfer. Is this safe?
  64. How to best invest 90,000 EUR with zero knowledge in investing?
  65. Compound Interest & Mortgages

  66. How do you correct an excess Roth IRA contribution after the October 15th deadline?

  67. Which secondary sectors will Trump's tariff affect

  68. First-time homebuy repayment is 0 this year

  69. Ready to invest but I'm overwhelmed with the number of brokers and services

  70. What US State have a minimum threshold for collection of sales tax (especially for remote sellers)?
  71. £600 per month after rent: is this good?

  72. How to acquire skills required for long-term investing?
  73. In the U.S., is one who inherits artwork, antiques, or other such goods required to professionally appraise them before selling them?

  74. Why can you not have more than one car or homeowners insurance policy?
  75. USA Tax: What do I do with 1042-s forms (copy b, c, & d)?
  76. What effect does a company's earnings have on the price of its stock?
  77. Replacement shares and wash sales
  78. Am I obligated to file through a tax preparer after an unsatisfactory consultation?
  79. Which deductions reduce AGI?
  80. Definition of day trading
  81. How do brokerage firms handle dividend reinvestment when a company does not offer DRIP?

  82. How many private customers do the big US banks have?

  83. Why do people divide their liability coverage into primary and excess?
  84. Should I be filing taxes for 2017 as a Resident Alien or a Non-resident alien?

  85. Is worth it to keep my two rental properties or to sell them right now?

  86. Credit card cloned and money taken (UK)
  87. What products can be used to insure against a large market drop?

  88. At which P/E ratio can a stock be considered overvalued?
  89. How to view short interest of a stock on ThinkOrSwim

  90. Indian Income Tax - EVC done before payment was reflected

  91. Filed 1040, Forgot to Check Box on Line 61 (full year health coverage). File 1040X or Wait?
  92. How to convert a Traditional IRA contribution from 2016

  93. Can I use an HSA to pay financed payments for LASIK?
  94. All Share Price Index

  95. Taxes and distributions for three-person LLC
  96. profiting from distributed social networks

  97. How to delete multiple transaction at once in GnuCash?
  98. Which dividend bearing stock should be chosen by price?

  99. Is there a limit of how much one can get wired to a US bank account from another bank account in a foreign country?
  100. Are banks required to issue statements?