1. Badges for private beta site aren't shown in the network profile

  2. Edit history being logged during grace period?
  3. Reputation audit and reputation tab show inconsistent "total rep"
  4. Race condition allows users to not be banned for failing review audits if someone else passed them

  5. Can't see all the options while reviewing with a small screen

  6. stackexchange app crashes with unsaved question
  7. Close reasons window overlaps review actions bar

  8. Weird login page for Area 51 and Chat on iOS

  9. Deleted user profiles show up in Google search

  10. "in need of moderator intervention" is sometimes the only flag option in the Android app
  11. Push notifications don't have corresponding item in inbox

  12. Links within spoilers are not hidden on the Revisions page

  13. Clicking on tags in global search results is broken

  14. "Code" explanation drop down highlight is very hard to see when asking a question

  15. Paging and results count on new global search are off
  16. New global search doesn't like tags

  17. Should we be worried by the V1 SHUTDOWN recaptcha?
  18. Drafts invisible in Android app
  19. Improvements to a suggested edit cannot be submitted when the suggestion is approved during editing
  20. Sorting SEDE output is unstable

  21. MathJax should not attempt to parse autolinked URLs

  22. Meta Stack Exchange stats pages for non-existent review queues

  23. Vote freeze bug

  24. The "Users" page displays all the users on a single line

  25. Contact Us page breaks after submitting the form
  26. 500 Error for "The results are in! See the 2018 Developer Survey results."

  27. It takes two to tango?

  28. Tags too low while editing

  29. Searching for not a tag broken
  30. Top Users List - Site selector defaults to Stack Overflow
  31. Archival annoyance: Amazon URLs in data dump are rewritten to go through Stack

  32. Wrong background color for reputation gain in stackexchange.com
  33. Winter Bash 2017 is missing from the archives
  34. Find community text partially obscured in the edit box

  35. `add-login` page tries to auth existing email/password login instead of creating a new one

  36. For a new account with an existing login, cookie requirement lacking action method

  37. Why are the developer survey results getting shown on non-computer SE sites?

  38. Duplicate dialog in iOS app doesn't detect URLs from other sites
  39. LaTeX doesn't work

  40. Why am I being rate-limited when my last post was 15 hours ago?

  41. "intags:mine" should work when there are wildcards in favorites
  42. Can we stop breaking lines by inserting invisible stuff every 80 characters in chat messages?
  43. Recaptcha is breaking
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  47. Can't remove applications
  48. Not secure error in the Edit Profile - Applications page
  49. Minor spelling mistake on the authorized applications page

  50. What happened to the notice of posting under Creative Commons licensing?

  51. Site Switcher Text Wrapping/Formatting

  52. Dates on the activity tab are misleading/incomplete for previous years
  53. Pagination doesn't work for certain API routes/functions
  54. Unable to uniquely distinguish timeline results when paginated

  55. I cannot get bold or italics to work

  56. Clicking "comments disabled" shows the UI to post a comment, but you actually can't

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  58. Old HTTP links to SE sites without ending / weren't converted to HTTPS links

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  60. Don't tell me that I have new replies when. . . I've seen them all

  61. @name matches in chat are not unique enough

  62. The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ says I've got replies, but I've already viewed those

  63. "This is a reply to an earlier message" ... but it is not

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  70. Expanded usercards do not expand any more
  71. What is the difference between exact duplicate and just duplicate?

  72. CogSci is now Psychology.SE but SEDE isn't aware of it

  73. reCaptcha v1 is shutting down on March 31, but SEDE still uses it

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  80. Inbox and Achievements popup flash
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