1. Finding the ratio of students who attended less than $H/2$ hours of lectures

  2. Variance estimation question and unbiasedness.
  3. Derivative w.r.t. matrix

  4. Conjecture : $\int_{0}^{\pi\over 2}\mathrm dt{\ln[2\cos(t)]\over t^2+\ln^2[2\cos(t)]}={\pi\over 4}?$

  5. Finding the inflection point(s) of a function

  6. How to answer the question from Calculus by Michael Spivak Chapter 5 problem 34

  7. How to evaluate $\int_{0}^\infty \frac{{x^2}}{e^{\beta {\big(\sqrt{x^2 + m^2}}- \nu\big)} + 1} dx$
  8. Closest straight line of a parabola
  9. Evaluate $\int_0^\infty{\frac{\ln x \sin x}{x}dx}$

  10. what is the Fourier cosine transform of $e^{-ax}$
  11. Find the area of the region enclosed by $x=2-y^2$ and $x+y=0$
  12. divergence theorem; triple cross product

  13. Another indefinite integral I need to perform
  14. Find all tangent planes of an ellipsoid which are parallel to $span \{[0,5,0],[1,5,-1]\}$

  15. Integral of floor function: $\int \,\left\lfloor\frac{1}{x}\right\rfloor\, dx$

  16. Sequence of continuous 'tent' functions converging to dirac integral

  17. Integral of the product of an error function with exponential and polynomial
  18. Evalute the definite integral: $\int_{0}^{3} (x^2+1) d[x]$

  19. Angles between curves - is the normal as good as the tangent?

  20. Lagrange multipliers from hell

  21. Absolute Maximum and Minimum Question
  22. Give a formula for the volume of the solid under a surface $z=xy$ and a triangle?

  23. Prove the following inequality??
  24. Looking for Calculus exercise book with really good and complete solutions
  25. Differential form with this integral on these curves

  26. exponential square root integral in denominator and numerator

  27. Using differentials to approximate the change in f(x,y)
  28. An interesting integral
  29. Using complex exponential to show the indefinite integration of sin(x)sinh(x) dx
  30. Show the sequence $\{{\sqrt{5}}~,{\sqrt{5+{\sqrt5}}}~,\sqrt{5+\sqrt{5+\sqrt{5}}}~,...\}$ converges and find its limit.

  31. Show $f(x)>g(x)$ under conditions on first /second derivatives and the limit of $f-g$
  32. Taylor error bound for non-alternating series

  33. Find a limit using Riemann Sums

  34. Chain Rule when optimizing function

  35. Acceleration + velocity calculus question
  36. A form of Taylor's theorem

  37. Implicit function derivative

  38. Need help figuring out error on Improper Integral Resolution

  39. Find the partial derivative of $f(x,y)$ with respect to $x$
  40. ordinary differential equation conceptual question
  41. Tangent Line of Function of Two Variables

  42. Theorem about estimating the error in definite integral approximation
  43. What is the finite sum of an alternating odd sequence with binomial coefficients: $ \ \sum_{k=0}^{j} \binom{j}{k} \ \frac{(-1)^k}{2k+1}$?

  44. Find the maximum and the minimum values using Lagrange

  45. Finding the area of circles in triangle

  46. Construct a path and calculate the integrals

  47. Domain and range of arcssech

  48. I solved the question. But I am asking a little bit. $\det\big(D(f\circ g)(a)\big)=?$
  49. The name of the distribution function

  50. How to solve this limit without L'Hospital's rules

  51. Distribution function method for transformation.

  52. Given $f(x)=αe^{x-1}+β\ln x-1$ show that $α=1, β=-1$ and more

  53. Let R be the region bounded by the parabola , $y=x^2$, and the line , $y=16$.
  54. How do I determine this integral? $\int_{0}^{+\infty}\sin^2(1/x)\frac{dx}{(4+x^2)^2}$

  55. Improper integral with root

  56. how can I find this integral with sigma

  57. Differentiate $y=\sin^{-1}x+\sin^{-1}\sqrt{1-x^2}$, $-1\leq x\leq1$

  58. Proving an Inequality - Functions

  59. Limit of a sequence, with a sum as the nth element

  60. A series about $n!$ and Riemann zeta function

  61. Benefit of studying series
  62. Proving limit existence of a solution for $y'(x) = f(x,y(x))$ at the end-point of the solution's domain, when $f$ satisfies Lipschitz condition
  63. Get variable value from Logarithm?

  64. A metric on the projective space

  65. Find $\lim_{x\to\infty}\left( \sqrt{(x+a)(x+b)}-x \right)$ where $a,b \in \mathbb{R}$
  66. Is the zero function a differentiable, continuous and polynomial function?

  67. What is the derivative of $f(x) = e^x + x^3 cos(\frac{1}{x})$, where f(0) = 1, at x = 0?

  68. Set of all triples making a piecewise function differentiable

  69. Problem with denominator in transformation
  70. Find $\lim_{n\to\infty}\int\limits_{0}^\infty{dx\over x^n +1}$
  71. Integrating cos and csc

  72. Checking if a function is a solution to a differential equation

  73. Show the following limit, using the definition of epsilon-delta.
  74. $ \iint \sin(xy^{2}) dA $ above the annulus $1 \le x^2 + y^2 \le 4 $

  75. Taylor Series of arbitrary polynomial

  76. Test the series for convergence
  77. Find the minimum of $\arccos a+\arcsin a+\arctan a$

  78. Evaluate $\int_1^\infty \left(\frac{\log x}{x}\right)^{2011}dx$.
  79. How to prove a series is convergent?
  80. Taking the Derivative of $x^4sin(x)cos(x)$, which step is wrong?
  81. Stuck on a recursively defined converging sequence problem.

  82. Show that, $\int_{0}^{1}\int_{0}^{1}\frac{\ln x-\ln y}{x-y}dxdy=2\zeta(2)$
  83. Need more decimal values for this integral...

  84. Evaluating whether or not a particular sequence is monotone.

  85. Show that the curve x = 5 cos t, y = 4 sin t cos t has two tangents at (0, 0) and find their equations.
  86. Reasons why a Series Converges

  87. Solving inequalities involving exponential and log

  88. Use Stirling's Formula to find constants

  89. Why is it unnecessary to state the interval of the indefinite integral?

  90. Is there any other function satisfying the system of equations involving integration?

  91. Given $1\leq a<b\leq2$, Prove $\frac{log(b)-log(a)}{b^2-a^2}<\frac{1}{2}$

  92. Some Fundamental theory of calc questions
  93. Problem and Theory books for Sixth Term Examination Paper.

  94. Taking the Derivative of $\frac {\sin(x^2)}{3x}$, which step is wrong?
  95. Every point takes local maximum value

  96. Find the inflection points of $f(x)={1 +\ln^2 x \over x}$

  97. Can someone help me find me find solutions to these problems?

  98. Is there any integral for the Golden Ratio?

  99. How to find a constant that makes a geometric series convergent?
  100. Indefinite Integration of $\frac {2}{x^2}-\frac 1{2x^3}$