1. Please allow expired close/open votes to be re-cast

  2. Improvements to a suggested edit cannot be submitted when the suggestion is approved during editing
  3. The "Users" page displays all the users on a single line

  4. Find community text partially obscured in the edit box
  5. Minor spelling mistake on the authorized applications page
  6. Add a message when posting to old questions with more than N answers

  7. Don't tell me that I have new replies when. . . I've seen them all

  8. @name matches in chat are not unique enough

  9. Reply to comment feature request

  10. Review menu missing from top bar

  11. Short answers are floating right in Safari 10.1.2

  12. Ugly look on custom error page on chat because of request to HTTP resource

  13. "An error occurred during sign up" with no explanation whatsoever?
  14. Why I cannot log in to

  15. Question banning should work differently on Meta
  16. Occasionally, the Unicode character sequence U+200C U+200B (ZWNJ ZWSP) is inserted into comments
  17. Alignment issue in election nomination editor toolbar

  18. When post a question the side bar's position is not fixed while scrolling the page

  19. Comment edit history popup is not fully visible in Firefox

  20. Cancel misclicked flags
  21. Have 148 rep but getting 20 rep error message for chat
  22. 6 questions in "Previous Weeks", no "Can you answer"
  23. Does Stack Overflow provide a public API for querying?
  24. Stop advertising the SE app on the mobile site

  25. Search in favorited questions?

  26. Help icon in the is not working

  27. Can "Thanks for your edit!" banner be linkified with the Suggested Edit Link?

  28. Already translated strings have lost their translations

  29. Translations are not used from Transifex for localized sites
  30. SE Android app crashes on opening when logged in

  31. Extra margin when editing About Me

  32. Some of the gravatars in the Newsletter don't belong to the user
  33. Welcome back banner isn't centered

  34. Inbox notification and reputation score is misaligned in mobile web view

  35. Font in editor for editing posts has become proportional
  36. Do not refund bounty on question deletion if reputation would be kept on an awarded answer
  37. Tag tooltip no longer showing on Internet Explorer 11
  38. Cannot start bounty using IE 11

  39. Farewell, bullets in unordered list

  40. Active election pages are broken network-wide

  41. Don't you think that it's time for some Stack Exchange shirts?
  42. Tags with "+" in them broke recently

  43. Cancelling upvote on comment?

  44. Only show the "convert to comment" button in the mod queue if there are no comments on the answer
  45. Let's start coding on the search page
  46. Not receiving weekly newsletter

  47. Encouraging people to explain downvotes
  48. Newly-earned tag badge shows pop-up for newly-earned normal badge
  49. No top user for most sites in users league

  50. Could authors overturn recent community review decisions?
  51. Search options are not separated with spaces

  52. The copyright statement on the Contests site contains an `Â` character

  53. Users in penalty box are still able to post comments
  54. Data explorer site created new jon.doe account, instead of logging me to the old one

  55. Comment timestamp is not showing in Firefox ESR

  56. Comments with MathJax not rendered on Firefox ESR

  57. Tag length increase from 25 to 35 characters was not actually done here on MSE

  58. Posts without notices showing up with hasnotice:yes
  59. /about/moderators is broken

  60. Remove duplicate notifications when both iOS Apps installed
  61. Is the Meta SE FAQ sidebar broken?

  62. Getting "Love this site?" banner even though I'm already subscribed to the newsletter
  63. "How to not be a spammer" help page contains badly-rendered HTTP link on all sites
  64. Oops page for several tabs in mobile profile page

  65. Red tags in headings is hurting my eyes

  66. new mailing list links too long
  67. What happened to the plain-text alternative in newsletters?

  68. Newsletter subscriptions list is not displaying in the subscriptions tab

  69. Why did I automatically unsubscribe to about 75% of all my newsletters

  70. Using oAuth in API throwing internal server error
  71. Alignment issue in Area 51 discussion - search result page

  72. Rename the Community user on localized sites

  73. Signing up for newsletter error

  74. Review icon not showing in private beta sites
  75. The "possible rollback war" flag isn't being triggered by community wiki posts
  76. View highest-voted question by tag
  77. Can we include tag-wiki associations in SEDE?

  78. Website link on Stack Exchange user profile is linkified even for SPAM accounts

  79. Questions migrated from other sites, closed as duplicate, and then locked show the wrong notice
  80. Post banners missing
  81. Green "accepted" color has changed recently on some sites; was this intended?

  82. Resizing an image in a post?

  83. We need to separate translation for users, question counts with scale
  84. Post data isn't available in the API until several minutes after post creation
  85. API cache behavior can be exploited to hide posts from API clients

  86. Unable to pluralize "awarded" on the badges page

  87. Improvements to handling questions with too many answers

  88. The automated Stack Exchange / Feeds user is now participating in chat

  89. Add data.SE style "magic links" to comments

  90. Incorrect "You can only comment every 5 seconds" message
  91. Retain HELP link in top bar when user has access to review queues

  92. Add a console to Stack Snippets

  93. Stack Exchange Facebook OpenID login issue

  94. Can the owner of a question undeleted it with his vote alone? Can he undelete it many times?

  95. Search is adding quotes to searches starting or ending with very specific quoted phrases

  96. Add a "move comments to chat" link in the "mod" menu, instead of only in the flag dashboard
  97. Notification for reviews shows way too many

  98. Should the word “hay” not be deleted at the beginning of posts, especially on Spanish SE?
  99. Search with NOT operator

  100. Exclude specific words in search