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  1. Dodecahedral rolling distance
  2. How many different playlists are possible?
  3. Open problems where functional programming meets Hopf algebras
  4. Mathematical research interrupted by a war

  5. Does V = Ultimate L imply GCH?
  6. Integral of exponential of quadratics + exponentials

  7. Embedded homology sphere

  8. Convex bodies have more volume on the outside near the boundary
  9. Is there a mathematical explanation for this dice packing phenomenon?

  10. What are some examples of narrowly missed discoveries in the history of mathematics?
  11. Why linearization leads to arithmetization?

  12. Is there any relation between weights in the eigenvector (corresponding to least eigenvalue) and the columns of a correlation matrix?

  13. Measure of the boundary of the support of a certain function defined by an expectation
  14. What are the primitive elements in a polynomial Hopf algebra with primitive indeterminates?

  15. Does CLT hold for joint distribution of two dependent binomial variables?

  16. Infinite, residually-finite, finitely generated, groups with very limited composition factors of their finite images.
  17. How do I obtain the first fundamental form in terms of the arclength and unit normal of an arbitrary ray in the real plane?

  18. Consider 2 orthogonal edges, 2 intersecting orthogonal face diagonals, and 2 non-orthogonal face diagonals of a cube

  19. Generalized Newton Identities

  20. Bipartite Graphs arising from two k-partitions of a given Graph

  21. Is this Riccati equation ("Josephson junction") always phase-locked at integer rotation numbers?
  22. Where does the really nice '8-dimensional' description of the $E_7$ root system come from?

  23. Have there been any updates on Mochizuki's proposed proof of the abc conjecture?

  24. Symmetric polynomials, the consecutive terms (1,6,15) in OEIS A050447, and the root-system of $E_8$

  25. Explicit formulas for invariants of binary quintic forms
  26. When does a map of $\infty$-groupoids satisfy "Galois descent"?
  27. What is known about the following partial order (subquotients of linearly ordered set)

  28. The function $\sum_{0}^{\infty} x^n/n^n$
  29. Relationship between support of Brown measure and the spectrum

  30. Short divisor sum
  31. Interpretation of the cohomology of compact lie groups and their classifying spaces in DAG?

  32. Connection between weights in the last eigenvector (corresponding to least eigenvalue) and the corresponding column of a correlation matrix

  33. The intersection of closure of span of infinite, linearly independent, closed, bounded, separated subsets of $\ell^2$

  34. How does one reconcile a formula for the Shapley value for a coalition with the one given in a relatively old paper?

  35. What is the solution, $f(n)$, of the following functional equation: $mf(m)+nf(n)=(m+n+xmn)f(m+n+xmn)$?
  36. boundary behaviour of a holomorphic function on the unit bi-disk

  37. Is there always one integer between these two rational numbers?

  38. About Beurling algebras
  39. commutative, infinite, artinian ring (with unity) in which distinct ideals has distinct index
  40. Uncountable nonstandard models of PA

  41. periods of higher weight modular forms

  42. Does birational imply D-equivalent?

  43. Continuously varying the singularities of a vector field
  44. Primes representable as difference of two integer powers with different exponents

  45. Triviality of torsors after a field extension of bounded degree

  46. Linear homogenous polynomials that generates one quadratic polynomial

  47. how many bitangents on this hypotrochoid?

  48. Locus where a vector bundle is null
  49. Injective dimension of the Jacobson radical and global dimension

  50. Why do finitely many cluster variables imply finitely many y-variables?

  51. Dualizing sheaf of moduli space of vector bundles (in co prime case )

  52. Infinite subset of $\mathbb{N}$ almost avoiding all "zebra crossings"

  53. Existence of a couple of functions solution of a differential equation (with additional constraint)
  54. A curvature description for center condition for quadratic vector field

  55. Question about denoting/designating of algebraic structures
  56. Relations among generators in an algebra by Macaulay or Singular

  57. indecomposable module over a local ring

  58. Are all formal schemes *really* Ind-schemes?
  59. Axiomatic characterization of virtual fundamental classes?

  60. Vector norms and sets of positive semidefinite matrices

  61. Several conjectured identities for polylogarithms

  62. Banach spaces with unconditional basis have w-FPP
  63. Visual representation of mathematical research interrelationships

  64. Numerical range of non normal matrices
  65. Historical question about the $\aleph_2$-Souslin hypothesis
  66. inequality involving tuple of operators on Hilbert spaces

  67. Simultaneous "orthonormalization" in $\mathbb{C}^4$
  68. Curves contracted by a rational map

  69. If $N = qn^2$ is an odd perfect number, is it possible to have $q + 1 = \sigma(n)$?
  70. Primes that help in some structured classification of a set?
  71. Rank relation to maximum subpermanent and subdeterminant?
  72. Notable mathematics during World War II

  73. Is there a name for the hypergeometric function with more parameters than Lauricella but more variables than Kampé de Fériet?
  74. Dualising sheaf of an Artin Stack
  75. Galois Transcendental Field Extension has characteristic Zero
  76. Square integrability of quotient of square integrable holomorphic functions

  77. Are $\overline{\mathbb{Q}}$-models of smooth affine curves over $\mathbb{C}$ with finitely many automorphisms unique?
  78. prerequisites of "pursuing stacks" by Grothendieck

  79. Density of a saturated random packing of congruent circles

  80. What are compact objects in the category of topological spaces?

  81. What are the relative advantages of n-fold categories and n-categories?

  82. A quote by Lev Landau about prime numbers
  83. Degrees of polynomials vanishing to various orders on a set of points

  84. Generators of an ideal with small degree

  85. 180 = (4*14) + (4*15) + (4*16) in relation to OEIS A005555 (a finite sequence associated with the Lie algebra $E_8$.)

  86. Building sequences with the help of sum-of-digits function and concatenation and occurence of primes in them

  87. Finding minimal or canonical expressions for Boolean truth tables

  88. Hausdorff convergence of preimages of discrete-valued functions

  89. Could an inverse of (weak) Morse inequality exists in some special case?

  90. The projective covers of Artinian module
  91. Chow Groups of varieties over number fields

  92. 40 = (4*1) + (4*2) + (4*7) in relation to OEIS A075308
  93. Error term for Vinogradov's three prime theorem

  94. Question about locally free sheaves
  95. What is... A Grossone?
  96. Computing Hausdorff-Gromov distance between these objects

  97. Reference for Holder estimate on parabolic equation with Neumann boundary condition
  98. A question on Voevodsky´s categories

  99. Are there any techniques for solving a differential equation of the form $f ' (x) = f( f( x ) )$?

  100. Question of Borel $\sigma$-algebra generated by $m$-continuity set"