1. Can an already granted "Creation Privilege" be taken back?
  2. Can "Reputation" be adjusted to allow for positive points being awarded to a very helpful/informative comment?

  3. Which flag should we use for questions which request how to crack?

  4. Remove the Analytical badge from the list of badges for sites where no users have them
  5. Why there is only Ask Ubuntu but no Ask CentOS?

  6. You can't edit this post message is not showing in first post review
  7. Downvotes on comments, should we have them?

  8. Distinguish close votes by reason
  9. Add tag wiki/excerpt audits with copied content
  10. Meta names differently in hamburger menu on app and web

  11. Don't show questions with ignored tags on Hot Network Questions
  12. Universal User Recent Activity Page

  13. Prevent account deletion for 24 hours after edits or deletions of posts
  14. Can we have much more complex 2015 Winter Bash hats?

  15. Badge for Winter Bash participants

  16. What should we do for Winter Bash 2016?

  17. Always show inbox and achievements in the top bar, without requiring an account on each site
  18. Don't move all the cheese for this snowflake

  19. Remember "I hate hats" setting between years
  20. Accept button is not clear to new users so they are less likely to accept an answer
  21. /blame feature for chat
  22. Is it possible to follow a user automatically?
  23. Include my close and reopen votes on the votes page (or the API /question object)
  24. Why doesn't Data Explorer log in with Stack Overflow login?

  25. Allow moderator migration selection to use alternate names/URLs

  26. How to mark a non HTTP/s schema URL as clickable on Stack Exchange sites?

  27. Edit the MSE help page about automatic deletion to remove a criterion that is not enabled here

  28. Open post in full screen by tapping on the title

  29. Let me view the deleted answers to my own questions

  30. Allow OPs to see deleted answers on their questions

  31. Make the Stack Exchange logo in top bar more useful by having it open a menu

  32. What to do with badly written comments posted by other users

  33. Asking about a visual tool in SO
  34. Move mod menu with the other menus

  35. Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

  36. Facility to search for posts that need editing ('edit' or 'update' tags)
  37. No snowflake on stackexchange.com

  38. Allow flagging a comment after upvoting it
  39. Update suggestions when asking a question using tags

  40. Flag history feature for mods on the chat network

  41. Hats 2017 in the apps
  42. "Thanks for the feedback" notification persists for less than four seconds

  43. Raise an automatic flag for many deleted comments from the same user

  44. Give moderators the option to select a deletion reason when removing posts
  45. HNQ feed refreshes too easily by pull down, while actually sweeping left and right on Android app for tablet

  46. Spam Profiles are getting my goat. Could we have better tools for mods to deal with profile spam?
  47. Stop sending me to stackexchange.com when I click the site-switcher
  48. Why does StackExchange website just don't ban down voters without comment?

  49. Suggested edits with HTML comments and other sneaky stuff: can we alert reviewers?
  50. Can we have a better way to look at protected questions in the 10K tools?
  51. Allow to change bounty value at the third step of the Create Bounty dialog

  52. Editing The SE System

  53. Add a "don't migrate crap" migration 'path' to all sites

  54. Change tag synonym display handling in /tags

  55. Why is it not a requirement to explain down-votes?

  56. Some kind of notification system for when tag synonyms are suggested

  57. Be more friendly to hard-working reviewers

  58. Join community button on the wrong side of the site switcher
  59. Meta Stack Exchange should not penalize downvotes

  60. Website link on Stack Exchange user profile is linkified even for SPAM accounts
  61. You should choose your Display Name when signing up

  62. Search by keyword for answer / question I upvoted

  63. Can we balance the whitespace above/below headings?

  64. Could the down/up-voter be given the option of adding a reason?

  65. Give an (optional) explanation on downvote
  66. Is there a way to disable the hotkeys?

  67. The association bonus should not enable users to vote on every site
  68. Modulate the review notification's color to reflect changes, or make it dismissible

  69. Battery Charger + Solar panels to run back-up solar generator
  70. Reply button as standard feature for comments? (see from a new user's standpoint)

  71. Not allowed to post questions

  72. Having a hard time getting going - would a newbies section help?

  73. Limit number of edits on a newly posted answer

  74. Auto-delete/destroy 1 rep user when their post is deleted as spam

  75. How do I change my username in the Stack Exchange app?

  76. Retain HELP link in top bar when user has access to review queues
  77. The quest for reputation, badges and other useless flair decoration

  78. 2017 TeamDAG project updates

  79. Replace the picture of the half-naked man on the 404 page of Stackapps

  80. Could we make the Help Centers easier to find?
  81. Let's break up with "Graduation" and remove a bunch of "Beta" labels
  82. Enable Answer @replies to operate like Comment @replies
  83. Warn about editing questions in the Close Votes review queue

  84. Tooltip for badges on the profile top section

  85. Stop partial topbar and uneeded footer information from printing
  86. Can we have a "isprotected" search operator?
  87. Changing Newsletter preferences

  88. Adding ethics as an alias for philosophy?

  89. High res community advert
  90. Make chat room transcripts forever public if the room was auto-deleted
  91. Disabling the review queue icon badge

  92. Rep-requirement for Answering Own Question

  93. Update the help center to indicate Stack Overflow Careers questions are off-topic

  94. Be able to use NOT (complement) for a user search

  95. iPhone app’s 3D Touch action button(s) should be more useful when peeking at a question

  96. Allow search for the opposite of "user:me"?

  97. Add an option to find not mine posts only
  98. Allow flagging user profiles as spam

  99. Setting to which questions you want to see in app

  100. Why isn't there a "Jon Skeet" tag?