1. Hierarchies of Operator Norms

  2. an example of $S\in \mathcal{B}^{M^{1/2}}(F)$ but $S\notin \mathcal{B}^{M}(F)$

  3. Equivalence of fractional Sobolev space defined through Gagliardo norm and interpolation; dependence on the domain

  4. Is it possible that $\| \Delta u \|_{L^p(\Bbb R^d)} + \| u \|_{L^p(\Bbb R^d)}$ and $\| u \|_{W^{2,p}(\Bbb R^d)}$ are equivalent norms?
  5. Sufficient criteria for $X \subset \mathcal{H}$ to be a Lipschitz (or unif. cont.) retract of $\mathcal{H}$

  6. Why do the projections in the Calkin algebra not form a lattice?

  7. Finite dimensional approximation of Donaldson theory
  8. Banach spaces with unconditional basis have w-FPP

  9. Comparison of the absolute value of an operator with its positive parts, II
  10. ($H^s$) Wave front set of a composition without usual empty intersection assumption

  11. Comparaison of two version of Fractional sobolev spaces: what do we have $W^{s,p}(\mathbb{R}^{n})=H^{s,p}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$?

  12. Vector norms and sets of positive semidefinite matrices
  13. The intersection of closure of span of infinite, linearly independent, closed, bounded, separated subsets of $\ell^2$

  14. About Beurling algebras

  15. Existence of a couple of functions solution of a differential equation (with additional constraint)
  16. Numerical range of non normal matrices
  17. inequality involving tuple of operators on Hilbert spaces

  18. Square integrability of quotient of square integrable holomorphic functions

  19. Is every weakly Lindelof Banach space a $D$-space?

  20. Reference request: integral formula for $\sum_{\text{roots }\lambda}e^{-|\lambda|^2}$
  21. Negative Sobolev norm of non-zero mean non-periodic function on bounded space

  22. Cutting a Gaussian in two pieces that are maximally separated in the Wasserstein metric

  23. Continuity under various topologies for positive linear functionals

  24. "Reversion" of class $J(\theta)$ interpolation property for Besov spaces

  25. Can the Riemann integral be defined through a closure/completion process?

  26. Extension of a generalized function to the plane

  27. Masas in SAW*-algebras

  28. Positive square roots of inverse operators on different Sobolev spaces

  29. About the topological center of a Banach algebra
  30. Reference request: maximal ratio of different norms of polynomials

  31. Bounding the norm of the Laplacian of the gradient of a function having Lipschitz continuous Hessian
  32. Lavrentiev phenomenon between $C^1$ and Lipschitz

  33. On the nascent delta 'function'
  34. Resolvent of the Laplacian as a pseudodifferential operator and its single layer potential

  35. Lavrentiev Phenomenon

  36. A priori estimate of an inhomogeneous p-Laplace equation with Dirichlet boundary condition

  37. Space of compact operators defined on separable Hilbert space

  38. Cohomology of sheaf of Schwartz distributions with support in a submanifold

  39. A numerical radius inequality

  40. Discrete approximations to $\nabla^2$
  41. Invertibility of group Laplacian in $\ell^1$
  42. Associative law of the stochastic integral in Hilbert spaces
  43. Inequality for normal operators
  44. Embeddings of Sobolev-Lorentz space
  45. Integration of the Poisson summation formula

  46. time-dependent Hille-Yosida theorem?
  47. solution uniqueness of non-linear Fredholm equations
  48. A specific mollified functions in the Sobolev space H^1(R)

  49. DDE-like? equations on spaces of discrete-valued functions [reference request]

  50. Is the conditional expectation a contraction in weak $\mathbb L^p$ spaces?

  51. continuity of b-metric

  52. Dunford−Pettis property of $L^1(\mu)$

  53. Bochner integrability within a subspace

  54. Questions on "The condition number of a randomly perturbed matrix"

  55. Hypercontractions and automorphisms of the unit disc
  56. Interchange of sum and integral (on a "Poisson summation")

  57. Dual space of functions of exponential type
  58. Existence of solutions to $\lambda u-\frac{1}{(1+(u')^2)^2} \, \Delta u = f$

  59. Strong convergence of differential quotient in $L^2(0,T;V^*)$

  60. Invariance of sets under Schrödinger equations

  61. Schur property for a sum of Banach spaces
  62. What are the relations in the unbounded model of K-homology?

  63. A question about finite free convolution
  64. Bochner integrals with values in a Hilbert $A$-module

  65. An equivalent condition for separability of $X^*$

  66. Solving this problem of convexity
  67. Is $L^1(\Omega)$ continuous embedded in the dual of $H^m(\Omega)$ $(m>\frac{d}{2})$?

  68. Ground state has always constant sign?

  69. Questions about interlacing polynomials

  70. Are there non-reflexive abelian topological groups isomorphic to their second dual?

  71. Boundary conditions for trace theorem in Sobolev spaces

  72. Is this inequality involving the Frobenius norm right?
  73. The tightest upper bound on $-\left\langle B(y-x),\nabla f(A x)\right\rangle$
  74. Working in coordinates with topologies on the algebra of continuous functions

  75. A generalization to the spectral Theorem for commuting self-adjoint operators

  76. Reference request for Functional Analysis
  77. Schwartz space of functions with values in a Frechet space
  78. Dirichlet problem for $div \textbf{F}=0$

  79. Faedo-Galerkin approximation for the 1-d Von-karman system

  80. Embedding theorem for anisotropic Sobolev spaces
  81. Pseudo-polynomial potentials for Schrödinger operators

  82. Elliptic operator becomes Fredholm

  83. Embedding for the Bourgain spaces $X^{s,b}$

  84. Convergence of absolutely continuous probability measures

  85. Does uniform boundedness carry over from the non-negative real axis to closed sectors of $\mathbb{C}$ for analytic semigroups?
  86. Composition of a smoothing operator with an $L^2$-bounded operator, non-compact Riemannian manifold

  87. Analytical properties for locally uniform spaces
  88. The elliptic regularity theorem for differential operators with variable coefficients
  89. Realizing certain affine functions on Choquet simplices on dimension groups

  90. Why are the convolvers in the bicommutant of the pseudo-measures? ($CV_p(G)\subseteq PM_p(G)''$)

  91. Why $\mathcal{B}_1(F)$ is not a subalgebra of $\mathcal{B}(F)$?

  92. Does the inclusion of the discretized group into itself lift to the group von Neumann algebras?
  93. Showing the following inclusion between two subalgebras of $\mathcal{B}(F)$
  94. Properties of the trace term in the Itō formula

  95. Poincare inequality on Annular regions

  96. Is any dual metrizable locally convex space a Frechet space?

  97. Fourier transform inversion theorem for a function not in L1 or L2

  98. Is there any way to compare between diagonals of a resolvent and a Cauchy transform?
  99. What is the minimal $C_k$, such that every $f\colon \{-1,1\}^n\to \mathbb{R}$ of degree at most $k$ satisfies $\|f\|_2\le C_k\|f\|_1$
  100. Identities and inequalities in analysis and probability