1. Homeomorphism/ homotopy types of non-negatively curved manifolds

  2. Triangulations of convex surfaces
  3. Cocycle description of gerbes

  4. Is it true that every vector bundle over a non compact smooth manifold is trivial at infinity?

  5. Where to find the results of Onishchik?
  6. A question about a paper of Bismut and Lebeau
  7. Existence of geodesic convex functions
  8. What is general expression for the moment map of a Kaehler Hamiltonian G-manifold

  9. Higher order terms in an asymptotic expansion of ALE metric of a Hyper-Kahler 4-manifolds
  10. Asking Explanation for a tiny part of the paper The construction of ALE spaces as Hyper-Kahler Quotient" by Kronheimer

  11. A question about the Chern-Weil construction of Euler class

  12. Notion of Torsors

  13. A kind of "Curvature tensor" for higher dimensional tensors
  14. Is there a relationship between the zeta function of a Laplacian and the Selberg Zeta Function?

  15. Endomorphism sheaves of vector bundles
  16. Extending metrics from $M =\mathbb{T}^2 \times (-\pi , \pi)$ to $ \mathbb{T}^3$

  17. Reference for connection of a Hessian metric

  18. Do cotangent bundles have "bounded geometry"?

  19. Biholomorphic maps between cotangent bundles with non-standard complex structures

  20. $|sec_M| \leqslant C_1$, $|\nabla R|\leqslant C_2$, then frame bundle $|sec_{F(M)}|\leqslant C(C_1,C_2)$?

  21. Rigidity of doubled convex caps

  22. Has the conformally field theoretic metric on a Calabi-Yau variety been proved to exist?
  23. The uniqueness of Poincaré metric

  24. Vanishing of K-theoretic index and positive scalar curvature
  25. What is the relation between Courant algebroids and gerbes?
  26. Invariant differential operators on real Grassmannians

  27. How is differential geometry used in immediate industrial applications and what are some sources to learn about it?

  28. holonomy of connection on gerbes

  29. Regularity of Hodge Laplacian on bounded domains

  30. Distance function to $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^n$ differentiable at $y\notin\Omega$ implies $\exists$ unique closest point

  31. Isn't the quantomorphism group really just the "WKB-quantomorphism" group?

  32. Osculating conics in normal sections of a surface: how to generalize Euler's equation?

  33. exactness of a 1-form

  34. Properties of harmonic maps into spheres
  35. What is the characteristic property of surjective submersions?

  36. Name and Properties of Quaternions Related to 3D Differential Geometry
  37. Proof of Chow's theorem in special case

  38. Is there a Poincare-Hopf Index theorem for non compact manifolds?

  39. When is Cheng-Li-Yau heat kernel bound optimal?
  40. Cohomological bounds for scalar curvature of an extremal Kähler metric

  41. Connection on a Principal bundle and transition functions, as in Hitchin's notes
  42. Compact manifolds which do not admit a diffeomorphism with a dense orbit

  43. Index formula with nonisolated fixed points

  44. Length decreasing homotopies of curves
  45. Intuition behind the "Lapse Function"
  46. Trivializations of gerbes as generalisation of trivializations of line bundles

  47. $SU(2)\times SU(2)$ invariant $SU(3)$-structure on $\{t\} \times M^6$
  48. Canonical map in the direct image of $\mathscr{D}_X$
  49. Lower regularity version of Moser's theorem on volume elements

  50. Can all contours of a function on a disk be made arbitrarily small?

  51. What are Lie groupoids intuitively?
  52. Nice decomposition of surface diffeomorphisms

  53. Testing for Riemannian Isometry
  54. How to optimally distinguish between linearly independent vectors in higher dimensional complex/real space?

  55. A change of parameters used on Curve Shortening Flow
  56. Splitting of tangent bundle

  57. Are there any books/articles that apply abstract coordinate free differential geometry to basic thermodynamics?
  58. Confusion in definition of Gerbes in Hitchin's notes
  59. A cohomology associated to a Riemannian manifold

  60. English translation of paper: Sur les variétés riemanniennes à groupe d'holonomie G2 ou Spin(7)

  61. Gromov-Hausdorff and Lipschitz convergence of a non-collapsing sequence of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below

  62. What is the distance between two points on the Berger metric of the squashed three-sphere?
  63. Eigenvalues of the D'Alembertian operator

  64. semistability of parabolic bundles

  65. The holonomy map associated to a mapping torus

  66. Branching laws for $SO(n)$
  67. K-homology classes of Dirac operators on Hermitian manifolds
  68. Pseudo-differential operators with compactly supported symbols

  69. What are good Morse Theory lecture notes and books?

  70. Physical significance of some killing vector fields on a $G_2$ manifold
  71. A curvature description for center condition for quadratic vector field
  72. Diameter of pseudoholomorphic curves

  73. Argument for differentiability of a certain quotient of smooth functions

  74. Do surjections exist which are not submersions on a set of measure non-zero.
  75. matrix-valued differential forms on complex manifolds
  76. What is torsion in differential geometry intuitively?
  77. Why differential forms are important?
  78. Aysmptotic comparison of $L^2$ sections versus generating sections

  79. k-th Pontryagin class of $\Lambda^{2k}_{\pm}$ on an oriented $4k$-manifold

  80. Explicit formulas for Carnot-Carathéodory distances on Carnot groups

  81. The mapping degree of a map generated by quadratic polynomials

  82. Determining all totally geodesic submanifolds of $\mathbb{R}P^N$

  83. Approximation of a continuous function by a smooth one on an open set

  84. Must a bending of the cylinder leave the bases planar?

  85. vortex moduli compactness and projectivity
  86. Holonomy of hypercomplex manifold

  87. Is there a sensible notion of a winding number of a closed curve in $\mathbb{R}^n$, $n\geq 3$, with respect to a point not lying on it?
  88. Holomorphic spheres in hyperkähler twistor spaces
  89. Solution of lift spinor
  90. why study Lie algebras?
  91. Clifford torus as the fixed point set of an isometry from $S^3\rightarrow S^3$?
  92. An application of Implicit Function Theorem for Curve Shortening Flow on plane

  93. Scalar curvature and warped-product manifolds - intuition

  94. An estimate on deviation of two smooth tangent $J$-holomorphic curves

  95. Lipschitz function admits Whitney stratification

  96. C*-algebra of a singular surface foliation
  97. The bundle of symmetric affine connections as quotient of the second-order frame bundle
  98. When is a minimal immersion holomorphic?

  99. Hodge decomposition on open manifold

  100. References on Gerbes