1. Interpretation of the cohomology of compact lie groups and their classifying spaces in DAG?

  2. Injective dimension of the Jacobson radical and global dimension
  3. Functions on a field representable by Hahn series?
  4. Module with indecomposable and decomposable reductions mod $p$

  5. Why are coherent sheaves on $\Bbb P^1$ derived equivalent to representations of the Kronecker quiver?
  6. Algebraic properties of harmonic polynomials

  7. How to explicitly expand a class function in terms of irreducible characters?
  8. Calabi-Yau algebra for finite dimensional algebras

  9. Dualizing the trivial action on a $C^*$-algebra

  10. Curious fact about number of roots of $\mathfrak{sl}_n$

  11. Kottwitz's vertical map
  12. Are irreducible subgroups Zariski-dense?

  13. References for Langlands classification

  14. How to Evaluate the ABJM partition function for N=2

  15. A question about permutation matrices

  16. Gorenstein projective modules for Cluster-tilted algebras

  17. The defining characteristic representations of Lie type groups

  18. Property of non-Gorenstein algebras
  19. Dimension of irreducible representation associated to a Young tableau

  20. Jacquet Module of an Essentially Square Integrable Representation

  21. A trace formula for $\mathrm{GSp(4)}$
  22. Relation between Hecke operators and coefficient of L-functions
  23. Are there non-reflexive abelian topological groups isomorphic to their second dual?
  24. Endomorphism algebras of indecomposable quiver representations

  25. Functional equation and contragredient

  26. Archimedean Langlands classification
  27. Kac-Weisfeiler conjecture for Cartan type Lie algebras

  28. Branching rules for $SU(p,q)$

  29. Global dimension of algebras under field change

  30. Why are the convolvers in the bicommutant of the pseudo-measures? ($CV_p(G)\subseteq PM_p(G)''$)

  31. Detecting skew-primitives in representation categories

  32. Plancherel formula for non-second-countable (non-unimodular) groups
  33. Auslander regular Schur algebras

  34. Generalised Isospectrality of Graphs

  35. Local component of global irreducible representation of GL_2(A_F)
  36. Evaluation of irreducible representations of the hyperoctahedral group at bipartition $(\lambda,\mu)=([n],\emptyset)$
  37. Generalized strong no loop conjecture
  38. G-modules and ideals of secant varieties
  39. BGG resolution for characters of reductive groups

  40. Commutators for quantum Lie algebras
  41. A duality result for Coxeter groups
  42. Auslander-Reiten theory of wild algebras known in examples?
  43. Is a Morita equivalent functor an exact functor(Module protective direct sum) ?

  44. Finite subgroups of classical groups over $\mathbb C$

  45. Representation dimension of Auslander algebras

  46. Differential geometry of Limaçons

  47. Orbits of $GL(n, \mathcal{O})$ on pairs of linear subspaces over non-Archimedean local fields

  48. Deduce Schur-Zassenhaus theorem from Wedderburn-Malcev theorem

  49. Largest almost quasisimple group that acts on a spin module

  50. Parahorics in nonsemisimple reductive algebraic groups
  51. How do I know if an irreducible representation is a permutation representation?

  52. Reference on Highest Weight Module of Kac-Moody Algebra

  53. Possible to express the coadjoint orbits in terms of Kahler reduction?
  54. Orbit decomposition of the restriction of an equivariant sheaf?

  55. Dimension of restricted root spaces of split Lie algebras
  56. Bounded Degree in Ring of Symmetric Functions

  57. "Descent" of analytic functions along a finite morphism

  58. Spherical and Wonderful varieties

  59. A question of integral on $p$-adic fields $\mathbb{Q_p}$

  60. Skew character with hooks

  61. Relationship between R-matrix and Casimir element?
  62. Complete classification of six dimensional non-semi simple Lie algebra
  63. Bijection on tilting modules

  64. Why are the divided difference operators of the nil Hecke ring only of degree 1?
  65. Why do we care about Schur Positivity

  66. Structure of the adjoint representation of a (finite) group (Hopf algebra) ?
  67. Loss of cuspidality by Langlands tranfer
  68. Secret exact sequence in path algebras of Dynkin type
  69. Number of boundary divisors and colors of a Spherical variety

  70. Prove some inertia group $T$ is a $p'$-group

  71. Expansion of quantum Yang-Baxter equations
  72. Simple $\mathfrak{g}$-modules preserved by twisting

  73. Indecomposable representations of euclidean quivers
  74. Relationship between Harish-Chandra Schwartz space and more generic Schwartz spaces
  75. Action of upper triangular matrices

  76. LMS Lectures on Geometric Langlands

  77. Semisimplicity of étale cohomology representations

  78. Bounding weight multiplicities by number of certain Coxeter elements
  79. When is the unitary dual of a lscs group uniformizable?

  80. Bialynicki-Birula Decomposition and moment polytopes/graphs
  81. About the degree of character of $PSL(n,q)$
  82. actions of the hyperoctahedral group
  83. Non-vanishing of intertwining operator - construction of Langlands quotient in Knapp's book

  84. Bialgebras with Hopf restricted (or Sweedler) duals
  85. Classification of coregular spaces

  86. First Fundamental Theorem for Alternating Group

  87. connectedness of fibers of torus-equivariant moment maps
  88. Natural maps between Schur functors: understanding the image

  89. alternating and symmetric powers of the standard representation of the symmetric group
  90. Rigid regular objects of path algebras of tame quivers

  91. Predecessors and Successors of regular silting objects in bounded derived categories of wild hereditary algebras
  92. Morphisms from quasi-simple regular rigid $\Lambda$-module $M$ to $\tau^m M$ when $\Lambda$ is wild hereditary
  93. Is Schur’s lemma always true for smooth irreducible representations of locally compact subgroup?

  94. Linear characters of algebraic closed fields
  95. How are these two ways of thinking about the cross product related?
  96. Questions about the Bernstein center of a $p$-adic reductive group

  97. Representations of Algebraic Groups

  98. Upper Bound Lemma implies the Ergodic Theorem for Random Walks on Groups?

  99. Determination of the characteristic tilting module

  100. Quiver representations and coherent sheaves