1. Are holomorphic vector bundles over Kähler manifolds Kähler

  2. Reading list for basic differential geometry?

  3. Relation of conformal transformations and isometries of a projected sphere

  4. Aysmptotic comparison of $L^2$ sections versus generating sections

  5. Is the square root of curl^2-1/2 a natural (Dirac-)operator?

  6. Simplification of integral on the sphere

  7. Some questions about scalar curvature

  8. When is a simply connected Lie group with an invariant metric of positive sectional curvature compact?

  9. Counterexample showing that G-invariant de Rham cohomology different from cohomology of G-invariant sub-complex?

  10. Lie algebras : Deformations and Rigidity

  11. What is general expression for the moment map of a Kaehler Hamiltonian G-manifold

  12. Radial Poincare inequality for Gaussian measures

  13. Can a PDE constrain the degree of a $C^\infty$ map germ?

  14. A strongly non-integrable distribution

  15. Can one recover the smooth Gauss Bonnet theorem from the combinatorial Gauss Bonnet theorem as an appropriate limit?

  16. Invariance of the space of harmonic functions under derivation associated to a non-vanishing vector field

  17. Darboux-like theorems

  18. Flows commuting with Anosov flows and further reference request

  19. Regularity for Riemannian

  20. Is there a $2$ dimensional foliation tangent to this particular $3$ dimensional distribution?

  21. Norm function is proper on subsets of positive line bundle

  22. Rolling without slipping interpretation of torsion
  23. When are geodesics straight lines?
  24. How to see the Phase Space of a Physical System as the Cotangent Bundle
  25. The double of a smooth manifold with boundary?

  26. Measuring the non-commutativity of the codifferential and pullbacks

  27. Kahler differentials and Ordinary Differentials

  28. A possible characterization of Euclidean geometry via the curvature of the Median-submanifold

  29. Canonical metrics in the context of symplectic geometry?
  30. What is the status of the smooth version of bellows conjecture

  31. Examples of manifolds that do not admit scalar flat metrics

  32. Killing vector fields on a compact $G_2$ manifold

  33. Isomorphism classes of line bundles with connections
  34. Harmonic functions on $(M,g)$ closed, induce an embedding in Euclidean space

  35. Is there an analogue of curvature in algebraic geometry?
  36. Is Riemannian distance function equivalent to Euclidean one?

  37. Elliptic regularity of perturbed scalar curvature in Kazdan & Warner
  38. Is there a fiber bundle for Alexandrov spaces collapsing to a manifold?
  39. What are examples of a second order operational tangent vector on an infinite dimensional Hilbert space

  40. Quantitative error control in Minkowski-Stein formula

  41. noncompact manifold with two ends splits?
  42. Which surfaces embedded in $\mathbb{R}^3$ have only axially-symmetric sections?

  43. Bounded adjoint of Dirac operator and essential self-adjointness
  44. An isoperimetric type of inequality in terms of Wasserstein distance/Optimal transport

  45. Regularity of Hodge Laplacian on bounded domains

  46. A question on closed geodesics
  47. Lie algebra action obtained from Lie group action

  48. Length decreasing homotopies of curves
  49. Is there a coordinate-free proof of the hamiltonian character of the geodesic flow?

  50. How singular is the metric on an orbifold
  51. Metrics with fixed conformal structure and diameter

  52. Vanishing of H-cohomology

  53. How to optimally distinguish between linearly independent vectors in higher dimensional complex/real space?
  54. Topological Classification of Four-Manifolds

  55. Do pseudo-differential operators form a sheaf of algebras?
  56. Differentiablity of certain composite function

  57. Is there a Whitney's approximation theorem for applications of pairs?
  58. Spinors on Quaternionic Kähler manifolds

  59. What is the distance between two points on the Berger metric of the squashed three-sphere?

  60. Eigenvalues of the D'Alembertian operator
  61. The gradient $\nabla u$ of $u\in W^{1,p}(M;N)$ is tangent to $N$ almost everywhere
  62. Decompose elements in $SL_2$ as a pair of elements in $SL_2^*$.

  63. A particular embedding of a Lie group in Euclidean space
  64. Spinor bundle tensored with certain line bundle gives the dual spinor bundle

  65. Parallel frame for marginally trapped bi-harmonic surfaces in $\Bbb R^4_2$
  66. SO(3) action on (simply connected) 6 manifold with discrete fixed point
  67. A curvature description for center condition for quadratic vector field

  68. Compute action of the gauge group in deformation theory of an algebra

  69. The index of certain differential operator on tori

  70. A possible obstruction for existence of limit cycle for analytic vector field on $S^2$
  71. A question on Riemannian manifolds without conjugate points
  72. How to find isothermal coordinates equivalent to circles in far limit?

  73. Action of the spin covariant derivative on gamma matrices?
  74. The space of $\mathcal A$-Hilbert Schmidt Operators.

  75. How to shown that the Tangent Bundle of a vector space is a Vector Bundle

  76. Different components of real sections for twistor spaces of hyper-Kähler manifolds

  77. constant rank theorem for banach spaces
  78. Question on the boundary of a image of a polynomial map

  79. Question regarding the image of a polynomial map containing a small box

  80. Lifting a determinant map
  81. Singular foliations of $\mathbb{C}P^2$ that are compatible to Fubini-Study metric

  82. on the definition of properness
  83. Do "associative" connections exist / arise naturally in some context?

  84. Derivative of the flow for ODEs on manifolds
  85. Non-singular involutive distribution
  86. Realization of symbol of Laplace operator via certain integral
  87. Algebro-geometric construction of ramified Donaldson invariants
  88. How to show that the structure constant on $\mathcal{G}^*$ is $C_{c}^{ab} = f_{cd}^b r^{ad} + f_{cd}^a r^{db}$?

  89. Reference request: $\mathcal{C}^\infty_c(M)$ is a topological vector space with the Whitney topology

  90. Does a smooth dynamical system always come with a metric
  91. Trying to understand dressing actions

  92. Conformal vector field on compact manifolds with boundary
  93. What’s the limit of a vector bundle?

  94. Uniqueness of tangent space given local injectivity of orthogonal projection onto it

  95. Atiyah Bott-Shapiro orientation Vs Anderson-Brown-Peterson Splitting

  96. Invariance of a vector under parallel transport along an infinitesimal orthogonal loop
  97. Riemannian manifolds: every compact subset is contained in a connected relatively compact open subset
  98. Orbifolds with maximal diameter

  99. Chern-Weil theory for coherent subsheaves

  100. Open problems in the theory of manifolds relating to construction