1. Always show inbox and achievements in the top bar, without requiring an account on each site

  2. Grinched? Winter Bash seems to have gone missing

  3. I cannot log in on
  4. User views on Data Explorer is wrong or extremely out-of-date
  5. Allow moderator migration selection to use alternate names/URLs

  6. I can't get to I just get prompted for another login

  7. vote-down privileges explanation on meta gives 404
  8. Edit the MSE help page about automatic deletion to remove a criterion that is not enabled here

  9. I'm seeing red dots everywhere
  10. Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

  11. Allow flagging a comment after upvoting it

  12. Why can't I wear a hat?
  13. Has the Cthulhu chat egg (and the other ones) been removed?

  14. Why can't we add this blog feed into our chat?
  15. Area 51 emails don't have unsubscribe link anymore

  16. Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered, zero-score questions after a year?
  17. Cannot login to; server error when trying to access chat homepage
  18. Cannot log into Area 51 with Google account
  19. Can / Should the review count indicator be changed to be colour-coded status instead of numerical?

  20. Modulate the review notification's color to reflect changes, or make it dismissible
  21. Notification for reviews shows way too many

  22. Extra blue line appearing in the top bar (Firefox only)

  23. Will a good [job-interview] where I pass all the [interview-questions] help my [career-development]?

  24. Broken margins on review page

  25. Replace the picture of the half-naked man on the 404 page of Stackapps

  26. Why is the 'join <site>" banner not centred anymore?

  27. Update the help center to indicate Stack Overflow Careers questions are off-topic

  28. Why can't I submit my question on Stack Overflow?
  29. Add data.SE style "magic links" to comments
  30. Broken content in

  31. Incorrect icon in Hot Network Questions and Communities

  32. Why is one migration showing up as to a blank site?
  33. Notices are confusing on mobile web
  34. Could we please rename the Controversial Topic Post Notice?

  35. Synonimize [.net-micro-framework] and [netmf] tags

  36. Different behaviour of mouse over for top bar menu on and other sites
  37. SignUp throws error in for the non logged-in user

  38. Comment is shifted to the right

  39. Pick up photo within registration not working at all

  40. Top bar not updated for

  41. Search doesn't say how many results there are anymore
  42. Comment deletion requires manual page refresh to disappearing
  43. Improve "Protected Question" message with regard to rep gained through Association Bonus
  44. De-linkify links in network profile if a network-wide suspension is applied

  45. Please add an RSS feed of bounty questions and answers

  46. Comments for deleted answers still visible
  47. Jess Pardue has a wrong link!
  48. Impact Tooltip Cut Off

  49. Review bans should escalate beyond 30 days
  50. Search for new questions returns yesterday and older posts on most Stack Exchange sites

  51. Recent question feed is titled "top questions"
  52. Phantom unaccept appearing just before accept

  53. The entire answer is moving when hovering the bounty button
  54. Floating sidebar clash with footer in team page
  55. Don't split revision string in the footer
  56. User profile creation time for the profiles created today is not showing anymore
  57. What does the up arrow in the "top posts" section of the user profile mean?

  58. Localization issue for searching in help
  59. User RSS feed is terribly localized
  60. Request for a new post notice for The Workplace: "sensitive topic / be nice"

  61. OpenSTV on election page - unavailable anymore

  62. Duplicate list "edit" link erroneously displayed on non-closed questions
  63. HTML entities are being displayed
  64. All of Jeff Atwood's Diamonds are gone except on Area51.Meta
  65. Tag scores have not updated; script did not run

  66. Huge avatar while editing profile in mobile web

  67. On hold posts marked as closed in search results
  68. Remove the 2 link limit for new users everywhere

  69. Haven't received association bonus on Arqade
  70. Search just broke

  71. Ask Different formatting bug in election page

  72. User experience of overriding community's decision on suggested edit

  73. Mobile web for Edit Email Settings page is broken
  74. Oops page for several tabs in mobile profile page

  75. Can we remove the "multiple closed questions" automatic system flag?

  76. Add users' linked account ids to the data dump

  77. Destroying a spammer does not delete their comments

  78. Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period

  79. Undeleting comments breaks the layout

  80. Review Count - Fix It or Lose It

  81. "my logins" is not loading in the network profile
  82. Please update the readme.txt in the Data Dump

  83. Can anyone explain the meaning of this icon?

  84. Don't show tech-focused blog posts on non-tech sites
  85. Cropped avatar is shown in full but distorted in the users page

  86. Candidate score is given incorrectly for users with less than 1k points
  87. Should site icons be generic black when accessed through the left drop-down?
  88. Wrong site icons are displaying in Area 51

  89. My Area 51 reputation is different from my Area 51 discuss reputation
  90. There's something not quite right with the achievements drop down on (All of the site icons are wrong)
  91. Why are Stack Exchange profile deletion email notifications sent from Stack Overflow email address?
  92. Date format in reputation graph should use national standards
  93. Odd red SE logo in new top bar

  94. Sizing suffixes on uploads broken

  95. Most of the network is throwing a Runtime error
  96. SE icon in top bar disappears when hovering
  97. What happened to my Profile?
  98. Search bar widths across the sites
  99. Reputation misaligned in new topbar

  100. Achievements dropdown is disorganised