1. The set of points of the fiber product of two algebraic stacks and the fiber product of the sets of points of two algebraic stacks
  2. resolution for the du Val's $(A_3)$-singularity
  3. Lefschetz Hyperplane theorem via Kodaira Vanishing

  4. Have there been any updates on Mochizuki's proposed proof of the abc conjecture?

  5. Lines in upper half-space

  6. Image of an isotropic manifold under lagrangian correspondence is isotropic?

  7. points with small U stabilizer on a spherical variety

  8. Examples of groups that play an important role in Arithmetic geometry?

  9. Applications of algebraic geometry to machine learning
  10. Existence of birational sections over a center of an exceptional divisor

  11. On factorization theorem of toric birational morphisms

  12. When is a function a power series with integer coefficients in $\mathbb{N}$
  13. Negative curves on surface of general type

  14. Blow-ups of toric varieties

  15. Variety that resembles a cone on the projective line
  16. Hilbert scheme of points and passing curves
  17. Does a $K_{\upsilon}$-point of a variety $V$ give a point of $V$ in $K_{(\upsilon)}=K^{sep}\cap K_{\upsilon}$ for a global field $K$?
  18. Vanishing of homology for hyperelliptic locus
  19. What's a (infinity-) semi-stack?

  20. representations of an algebraic group and extension of scalars
  21. Fundamental group of the complement homogeneous variety in $\mathbb{C}P^{n-1}$

  22. Set Theory, Triangles, and Mathematical Spaces
  23. Has Kac's conjecture (*), from "Infinite root systems, representations of graphs and invariant theory", been proved?

  24. How to test a divisor is or not the fixed part of a linear system on algebraic surface

  25. Number field analog of Artin-Tate $\Rightarrow$ BSD?
  26. Locus where a vector bundle is null

  27. Phantoms and strongly exceptional collections
  28. Automorphism of $\mathbb{P}_A^n$

  29. Hartshorne's Conjectures about Algebraic Bundles?

  30. combination of two duality theorems

  31. Poincaré duality for motivic cohomology
  32. Behaviour of (principal) polarizations of (singular) surfaces under birational maps

  33. Does every smooth, projective morphism to $\mathbb{C}P^1$ admit a section?

  34. Cluster algebra structure on the coordinate ring of $Mat_3$

  35. Concrete example of $\infty$-categories

  36. Current state of Serre's Motives conjectures in Seattle
  37. Queries about covering map and ramification

  38. What do heat kernels have to do with the Riemann-Roch theorem and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem?
  39. Why are supplemented line bundles the correct generalization of "lines"?
  40. Linear homogenous polynomials that generates one quadratic polynomial

  41. Computation of associated graded ring

  42. Is irreducibility of an affine $k$-scheme, an open condition?

  43. Idea behind Grothendieck's proof that formally smooth implies flat?

  44. Closed points and the absolute Galois group

  45. Picard rank of Jacobian
  46. A covering lemma of Kawamata
  47. Irreducible components of $\partial \bar{H}_{g,n}$

  48. When are Hilbert schemes smooth?

  49. Presentations of algebraic stacks that are surjective on k points
  50. Why linearization leads to arithmetization?
  51. Interpretation of the cohomology of compact lie groups and their classifying spaces in DAG?

  52. Does birational imply D-equivalent?

  53. Triviality of torsors after a field extension of bounded degree
  54. how many bitangents on this hypotrochoid?

  55. Dualizing sheaf of moduli space of vector bundles (in co prime case )

  56. Are all formal schemes *really* Ind-schemes?

  57. Axiomatic characterization of virtual fundamental classes?

  58. Curves contracted by a rational map

  59. Dualising sheaf of an Artin Stack
  60. Are $\overline{\mathbb{Q}}$-models of smooth affine curves over $\mathbb{C}$ with finitely many automorphisms unique?

  61. Degrees of polynomials vanishing to various orders on a set of points

  62. Chow Groups of varieties over number fields
  63. A question on Voevodsky´s categories

  64. Resolution of Gorenstein rational singularities on a surface
  65. Irreducibility of fixed point scheme
  66. Is the Hodge class defined on stack or coarse moduli?

  67. Smooth complex projective manifolds with a $\mathbb C^*$-action with isolated fixed points

  68. Pulling Back Cohen-Macaulay Sheaves

  69. Unirationality of Fermat varieties in characteristic $p$

  70. Can "ampleness" be detected inside the derived category?

  71. Construction of small resolution of a double point
  72. Why are coherent sheaves on $\Bbb P^1$ derived equivalent to representations of the Kronecker quiver?

  73. Is $x \in A_1$ left algebraic over the subalgebra generated by $p$ and $q$, $[q,p]=1$?
  74. Is the quotient of resolution the same as resolution of the quotient?

  75. Aysmptotic comparison of $L^2$ sections versus generating sections

  76. Formalism behind local characterizations of formal smoothness/unramifiedness/étaleness over algebraically closed fields
  77. Galois invariant Picard group elements
  78. p-adic Poincaré Lemma

  79. Intersection number of divisors on abelian surfaces and its invariance under translation by 2-Torsion points

  80. Gauss map of general K3 surface
  81. Mirror symmetry for blowups of the projective plane

  82. Picard group under base change for algebraically closed fields

  83. Relation between Igusa tower and $p$-adic modular forms
  84. Finite generation of canonical ring in Geometric PDE
  85. General existence theorem for cup products
  86. Moduli in semialgebraic geometry

  87. Is there a scheme parametrizing the closed subgroups of an algebraic group?

  88. Square lying on moving chord of a simple closed curve
  89. Topological criterion for GIT semistability

  90. The lisse-etale site and derived algebraic geometry

  91. Monsky's proof of the finiteness of de Rham cohomology

  92. (geometric/intuitive) interpretation of ext
  93. Relations for the algebra of differential operators on a smooth affine variety
  94. Are irreducible subgroups Zariski-dense?

  95. A question about flag variety of $SL(n,\mathbb{C})$
  96. A Grothendieck style reference for probability theory
  97. If $\Omega_{X/Y}$ is locally free of rank $\mathrm{dim}\left(X\right)-\mathrm{dim}\left(Y\right)$, is $X\rightarrow Y$ smooth?

  98. Formal multidimensional Taylor series expansion over commutative rings

  99. Simplicial complex construction from given Betti numbers?

  100. Some calculations on cones