1. The kernel of the morphism from the Picard group to the stable Picard group of a self-injective algebra

  2. Secret exact sequence in path algebras of Dynkin type

  3. On the projective dimension of $D(A)$ as a bimodule
  4. $\text{Rep}(D(G))$ as representation category of a vertex operator algebra

  5. Second symmetric square of the adjoint representation
  6. Representation of a matrix ring

  7. Legendre's symbol in Schrödinger model for the Weil representation
  8. Cells in affine Weyl groups

  9. Injective dimension of $A/AeA$

  10. Symmetrized tensors of Lie algebras

  11. What is currently known or conjectured about q,t-Kostka polynomials?
  12. Generalization of Frobenius formula involving Macdonald polynomials

  13. Is the linear span of irrep matrices a complete matrix basis?
  14. Symmetric Powers for Lie Algebras
  15. When does the enveloping algebra functor lift to the category of bialgebras?
  16. Tame-Wild Dichotomy theory for infinite dimensional Hereditary algebras

  17. Super global dimension
  18. Lie Algebra Module Decomposition in GAP
  19. Generalizing the Fourier isomorphism between Sobolev spaces and weighted $L^2$ spaces to (locally) compact groups?

  20. What is $\rho^{\vee}(-1)$?

  21. Questions on holonomic modules

  22. How to decompose an map $\phi: \mathbb{G}_m \to T$ as the product of a cocharacter $\phi'$ and a map $\phi'':\mathbb{G}_m \to T$?

  23. Endomorphism sheaves of vector bundles
  24. Representation theory of finite groups with additional structures
  25. Representation of a Lie algebra from a representation of Lie group

  26. Homogeneous spaces of affine algebraic groups
  27. Intuition behind the Canonical Projective Resolution of a Quiver Representation

  28. Invariant differential operators on real Grassmannians
  29. Jones-Wenzl-type projectors for Brauer algebras

  30. Alternating elements in free graded-commutative algebras

  31. Basis of coinvariant algebra on which reflection group acts as regular representation
  32. Algorithm for Brauer lifting via Brauer tree?

  33. Complexification of compact Lie Groups and complex algebraic linear reductive groups
  34. Finding all selforthogonal indecomposable modules
  35. Hochschild homology and Chern character quiver with potential

  36. Plancherel formula for non-second-countable (non-unimodular) groups

  37. Is there an analogue of spin/oscillator representation for the general linear Lie algebra?
  38. Inequality for the global dimension of quiver algebras
  39. History of an open problem on partial tilting modules
  40. Quotient of a finite morphism by an action of a reductive group is still finite?

  41. Ext for simple modules in selfinjective algebras

  42. Degenerate affine Hecke Algebra

  43. Natural bijection between Dyck paths and tilting modules
  44. Harish-Chandra homom (Etingof-Ginzburg) for inv. dif. opers. on $\mathfrak{gl}_n$; images of higher order $\Delta$: $tr(D^3) = d_{ij}d_{jk}d_{ki}$

  45. How to write down the connection morphism in the long exact sequence in Čech cohomology explicitly in this specific case?

  46. Interpretation of Hilbert/Frobenius series shift
  47. Is the Adjoint Action self dual over finite fields?

  48. Naive definition of parahoric subgroup
  49. number of indecomposable summands of an extension of two modules

  50. Representations of groups with the same derived group, how much control do we have over the central character?

  51. Commutators for quantum Lie algebras

  52. Arithmetic of Cuspidal Reps. Fundamental non split stratum and simple stratum
  53. reference help needed on a fact about decomposition of representations

  54. Do two dimensional representations with the same adjoint representation differ by a character?
  55. semistability of parabolic bundles

  56. Reference Request: Branching Rules of $\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}_n$ in $\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}_{n+1}$
  57. Relation Among Conjugacy Classes
  58. Branching laws for $SO(n)$
  59. Integrality of the support of matrix coefficients?
  60. Is the category of symmetric bimodules over a commutative ring closed under extensions?

  61. Number of pairs of permutation in $S_n$ whose $\mu$-coefficient (of their Kazhdan Lusztig polynomial) is non-zero

  62. Questions about ``$p$-canonical basis" for $\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}_n}$ module (wedge power of natural representation)

  63. Representation-finite finite symmetric rings

  64. A new characterisation of hereditary algebras?

  65. Difference of adjacent dominant weights is a root?

  66. Injective dimension of the Jacobson radical and global dimension

  67. k-th Pontryagin class of $\Lambda^{2k}_{\pm}$ on an oriented $4k$-manifold
  68. sum of character product over derangements

  69. Lecture notes on representations of finite groups

  70. Overview of the interplay of Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory

  71. Hopf Subalgebras of Quantized Algebras

  72. Does $SU(2)\cong Sp(1)\subset SO(5)$ factor through $Spin(5)\cong Sp(2)$ as the standard embedding $Sp(1) \to Sp(2)$?
  73. Arithmetic representation stability and Galois action
  74. Cartography of the duals of GL, PGL, SL, etc

  75. Finite dimensional irreducible representations of quasisplit p-adic groups

  76. Minuscule weights of parabolic sub-root systems are not far from dominant
  77. Questions about categorification (& combinatorial simplification of the Russian approach to Lusztig's conjectures, in zero & positive characteristic)
  78. Direct sum decomposition of the space of cuspidal automorphic forms
  79. Inequality for the global dimension
  80. Geometric interpretation of a formula for the induced character (fix point localization?)

  81. Is there a splitting rule for the restriction of a $GL(23, \mathbb{Q})$-representation to $O(23, \mathbb{Q})$?
  82. Lifting a representation from a discrete subgroup
  83. Why we study Endo-Trivial Modules?
  84. Existence of at least one compact orbit on the sphere

  85. Prehomogeneous vector spaces for reductive groups
  86. What is known about the plethysm $\text{Sym}^d(\bigwedge^3 \mathbb{C}^6)$

  87. Are there non-reflexive abelian topological groups isomorphic to their second dual?

  88. Examples of differential towers of groups

  89. Why do these two Monster-related calculations yield $163$?

  90. Mistake in Discriminants, Resultants, and Multidimensional Determinants?

  91. Decomposition of tensor power of symmetric square

  92. How to compute the upper global basis (dual canonical basis) of an irreducible $U_q(\mathfrak{g})$-module?

  93. Which operators constructed from 10d gamma matrices commute with $SO(1,2)\times SO(3)\times SO(3)$?

  94. Module with indecomposable and decomposable reductions mod $p$

  95. Group homomorphisms out of the additive group is formal completion at the unipotent cone
  96. Majorization and Schur Polynomials
  97. $G$-invariant bilinear maps
  98. What is the intuition of lower global bases?

  99. Explicit form of raising and lowering operators in spherical gl(n) DAHA
  100. Boundedness of the sequence $l(\tau^i(D(A)))$ in a local Artin algebra