1. Equivalence of finiteness of $spliG$ and periodicity isomorphisms being induced by cup product
  2. Kazhdan constant and finite index subgroups
  3. Elements of Coxeter group whose simple reflections pairwise commute

  4. Freeness of a quotient group
  5. Do commutator functor and intersection commute?

  6. Fundamental group of a Lie group

  7. partially commutative monoid
  8. partially commutative like monoids
  9. Examples of groups for which Margulis superrigidity theorem applies

  10. Interesting (combinatorial) actions of the absolute Galois group $\mathrm{Gal}(\overline{\mathbb{Q}}/\mathbb{Q})$
  11. An algorithm determining whether two subgroups of a finitely generated free group are automorphic
  12. Time Complexity of the Word Problem for Finite Permutation Groups
  13. Is there a perfect group which is a finite extension of the discrete Heisenberg group $H_3(\Bbb Z)$?

  14. Interesting examples of pro-algebraic completions of groups

  15. For every prime divisor $p$ of a finite 2-generator group $G$, is there a generating pair containing an element of order divisible by $p$?
  16. Explicit cocycle for the central extension of the algebraic loop group G(C((t)))
  17. Monstrous moonshine for $M_{24}$ and K3?

  18. When we say "A and B intersect in C", do we mean "$A\cap B\subset C$" or "$A\cap B=C$"

  19. Complexity to decide for permutation group if every element fixed at most $k$ points
  20. Complexity of decision problem to decide if permutation group is $k$-transitive

  21. A conjecture on cyclic centralizers

  22. Finitely generated group splitting non-trivially over an infinite virtually cyclic subgroup

  23. a finitely generated fully residually $\mathbb{F}$ pro-p group and universal class

  24. Finite group and cyclic cover
  25. Action of homeomorphism on real line

  26. How many length-24 Type III codes have no words of Hamming weight 3?
  27. Order of unipotent matrices over $\mathbb{Z}/q\mathbb{Z}$

  28. Does a finite simple group of order divisible by $60$ have $A_{5}$ as a subgroup?

  29. Iterated automorphism groups of finite groups
  30. Group isomorphism $R^{\times} \simeq C_n\times C_2$?

  31. Relation between commutator length and stable commutator length in free groups

  32. Cartography of the duals of GL, PGL, SL, etc
  33. What did Frobenius prove about $M_{12}$?

  34. Can this isomorphism be made explicit?
  35. Is $Alt_\omega$ a dense subgroup of a non-discrete locally compact topological group?

  36. distortion of cyclic subgroups of linear groups

  37. Braid groups on topological spaces
  38. Random Walks in $Z^2$/$Z^2$-intrinsic characterization of Euclidean distance Part II

  39. Which group algebras in analysis are "true group algebras"?

  40. Maximal subgroups of some special cases of ${\rm L}_{n}^{\epsilon}(q)$

  41. Presentations of superperfect groups

  42. Divisible orientation preserving diffeomorphism which is time-$1$ map of no smooth flow

  43. Counting transitive generators according to coset type
  44. Isomorphy of simple groups of order 360 : a proof with a presentation

  45. Characteristic polynomial of the path graph

  46. Elements of a group than can achieve all orders in its quotients

  47. Every quasicharacter of an open subgroup extends to a quasicharacter on the whole group

  48. Is each locally compact group topology on the permutation group discrete?

  49. Non-split Aut(G) $\to$ Out(G)?
  50. Harmonic function properties on $\mathbb R^3$

  51. Amenability of $S^{\infty}$

  52. A generalization of Siegel property

  53. The number $\pi$ and summation by $SL(2,\mathbb Z)$

  54. Random walk on a finite group, converging modulo a function

  55. Co-finite type abelian groups
  56. What is this quotient of the triangle 2-3-7 group?

  57. A question about continuous group cohomology

  58. Is the class of commutative generalized Euclidean rings stable under quotient and localization?

  59. Which $K$-groups $K(C^*_r(G))$ are computed?
  60. Graphs of groups with homomorphisms not necessarily injective

  61. For which rings R is SL_n(R) generated by its n-1 fundamental copies of SL_2(R)?
  62. How to prove that $\phi: \;\mathrm Mod(S_g)\to \mathrm Sp(2g, \mathbb{Z})$ is an epimorphism?

  63. On an inequality concerning the strict cohomological dimension of a profinite group
  64. Toral subgroup acting regularly on the homogeneous space
  65. No lifts in an exact sequence of profinite groups?

  66. Random walk uniformly hitting a compact set

  67. 2-generator subgroups of an Artin group of small type

  68. Subgroup of hyperbolic group generated by non-torsion elements

  69. A group of type F that is an extension of type F-by-type F

  70. Find the trace for some elements in group algebra
  71. Symplectic group over finite field and quaternions

  72. Reduction mod $n$ of symplectic group

  73. Alternating Hurwitz quotients multiplicity
  74. Estimate for the order of the outer automorphism group of a finite simple group

  75. Union of the conjugates of maximal subgroups
  76. Even Isometries in neutral Geometry

  77. The number of involutions in a permutation group
  78. Is there any nice way to compute transfer homomorphism in a $p$-group?
  79. What are the transitive extensions of finite representations of cyclic groups?
  80. Compactifications of reductive groups via representation theory

  81. Is there a decomposition exists for $e^{c(K_++K_-)^2}$
  82. Generating set and cardinality
  83. "Natural" generating sets for symmetric groups.

  84. Intersections of products of Sylow $p$-subgroups
  85. Multiplicative subgroups of $GL(V)$ which are almost additively closed

  86. Calculating cohomology group $H^3(point group,\mathbb{Z})$ using GAP program

  87. Proving properties of metaplectic groups without using explicit cocycle

  88. Divergence of Green function of random walks at spectral radius

  89. What are all the transitive extensions of cyclic groups?
  90. Module with indecomposable and decomposable reductions mod $p$

  91. Trivial Tate modules

  92. Harmonicity of the Martin kernels

  93. Uniqueness of the wonderful compactification of a semi-simple group

  94. Does supramenability imply that $a+c=b+2c \Rightarrow a=b+c$ on the type semigroup?

  95. Examples of (non-discrete) hyperbolic totally disconnected locally compact groups whose boundaries are spheres

  96. Modular forms for different groups than $SL(2,\mathbb Z)$

  97. Centralizer of a generator in a braid group
  98. Acyclic Finite Groups

  99. The Unit Group of $\mathbb{Z}_p$
  100. Are measurable automorphism of a locally compact group topological automorphisms?