1. Abelian variety associated to Hilbert modular forms

  2. simple conjecture on palindromes in base 10

  3. Asymptotics of the dimensions of the plus and minus space of Atkin-Lehner

  4. Dirichlet series associated with polynomials

  5. Group rings over central products

  6. Periods in the trivial extension algebra of the incidence algebra of the divisor lattice

  7. Cardinality of the image of a polynomial modulo $p^n$

  8. On complexity of a combinatorial number theoretic problem?

  9. Mellin-like Transform of Whittaker function

  10. Dirichlet series of the k-th divisor of n^2

  11. Genus Zero Diophantine Equations and Infinite Valuations
  12. If $n=x^k+y^k$ then also $n=a^2+b^2=c^3+d^3=\ldots =x^k+y^k$

  13. When did people start thinking of elliptic curves as groups?

  14. Lemma towards Roth's theorem

  15. Are There Primes of Every Hamming Weight?
  16. Bhargava's work on the BSD conjecture

  17. Which continuous function is optimal for sieving?
  18. Ramanujan's Lost Notebook page 1 first equation and OEIS sequence A260195

  19. Up to $10^6$: $\sigma(8n+1) \mod 4 = OEIS A001935(n) \mod 4$ (Number of partitions with no even part repeated )
  20. kernel of multiplication in the Neron model of an abelian variety

  21. Günter Tamme's course "Arakelov theory and Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch"

  22. A priori form for asymptotics of arithmetic quantities

  23. Has decidability got something to do with primes?

  24. Class groups in dihedral extensions - some sort of Spiegelungssatz?

  25. Connection between the Jacobian Conjecture and number theory conjectures
  26. reduction of torsion modules
  27. On Siegel mass formula
  28. For Hida theory on $GU(2,2)$ can $p$ be inert in the imaginary quadratic field $K$?
  29. Is there any explicit description of the maximal totally ramified extension of $\mathbb{Q}_p$?
  30. Where Can i find the lecture Videos of BSD 2011

  31. An analogy between the ring of polynomials in two variables and another (commutative?) ring

  32. Intuition behind the proof of key step in Minkowski's second inequality on successive minima
  33. A general question about strictly non-palindromic numbers
  34. Sophie Germain primes and Fermat's little theorem

  35. Congruence Equations with Golden Ratio

  36. Geometric / physical / probabilistic interpretations of Riemann zeta(n>1)?

  37. A Truncated Divisor Function Sum

  38. On the $L^1$-norm of certain exponential sums.
  39. Counting smooth numbers in short intervals
  40. Moments of certain exponential sum
  41. Number of solutions for the inequality with square roots

  42. Evaluating a sum of products of Jacobi symbols

  43. Are concatenations of two consecutive Mersenne numbers which are congruent to 6 mod 7 necessarily composite?

  44. If $q^k n^2$ is an odd perfect number with Euler prime $q$, is $\sigma(q^k)/n + \sigma(n)/q^k$ bounded from above?

  45. Rational approximations of $\sqrt{2}$ in $\mathbb{R} \times \mathbb{Q}_7$
  46. Cardinalities of some sets of integers in arithmetic progressions
  47. Dual sheaf of universal pointed unipotent connection and the canonical de Rham torsor
  48. Could a full rank linear system arise from this construction?
  49. Is there an analog to the Polya-Vinogradov inequality for additive characters?

  50. Does a countably generated $\mathbb{Q}$-algebra inject into some $p$-adic field?
  51. A question about the representation between three numbers

  52. Error term in França-LeClair approximation of zeta zeros

  53. Relations between Mirimanoff polynomials
  54. When is $1^n+2^n+3^n+4^n+\cdots+n^n$ a square number?
  55. L-functions and Hecke theory for general number fields
  56. Existence of equation about the product of the divisor sum function

  57. Is the conjunction of Goldbach and NFPR conjecture actually equivalent to Hardy-Littlewood k-tuple conjecture?

  58. Estimating a sum over prime numbers

  59. inertial degrees of primes above p and degrees of irreducible factors of a polynomial mod p

  60. Twin prime based Dirichlet series

  61. minimum size of undecidable quadratic diophantine problems

  62. Analytic continuation of a certain Euler product

  63. Squares in the sequences $\sum_{k=1}^nf(k)^n$ and/or $\sum_{k=1}^n k^{f(n)}$ for positive and multiplicative functions
  64. Density of set of unique sums

  65. The Golay-Rudin-Shapiro sequence as “Hankel transform”
  66. On distribution of size of integer points in a subspace associated to a linear diophantine equation

  67. Asymptotics for sums of powers of divisor function

  68. Monstrous moonshine for $M_{24}$ and K3?

  69. Continuity of the conductor of automorphic representations
  70. Correlation of the Möbius function
  71. Isometry group of an integer

  72. Are all these representations supercuspidal
  73. Generators of an ideal of $K[[X_1,X_2,X_3]]$

  74. Number of solutions to polynomial congruences

  75. Cancellations in random weighted sum

  76. Is this equivalent to RH - Riemann hypothesis?
  77. Primes of the form $x^2 + y^2 + 1$

  78. Squares as sum of squares

  79. Is there an analysis theorem analogous to Kuznetsov/Petersson trace formula?
  80. Solutions of $rad(\sigma(m))=2rad(m)$

  81. Consistency of the notion of conductor of a representation

  82. Multizeta function values

  83. Is Howe's construction of tame supercuspidal representations independent of additive character?
  84. Some question about cupidal automorphic representation and supercuspidal representation
  85. Short intervals containing a prescribed number of primes
  86. Seek a reference for Theorem 1.2 on p. 6 of the Riemann Hypothesis sourcebook of Borwein et. al
  87. The Bourgain-Demeter-Guth breakthrough and the Riemann zeta function?

  88. Cartography of the duals of GL, PGL, SL, etc

  89. Sieving asymptotics

  90. Do prime gaps that are a power of "h" have the same density?

  91. Prerequisites to read Katz's Gauss Sums, Kloosterman Sums, and Monodromy Groups

  92. There's something strange about $\sqrt{\big(j(\tau)-1728\big)d}$

  93. How to estimate a mixed character sum $\sum_{h \in \mathbb{Z}/q \mathbb{Z}} \chi(f(h)) e(Ch/q)$?

  94. The square root of Wilson's theorem when $p\equiv 1 \mod 4$

  95. The Euler's totient function and the product of distinct primes dividing $n$ versus the Heronian means

  96. Characters on $PGL(2)$
  97. Farey Fractions Estimate Equivalent to the Prime Number Theorem?
  98. On the growth of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line
  99. Prime inequality $P_{n.m}$ $<$ $P^{m}_n$

  100. Upper bound for $\sum r_{0}(n)$