1. Inequality for the inner product in the probabilistic simplex
  2. Representations of groups with the same derived group, how much control do we have over the central character?

  3. Demazure’s principle for tower of reductive groups and analogy with Teichmuller tower
  4. Hypersurfaces in gransmannians

  5. Optimal $L_p$-estimate for elliptic operator
  6. On the equation $x^3+y^3+z^3-2xyz=N$

  7. Reference on the structure theory of infinite-dimensional $K$-algebras

  8. Reference for flatness in complex-analytic geometry
  9. Homotopy invariant structure: Stasheff versus Segal
  10. When are pseudofinite theories almost sure theories?
  11. Leibniz-style rule for stochastic calculus
  12. A version of the Martin–Solovay tree for $H_\kappa$

  13. Existence of bounded but not completely bounded maps

  14. Classification of singularities of plane curves of fixed degree (reference request)

  15. Roller's problem on median groups
  16. Reference for Weyl's law for higher order operators on closed Riemannian manifolds
  17. Factorizations in terms of characters
  18. Roots of polynomials over Z/p^kZ

  19. A "strong" Galois-Tukey connection between orders with suborders

  20. Sobolev inequalities for Banach-valued functions

  21. Stokes operator without dirichlet boundary condition

  22. Iterating the Voter protocol
  23. Critical points of Dirichlet L functions

  24. reference help needed on a fact about decomposition of representations

  25. Hyperelliptic locus is a $K(\pi,1)$

  26. Changing the order of integration of double integral: references and theorems
  27. A book for problems in Functional Analysis

  28. Polynomials $p$ such that $p$ and $p'$ preserve nonnegative numbers

  29. Has there been further work on Bender-Brody-Müller approach to RH?

  30. Variants of reflection principle

  31. On two types of shifted symmetric power sums

  32. Value of the hypergeometric function

  33. Matrix continued fractions
  34. What is special about 2 + $\sqrt{3}$?

  35. Notation and geometry facts in a paper on the Diederich-Fornæss index

  36. Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality for bounded domain

  37. Natural model for genus $6$ curves

  38. In the context of directed graphs is it standard notation to allow an element of an independent vertex set to be contained in a loop?

  39. analysis over non-Archimedean ordered fields

  40. Reference request: Fourier transform on the multiplicative group of real numbers

  41. References on thin film equation: derivation and properties

  42. $C^1$ isometric embedding of flat torus into $\mathbb{R}^3$

  43. Group rings over central products
  44. Generalizations of Abhyankar-Moh theorem (embeddings of the line in the plane)
  45. Sufficient criteria for $X \subset \mathcal{H}$ to be a Lipschitz (or unif. cont.) retract of $\mathcal{H}$

  46. Is the boundary $\partial S$ analogous to a derivative?
  47. Steklov eigenvalue problem for a planar region bounded by ellipse

  48. Reference request: $|\partial_t u - \Delta u|\in L^p(\Omega^T)$ implies Holder estimate

  49. On Critical Reviews of Hawking's "Gödel and the End of the Universe" Lecture

  50. Countable $\mathbf\Sigma^1_2$ equivalence relations
  51. Topology of the blowup of a surface at a point (connected sum)

  52. Reference request for a simple homological fact

  53. Reference request: Dickman, On the frequency of numbers containing prime factors

  54. The Hopf invariant is an isomorphism for $\pi_3 (S^2)$

  55. Short divisor sum

  56. Do we recover standard Malliavin calculus if we differentiate with respect to fractional Brownian motion instead of regular Brownian motion?

  57. One colored infinity operads via symmetric sequences?

  58. Relative/acylindrical hyperbolicity of free-by-cyclic groups
  59. Almost convex combinations in $\mathbb R^n$

  60. Asymptotics of the dimensions of the plus and minus space of Atkin-Lehner

  61. Reference for Hölder estimate on parabolic equation with Neumann boundary condition
  62. Reference request: cohomology of Eilenberg Maclane spaces with $p$-local groups
  63. Factor traces of the Temperley-Lieb algebra

  64. Translation of Hilbert's paper on sums of squares

  65. Why is the definition of entropy solution necessary to prove uniqueness for hyperbolic conservation laws?
  66. Access to a classic reference of Dold-Puppe
  67. $A \in \mathcal{L}(E)$ is normal iff $\|Ax\|=\|A^* x\|$

  68. Reference request: maximal ratio of different norms of polynomials

  69. Lower bounds on eigenvalues of Lyapunov solutions

  70. Why Mellin transform is omitting infinite terms?

  71. Suggestions for a good Measure Theory book
  72. Learning through guided discovery

  73. Reference Request: A definition of topology using monads (a.k.a. halos)
  74. Etale Homotopy (Artin Mazur) reference

  75. Computing the relative class group (with Galois action) of relatively large cyclotomic groups
  76. Road to holomorphic foliations?
  77. Lipschitz homotopy groups

  78. Is there a moving knife procedure for envy-free cake cutting with connected pieces?

  79. Stiefel-Whitney classes of tensor product $\xi^m \otimes \eta^n$, computation
  80. Identities for Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind

  81. Polynomials that preserve nonnegativity

  82. Is the square root of curl^2-1/2 a natural (Dirac-)operator?

  83. Decomposition into Weyl modules
  84. Homotopy groups of spheres and differential forms

  85. Linking topological spheres

  86. Bounding the norm of the Laplacian of the gradient of a function having Lipschitz continuous Hessian

  87. Main result of Shimura's On Eisenstein Series

  88. Luroth's theorem for Discrete valuation rings?

  89. All polynomials are the sum of three others, each of which has only real roots

  90. Reference for certain resolution of singularities formulation

  91. Commutative algebra for the Conway games
  92. Combinatorial proof that some model categories are monoidal/enriched?
  93. Intuition behind the proof of key step in Minkowski's second inequality on successive minima
  94. Classes of monomorphisms - a definition

  95. Results for Hausdorff Measure after Linear Transformation

  96. Hadamard-Rybczynski problem
  97. Is there an introduction to probability theory from a structuralist/categorical perspective?
  98. Traces of Sobolev spaces

  99. References requestion : Pretopos are algebras for a composed monad?

  100. Elliptic regularity Schauder estimates with Dirichlet/Neumann boundary conditions