1. Eigenvalues of the D'Alembertian operator

  2. Angle between two vectors in a Minkowski (Finsler) space!

  3. Locus where a vector bundle is null

  4. What is the usual topology of $C^\infty_c(M) $
  5. What do heat kernels have to do with the Riemann-Roch theorem and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem?

  6. Example of affine locally symmetric space

  7. Pullback of Hessian

  8. Meaning of G-invariant connection
  9. Finite dimensional approximation of Donaldson theory
  10. Dualizing sheaf of moduli space of vector bundles (in co prime case )
  11. A curvature description for center condition for quadratic vector field

  12. Could an inverse of (weak) Morse inequality exists in some special case?

  13. References on principal G bundle and connections

  14. A vector field over a complex riemannian manifold

  15. Does every submanifold of $\Bbb S^{n+2}_\nu$ contained in a lightlike hyperplane have lightlike Second Fundamental Form?

  16. Limit cycles of quadratic systems and closed geodesics(Finitness of $H(2)$)

  17. Besicovitch Covering Lemma on Manifolds
  18. Aysmptotic comparison of $L^2$ sections versus generating sections

  19. Conformal Killing vector field on contact manifolds
  20. Formalism behind local characterizations of formal smoothness/unramifiedness/étaleness over algebraically closed fields

  21. How is the Euler-Lagrange equation derived without local coordinates?
  22. Relationship between the signs of different notions of curvature in complex geometry

  23. Positive square roots of inverse operators on different Sobolev spaces

  24. How to understand the integral?
  25. Finite generation of canonical ring in Geometric PDE

  26. Existence of second order potential for PDE

  27. Atiyah's paper "Non-existent complex 6-sphere"

  28. What is general expression for the moment map of a Kaehler Hamiltonian G-manifold

  29. Only the geodesic distance matters for maximally symmetric spacetimes

  30. What’s the form of Gram matrix for right-angled hexagon

  31. A question about the proof of McLean's theorem: why is the space of $C^{k,\alpha}$ exact $p$-forms a Banach space?
  32. Measure of distance between two curves described by their curvature

  33. Eigenvalues of Laplace operator
  34. Riemannian metrics on a manifold with corners
  35. What is the current understanding regarding complex structures on the 6-sphere?

  36. Relationships between homology maps of cobordant manifolds

  37. Tchebychev coordinates on hyperbolic space
  38. Maryam Mirzakhani's works

  39. Stein subspaces of polydiscs and balls
  40. Dualizing sheaf of moduli stack of vector bundles
  41. Textbooks in differential geometry that treat $C^k$ manifolds
  42. Curvature of the boundary vs. normal derivative of the first eigenfunction

  43. The boundary integral of a harmonic function
  44. Non vanishing vector field on torus in the form of $ad_X (Y)$

  45. Is Kakutani's Theorem true for the Euclidean plane?

  46. Two questions regarding flat fibre bundles and the corresponding group action on the fibre

  47. Is there a complex structure on the 6-sphere?
  48. Levi-Civita connections from metrics on the orthogonal frame bundle

  49. Where was $I_x/I_x^2$ first introduced? (DG or AG)

  50. Does there exist a homogeneous polynomial $F$ whose partial derivatives satisfy the following inequalities?

  51. "Urban paths" in a Riemannian manifold
  52. Gromov-Hausdorff relative compactness without curvature restrictions

  53. degree of a line bundle corresponding to an effective divisor is positive

  54. Can a puntured $\mathbb{C}P^2$ admit an affine structure?

  55. Is there an underlying explanation for the magical powers of the Schwarzian derivative?

  56. Conjugate points and totally geodesic foliations
  57. Symmetry of functions on $S^2$

  58. Parametrices for the wave equation on manifolds with boundary
  59. When can one choose a fibration of a product manifold such that a given vector field is vertical?
  60. Rolling maps and parallel transport

  61. The Perturbation of Non Hamiltonian algebraic Vector fields

  62. Reference wanted for application of Parametric Transversality
  63. Could we always find a line to intersect transversally with a given compact manifold?
  64. Smale's theorem for $C^1$ diffeomorphisms of the sphere
  65. Are the Euler Characteristics of noncollapsed manifolds with bounded Ricci curvature uniformly bounded above?
  66. The topology of subgroups of gauge groups
  67. Relation between de Rham Cohomology group of Lie group as a manifold and group cohomology of Lie group
  68. Understanding a G2 metric

  69. Integral curves between components of boundary
  70. Non-snc locus relative to a smooth morphism

  71. Sufficient condition for a distribution to be locally constant

  72. Derivative of the flow for ODEs on manifolds

  73. Regularity of Hodge Laplacian on bounded domains

  74. Explicit examples of warped products Gromov converge to a cone

  75. Flat Riemannian metrics adapted to quadratic vector fields with center
  76. formula of b_2 for minimal resolution of surface cyclic quotient singularity
  77. Equivariant sections of fiber bundles

  78. Proving that a certain function (related to a volume of a region) has a bounded derivative
  79. Most natural connection on Lie group: comparison of different pictures

  80. Extension problem for Seiberg-Witten solutions
  81. Tubular Neighborhood Theorem for $C^1$ Submanifold

  82. Geodesic-like curves stemming from the heat kernel on a manifold
  83. Continuity of image of resolvent operator with respect to resolvent parameter
  84. Characteristic classess of Cliford bundle of a Riemannian manifold
  85. Differential rotations in Chebyshev Net
  86. Could we solve the vector value ODE in a approximation way?
  87. Differential geometry of Limaçons

  88. One-dimensional harmonic map flow with low regularity

  89. Can a harmonic vector field possess a limit cycle?

  90. Categories of Geometry

  91. The connection between Lie algebroids and foliations

  92. Constructive analysis and synthetic differential geometry

  93. Possible to express the coadjoint orbits in terms of Kahler reduction?
  94. Justification for using polar coordinate with Riemannian metric

  95. Spin equivariance of the Dirac operator-flat case

  96. Do internal stable sets contain big manifolds?

  97. Lagrangian embeddings in prequantizable symplectic manifolds
  98. Global orthogonal coordinates on the open unit ball II
  99. Odd function on the 2-sphere whose integrals over all hemispheres is zero

  100. References on differential geometry and low-tech surveying