1. How to exchange left and right $\mathcal{D}_X$-modules when $X$ is not smooth?
  2. A log structure on the moduli space of curves

  3. Demazure’s principle for tower of reductive groups and analogy with Teichmuller tower
  4. Hypersurfaces in gransmannians

  5. points with small U stabilizer on a spherical variety
  6. Where Can i find the lecture Videos of BSD 2011
  7. Arithmetic of algebraic varieties over finite fields?
  8. Existence of birational sections over a center of an exceptional divisor

  9. Misunderstanding of Hodge conjecture

  10. On factorization theorem of toric birational morphisms
  11. Reference for flatness in complex-analytic geometry

  12. Stable bundle on compact Riemann Surface

  13. Differential operators that change line bundles

  14. If a partial normalisation of an affine variety is affine?

  15. Arithmetic representation stability and Galois action

  16. Is this morphism of regular local rings regular?
  17. Affine Paved Affine Varieties; not Affine Space
  18. Classification of singularities of plane curves of fixed degree (reference request)

  19. Genus Zero Diophantine Equations and Infinite Valuations

  20. quasi-finite group schemes and associated Galois modules

  21. Which ideals have standard Hilbert series?
  22. Examples of schemes $S$ with $H^{3}(S,\mathbb G_{m})=0$
  23. Torsion line bundle on hyperelliptic curves and Weierstrass points
  24. Existence of affine hulls

  25. Geometric fundamental group and algebraically closed residue field
  26. Is there any holomorphic version of the tubular neighborhood theorem?
  27. Embeddings of fields and rational points

  28. Rational point on variety over function field

  29. Hyperelliptic locus is a $K(\pi,1)$

  30. $L$-function of induced Galois representation

  31. Semisimple Lie groups admitting a free algebra of invariants

  32. schemes vs varieties in abelian varieties and maximal subscheme where line bundle is trivial
  33. Natural model for genus $6$ curves

  34. Partitions of algebraic curves and maps to $\mathbb{P}^1$
  35. relative spectrum in derived algebraic geometry

  36. epimorphism of fppf sheaves is an fppf morphism

  37. Nodal curve in a smooth variety with injective map on fundamental groups
  38. Set theoretic complete intersections in toric varieties
  39. When is an unobstructed formal deformation convergent?

  40. Generalizations of Abhyankar-Moh theorem (embeddings of the line in the plane)
  41. Complete intersections in toric varieties
  42. Computing intersection number of two arithmetic line bundles
  43. Very symmetric quadrangle in $\Bbb CP^2$

  44. Rational map given by pfaffians
  45. Recovering the Zariski topology from the Zariski topology over an extension
  46. Generalization of V(-) and I(-) to arbitrary schemes

  47. Topology of the blowup of a surface at a point (connected sum)

  48. Catenary Noetherian commutative rings

  49. Algebraization of open formal subschemes
  50. How does one compute the space of algebraic global differential forms $\Omega^i(X)$ on an affine complex scheme $X$?
  51. Ideal of the Spinor variety $S^{10}\subset\mathbb{P}^{15}$
  52. How can I compute minimal distance of the AG-code on the Hirzebruch surface $\mathbb{F}_3$?

  53. How can I describe in explicit geometric terms the (in general non-complete) linear system?
  54. Life after Hartshorne (the book, not the person)...
  55. Geometric interpretation of homological quantities in Artinian local Gorenstein algebras

  56. Teichmuller uniqueness theorem with marked points
  57. Automorphism groups of Hirzebruch surfaces

  58. Abelian variety associated to Hilbert modular forms

  59. Facts from algebraic geometry that are useful to non-algebraic geometers
  60. Neron Severi under specialization

  61. Geometric interpretation of algebraic tangent cone

  62. Whitney stratification of affine GIT quotients

  63. Equation for a geometrical half surface from folding a flat curved in one direction surface in half

  64. Gröbner basis for Sudoku
  65. Lefschetz standard conjecture under specialization/generization

  66. Hard Lefschetz for cycles

  67. Road to holomorphic foliations?

  68. Bhargava's work on the BSD conjecture
  69. sheaf of logarithmic differentials on $\mathbb{P}^1$

  70. kernel of multiplication in the Neron model of an abelian variety
  71. Differential algebraic geometry vs Diffiety theory
  72. equivalence of Grothendieck-style versus Cech-style sheaf cohomology

  73. Aysmptotic comparison of $L^2$ sections versus generating sections

  74. Polynomials that preserve nonnegativity
  75. Given a polynomial system, determine a simple set containing all its solutions
  76. Formal GAGA and étale cohomology

  77. Group Action from $\mathbb{C}^*$ and Hodge decomposition

  78. Glue morphism of schemes defined over irreducible components

  79. Coniveau in étale motivic cohomology
  80. reduction of torsion modules

  81. Multiplicative structure on Deligne cohomology

  82. Closure of orbit in complex manifold

  83. homologically trivial $1$-cycles and surfaces

  84. Reference for certain resolution of singularities formulation

  85. Lie algebras : Deformations and Rigidity

  86. finiteness of the Brauer group for flat proper schemes over $\mathrm{Spec}\,\mathbf{Z}$

  87. Codimension of the non-locally free locus
  88. Locality in Grothendieck Topologies

  89. Spectral sequence in Betti cohomology
  90. Chow groups modulo homological equivalence for abelian varieties

  91. Semi-simple Galois actions on étale cohomology
  92. Bounding the degree of an algebraic extension containing solutions to polynomials

  93. Commutative algebra for the Conway games

  94. Torsion homologically trivial cycles
  95. Poincare duality in etale cohomology

  96. Geometric / physical / probabilistic interpretations of Riemann zeta(n>1)?
  97. Separating a closed set in a line bundle from the zero section

  98. A quite puzzling question on Deligne cohomology sheaves and cycle maps

  99. determinant of a coherent sheaf, locally free on a big open set

  100. Is this Mayer-Vietoris sequence motivic?