1. Splash screen test for kali-linux questions

  2. Canned reasons for up/down vote (w/ example of how it would work)

  3. Do not allow massive retagging by the tag-creator shortly after creation of a new tag

  4. Are there any statistics kept on RSS feeds?
  5. Show me who has favorited my question
  6. Why is not there a feature to follow questions?
  7. Why is it NOT possible to "Follow" or "Friend" someone on Stack when it's a win-win-win for everyone?

  8. Where can I find all the followers of a proposal on area51?

  9. Minor edit of posts: allow typo correction for low-rep users

  10. Make chat just a lil' bit more visible?

  11. Binding voting for migration closures by high-rep users
  12. Bottom margins for smaller headers are too big (in the editing preview and on the site)
  13. Retire the badges with negative connotations: Tumbleweed and Peer Pressure
  14. Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted

  15. Make code snippets results window vertically resizable

  16. Add a link to the timeline of a post

  17. Please provide a method to see deleted comments that mention me (at lower rep)

  18. Suppress "Stack Exchange" in site names in network search results

  19. Please allow expired close/open votes to be re-cast
  20. Make review action window follow as you scroll

  21. agree/disagree button on meta or upvote/downvote effects based on tags

  22. Add link to post which earned you the Quorum badge

  23. Unify “not an answer” and “very low quality” in a single “delete” flag

  24. Could moderators have some long-term activity data between "quarter" and "all time"?
  25. List all my drafts
  26. Categories and Groups for the "Favorites" tab

  27. Someone edited one of my old answers, and I get a down vote after the edit?

  28. Let's break up with "Graduation" and remove a bunch of "Beta" labels

  29. Easier mechanism to display MathJax in comments

  30. Your last edit was rejected warning on a conflicting edit

  31. Allow hiding automated script edits from the Community user in its activity list

  32. Remove/Change mention of disclosure in spam flag reason

  33. Why are the buttons for voting on your own question or answer visible?
  34. Just don't show UI for actions that can't be actioned

  35. Include my close and reopen votes on the votes page (or the API /question object)

  36. Allow retracting a moderator flag if the post has been deleted and I don't have enough rep

  37. Please don't sidebar me

  38. LaTeX on Stack Overflow?

  39. Support for OpenID ends on July 1, 2018
  40. Duplicate dialog in iOS app doesn't detect URLs from other sites

  41. Remove questions with moderator tags from the Unanswered list
  42. Can we stop breaking lines by inserting invisible stuff every 80 characters in chat messages?

  43. Can we have an option to turn off feed on Android?

  44. Remove trivial edit restriction

  45. Change tag synonym display handling in /tags
  46. Open links from questions and answers in new tab

  47. Privilege creation: answering and upvoting without JavaScript, targets vision impaired people
  48. Inconsistency between help/editing and help/privileges/edit

  49. Include year in date field of 'activity' tab
  50. Mark questions with accepted answer in the Hot Network Questions list

  51. Requesting the ability to star an answer, and just not the question

  52. Allow flagging comments on mobile site
  53. Can there be an option to keep your list of favourites private?

  54. Focus cursor into search box on stackexchange.com search page
  55. Add a message when posting to old questions with more than N answers
  56. Raise a Community Manager message when an account is destroyed for spamming

  57. Add a strike-through to the editing interface

  58. Add quote markup to comments

  59. Deleting comments which are replied to should not be so easy

  60. How do I perform multiple actions in the review queue?

  61. Add in current number of participants in a chat room

  62. Don't tell me that I have new replies when. . . I've seen them all
  63. Want to have a single page to view recent comments and replies for all web sites - SO, SF, SU
  64. Notify on deletion of replied-to comment

  65. Feature Req: Notification when others are typing replies

  66. Highlight questions in the star list when I hover over the reply

  67. Reply to comment feature request

  68. Downvoter anonymous reply feature

  69. Automatic deletion of 'reply' comments

  70. How to reply to one user among two having same names?

  71. Site list search/filter

  72. Tag grouping by time in the Tags view

  73. Migrate to another Stack Exchange site without closing

  74. "Saved searches" and "Newest Posts from My Favorite Tags" on the SE Android App
  75. List of Favorites Tags Questions
  76. Filter questions to favourite tags

  77. End the edit grace period upon two or more spam/rude flags being raised

  78. Do not drop sort mode for the next search

  79. Subscribe downvoters to posts they downvoted

  80. Automatically destroy unregistered users when their only post gets the red flag treatment

  81. I propose the chat FAQ include a question about private messages/conversation
  82. Is it possible to activate the TAGS to show some Top 10 post details?
  83. Let reviewers know if a suggested edit will push the question into the reopen queue

  84. Report on number of votes that you got on each tag
  85. Don't let users comment on review audit questions
  86. New comment notification should be skipped if I'm known to have seen it
  87. A user should just be destroyed network-wide automatically if it has no upvoted content and is destroyed on two independent sites by mods already

  88. Require moderators to get agreement with target site moderators for migration actions

  89. Don't automatically reopen a question when its migration history is cleared
  90. Filtering questions based on my Favorite Tags

  91. Would having a romantic relationship matching feature be worthwhile?
  92. Could mods have "add comments to chat" to supplement "move comments to chat"?

  93. Can I cancel a 'pending edit'

  94. How can I cancel an edit I made on another user's question or answer?
  95. "Ban myself" button in user profiles

  96. Allow users to anonymize their posts themselves

  97. Don't use more than two pluralizable numbers in localizable string

  98. Question banning should work differently on Meta

  99. What is the preferred format or best practice for aging/outdated questions?

  100. Does Stack Exchange Gate-keep Participation?