1. Reflexive subspaces of bidual Banach spaces
  2. Changing the order of integration of double integral: references and theorems
  3. A book for problems in Functional Analysis
  4. Semigroup preserving invariant domain of infinitesimal generator

  5. Hodge decomposition on open manifold

  6. The connection between the (inverse) Rayleigh quotient and discreteness of the spectrum

  7. Invertibility of the operator $S_M$ when $S$ is invertible

  8. Algebraic spectral radius and euclidean numerical radius of commuting operators
  9. The infinite set of $SBV$ function?

  10. Estimate for the composition of two Hilbert-Schmidt operators

  11. Symmetric C* property

  12. Tensor product of traces of von Neumann algebras
  13. The gradient $\nabla u$ of $u\in W^{1,p}(M;N)$ is tangent to $N$ almost everywhere

  14. Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality for bounded domain

  15. Saddle-point method for complex functional of real field

  16. Equivalence of fractional Sobolev space defined through Gagliardo norm and interpolation; dependence on the domain

  17. Functions of squares of gradients and the spectrum of the Hessian
  18. Reference request: Fourier transform on the multiplicative group of real numbers

  19. A Schwartz kernel type theorem for Sobolev spaces
  20. Sufficient criteria for $X \subset \mathcal{H}$ to be a Lipschitz (or unif. cont.) retract of $\mathcal{H}$
  21. Banach space properties defined by compact operators, strictly singular operators and strictly cosingular operators
  22. The closure of span of a linearly independent and convergent sequence in $\ell^2$

  23. Accessible reference for (scattering) $\Psi DO$'s on manifolds
  24. Reference request: $|\partial_t u - \Delta u|\in L^p(\Omega^T)$ implies Holder estimate

  25. Sobolev Embedding on Finite Tube

  26. Tietze extension theorem for lower semi continuous functions

  27. A finely open set, not open up to polar set?
  28. Density results for the Schrödinger Equation

  29. *-Monomorphic Images of C*-algebras
  30. Properties of orthogonality-preserving c.p. maps between $C^*$-algebras

  31. Where was/is Compensated Compactness used?
  32. Compensated compactness for system of conservation laws?

  33. Integral of fractional Laplacian is zero
  34. Measurability of $T \to \Pi_{ker T}$ w.r.t. SOT

  35. Reference request: maximal ratio of different norms of polynomials
  36. Additional conditions under which separately continuous implies joint continuous

  37. Are algebraically isomorphic $C^*$-algebras $*$-isomorphic?
  38. Notations for dual spaces and dual operators

  39. Constructive version of Hilbert Projection Theorem

  40. Can the $L^{\infty}\to L^{\infty}$ norm be bounded by the trace norm?

  41. What gives a "Parseval like" equation mixing cosine and sine Fourier transforms ?

  42. Bounding the norm of the Laplacian of the gradient of a function having Lipschitz continuous Hessian

  43. Kazhdan constant and finite index subgroups
  44. Estimate of Fractional Laplacian of a product?
  45. $(\sum c_j \epsilon_j )T^r=\rho^r r^m (\sum c_je^{ir\theta_j}\epsilon_{j+m} + O(1))$
  46. Radial Poincare inequality for Gaussian measures
  47. Efficiently reversing the triangle inequality with additional information
  48. Derivative of fractional Laplacian is the fractional Laplacian of the derivative
  49. Numerical range of an $n$-tuple of commuting operators in Hilbert spaces
  50. Traces of Sobolev spaces

  51. Constructive proof of existence of non-separable normed space

  52. affine vs lipschitz
  53. Do sufficiently large Banach spaces admit non-compact operators with not too large range?
  54. Generalizing the Fourier isomorphism between Sobolev spaces and weighted $L^2$ spaces to (locally) compact groups?

  55. Chain-rule and change of variables in BV/Sobolev

  56. Embeddings of Sobolev-Lorentz space

  57. Martingale covariation operator in infinite-dimensions

  58. $f: [0,1]\rightarrow L^1(\Omega)$ as a (measurable?) function from $[0,1]\times \Omega\rightarrow \mathbb{R}$
  59. Sampling set: relatively dense and uniformly discrete

  60. solution uniqueness of non-linear Fredholm equations

  61. A specific mollified functions in the Sobolev space H^1(R)
  62. Is the conditional expectation a contraction in weak $\mathbb L^p$ spaces?
  63. Recover norm from integral
  64. Embedding of homogeneous Besov spaces
  65. Semifinite measure and spectral theorem

  66. Interchange of sum and integral (on a "Poisson summation")

  67. Strong convergence of differential quotient in $L^2(0,T;V^*)$
  68. Why c.p.c order zero maps induce morphism between cuntz semigroups

  69. How to compute $\lim_{h \downarrow 0}\frac{1}{h} \int_{h}^{x+h} (f(t-h)-f(t))dt?$

  70. Hyperbolic PDEs - Proof that the restriction of a locally $H^s$ solution to a spacelike hypersurface is locally in $H^s$

  71. About reflexivity of ultrapower

  72. Resource request: Function spaces properties
  73. Zero energy resonances for scaling critical Schrodinger operators
  74. Any further applications of Freudenthal's 1936 Spectral Theorem?
  75. Homogeneity of the space of semicontinuous functions

  76. Are there non-reflexive abelian topological groups isomorphic to their second dual?

  77. Tensor sum of two operators
  78. Proof of the Schauder Lemma

  79. Is there an analysis theorem analogous to Kuznetsov/Petersson trace formula?

  80. Are faces of a compact, convex body "opposed" iff their extreme points are pairwise "opposed"?
  81. Harmonic functions on $(M,g)$ closed, induce an embedding in Euclidean space

  82. The tightest upper bound on $-\left\langle B(y-x),\nabla f(A x)\right\rangle$
  83. Spectrum of Laplacian depending on boundary conditions
  84. When convolution with exponential kernel is bounded

  85. Trace embedding and unbounded domain

  86. Tensor product and hyponormality of operators
  87. Reference request: Irreducible operators

  88. Continuity of a composite function
  89. Completion of $\mathcal{S}(\mathbb{R})$ for a given norm
  90. Hilbert $C^*$-module over approximately finite $C^*$-algebra

  91. Realizing universal $C^*$-algebras as concrete $C^*$-algebras
  92. When is $A : C(X) \to C(Y)$ a composition operator?

  93. Reference request: The resolvent is analytic in the resolvent set
  94. When $\lambda$-commutativity implies commutativity?

  95. Converse of a result related to normal operators

  96. Bilinear form representation

  97. Convergence of Fourier Series of $L^1$ Functions
  98. Arens regularity of an ultrapower of an Arens regular Banach Algebra?

  99. Bounded adjoint of Dirac operator and essential self-adjointness

  100. How far can the domain of definition of multiplier operators be extended?