1. An extension of a projective special linear group
  2. Recovering information about braids from their decomposition into positive and negative braids

  3. Surjective group homomorphism sending minimal generating system to minimal generating system
  4. normal form for some finite groups, extending the small groups library

  5. How to reduce stabiliser problem to centraliser problem

  6. Intersections of products of Sylow $p$-subgroups

  7. Can a commutator of a special type be conjugate to its inverse?
  8. Question about denoting/designating of algebraic structures

  9. Connection between Stalling's end theorem and Seifert-van Kampen Theorem

  10. Infinite, residually-finite, finitely generated, groups with very limited composition factors of their finite images.

  11. Efficient characterisation of the generalized symmetric groups
  12. Number of subgroups of a group of orders $p^3$
  13. Algebra for the Baby Monster group
  14. Motivation for studying group of homeomorphisms of topological spaces

  15. How many ways can you inscribe five 24-cells in a 600-cell, hitting all its vertices?
  16. Module with indecomposable and decomposable reductions mod $p$
  17. On groups without word growth $\succeq\exp(n^{1/2})$

  18. On groups with finite pro-$p$ completion for all primes $p$

  19. What is the cohomological dimension of the commutator subgroup of the pure braid group?

  20. Variety of locally residually nilpotent groups

  21. A question about flag variety of $SL(n,\mathbb{C})$
  22. Nielsen-Schreier theorem for monoids

  23. Invertibility of group Laplacian in $\ell^1$

  24. Number of matrices with 'small' entries in integer matrix groups

  25. Maps from "large" acyclic groups to "small" ones

  26. Relation between commutator length and stable commutator length in free groups

  27. Torus in the small Ree group ${}^2G_2$ over an infinite field

  28. What is $G_2(2^m)$, and how is it embedded in $\Gamma L_6(2^m)$?
  29. Dimension of irreducible representation associated to a Young tableau
  30. Direct product of hopfian groups

  31. Which 3-regular graphs are Schreier coset graphs

  32. Examples of automorphic forms over $\mathbb{H}^3/\text{PSL}_2(\mathbb{Z}[i])$
  33. A lower bound on the number of fixed points of an inner diagonal automorphism of ${^2}{\operatorname{E}_6(q^2)}$

  34. Modular forms for different groups than $SL(2,\mathbb Z)$
  35. A Rng of rotations?
  36. Asphericity of 2-complexes

  37. Maximal subgroups of a certain finite 2-group

  38. Lower central series and Euler characteristics of aspherical $2$--complexes
  39. Are all sneaky groups products of Frobenius and 2-Frobenius groups?
  40. Quasi-isometric groups without common virtual geometric model

  41. Are the centralizers of involutions in finite simple groups known?

  42. Cyclic subgroups of finite $p$-groups
  43. Maximal subgroups of a generalized symmetric group

  44. $p$-groups in which all normal abelian subgroups are cyclic

  45. Realizing certain affine functions on Choquet simplices on dimension groups

  46. Coarsely Lipschitz retractions onto cyclic subgroups

  47. Semi group of polynomials which all roots lie on the unit circle
  48. Does the inclusion of the discretized group into itself lift to the group von Neumann algebras?

  49. Automorphisms of nilpotent groups of class two

  50. Roots of Normal Generators in the Principal Congruence Subgroups

  51. Well definedness of square roots of separating Dehn Twists

  52. Harmonic function properties on $\mathbb R^3$
  53. Is it decidable if a tree-presented semigroup contains an idempotent?

  54. A generalization of Siegel property
  55. Counting elements having a given cycle structure in maximal subgroups of a generalized symmetric group

  56. A duality result for Coxeter groups
  57. Classifying functions up to suitable pre-composition and/or post-composition

  58. Why do some linear cellular automata over $Z_{2}$ on the torus have small order?

  59. Coinflation in cohomology
  60. Conull subspace containing orbit of an (ergodically acting) group
  61. When is the union of a graph and a random permutation thereof connected?
  62. Does every finitely generated group have a maximal normal subgroup?
  63. Deduce Schur-Zassenhaus theorem from Wedderburn-Malcev theorem

  64. Generating symmetric groups with small cycles

  65. Decomposing the automorphism group of relation preserving transformations

  66. Epimorphisms between binate group and its proper subgroup

  67. recognition of symmetric groups in GAP
  68. Relationship between the cohomology of a group and the cohomology of its associated Lie algebra.
  69. When is $A$ isomorphic to $A^3$?

  70. intriguing Polytope
  71. Inner forms of $GL(2)$

  72. Given a filtration of a finitely generated module over a noetherian ring that "looks" split, is it split?

  73. Every profinite group is a quotient of a profinite free groups?

  74. Notation for the restriction map in Galois cohomology

  75. Spherical and Wonderful varieties

  76. About the eigenvectors of a matrix related to a Cayley graph

  77. What are some interesting examples of non-classical dynamical systems? (Group action other than $\mathbb{Z}$ or $\mathbb{R}$ )

  78. Number of countable torsion-free groups

  79. Groups generated by 3 involutions
  80. Automorphism groups of graphs of bounded treewidth
  81. Distance to a geodesic ray
  82. orders of products of permutations

  83. epimorphisms between perfect groups
  84. The possible degrees of $\mathbb{Q}(a,b)$ in terms of the degrees of $a$ and $b$

  85. Portability of Thompson theorem about solvability to Moufang loops
  86. Logic article on first order invariants of abelian groups

  87. Structure of the adjoint representation of a (finite) group (Hopf algebra) ?

  88. Inclusion of lattices and fundamental domains
  89. Number of boundary divisors and colors of a Spherical variety
  90. A group, neither amenable, nor having a subgroup that looks like $F_2$ up to level $n$?
  91. About the conjugation of semi-simple subgroups
  92. Golod-Shafarevich groups and L_2- Betti numbers

  93. Groups that do not exist

  94. Sequence of proper retracting homomorphisms between finitely presented groups?

  95. Are the pure genus zero mapping class groups residually torsion-free nilpotent?

  96. Are finite nilpotent groups the only finite groups with abelian Frattini quotient?

  97. Question about proof of positive roots under reflection
  98. Can we classify all finite 2-generated groups $G$ such that if $x,y$ generate $G$, then so does $x,yxy^{-1}$?

  99. Groups for which the $n$-power map is a homomorphism
  100. Do all exact $1 \to A \to A \times B \to B \to 1$ split for finite groups?